.223 Remington Federal Brass

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This is ready to load .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO brass. Head stamps are predominantly Lake City and Federal, but may include others. Our fully processed .223/5.56 brass meets SAAMI specs after going through our process. We begin with once fired brass, which is cleaned and sorted before processing to ensure no defective cases are allowed.

Each case is:

Primer Pocket Swaged
Full length sized
Neck Expanded
Trimmed to correct length - 1.750" (+/- .005")
Run through our gauging process to ensure all dimensions meet SAAMI specifications
Stainless Steel tumbled to deburr and finish the cleaning process

Don't settle for less. We take the extra steps necessary to ensure quality. All orders will contain a handful of extra cases to in case a damaged case slips through our quality control process.

**This is Federal / Lake City Head Stamp brass but you may receive a few cases in your order that are other head stamps. We include extra to make up for this and any other dings or dents that get through our QC process. Inspect your brass before loading.**