Stainless Tumbling Media 5lbs

Stainless Tumbling Media 5lbs

  • $25.99

Stainless Steel Tumbling Pins are the best tumbling media to clean, deburr, and burnish metals. Ideal for handloaders who use a rotary or magnetic tumbler and want their brass cartridges to be sparkling clean inside and out. The media can be used with brass cases with any primer pocket or flash hole size without fear of having stuck pins.

Created from extremely tough 302/304 stainless steel, these pins will last for thousands of cleanings. The pin dimension was specifically designed such that the pins will not get jammed sideways or side-by-side in the primer pocket or flash hole.

These 302/304 stainless steel pins are magnetic. The process by which it happens is called Martensitic Stress Induced Transformation (MSIT). This allows you to easily separate and pick up the pins with a strong magnet. We recommend using a rare-earth neodymium or large coated ceramic magnet to capture all the pins that fall out of the tumbler.

Diameter: .047"
Length: .255"