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The Aspis shield by Lion’s Gear Solutions is a tough lens shield designed for the Sionyx Aurora line of Night Vision Cameras. The Aspis is made of tough PETG resin and fitted with camera grade 4mm Plexiglas to provide solid lens protection without degrading clarity. The Aspis features adjustment ridges to allow focus ring adjustment even when wearing gloves. The double notch aligned with the focus marks allow for indexing of the camera adjustments without needing to look at the camera, perfect for head mounted setups or adjusting in the dark. 


  • PETG 3D printed construction
  • 4mm Camera Grade Plexiglas Lens
  • Tactile Indexing Ridges
  • Easy Slide-On installation

7 reviews for Aspis G Lens Protector

  1. M. Cunningham

    Awesome product fits perfectly on the Sionyx.

  2. Josh Kollar

    At a third (or quarter) of the cost for good PVS-14’s the Sionyx is still pricey if just getting into night vision. Why not have a little more piece of mind with this perfectly matched and insanely clear lens cover? I doubt the good people at Sionyx could do better, that’s not a knock on them…this is that good.

  3. Keith Brough

    Just got my Aspis covering in the mail and put it on my Aurora Sport and love it. It fits really will something I would buy again.

  4. Adam

    Great item to protect your investment. Good snug fit, and great price for a little piece of mind.

  5. david

    Works great looks great what else can I say it’s great

  6. Tony

    This fits snugly and feels very well made. Definitely worth the money to protect the Sionyx night vision.

  7. Richy

    The sionyx aurora is a neat night vision device but it lacks accessories such as covers, mounting options, and most importantly lens protection. By the looks of it, it doesn’t look like something a user can replace themselves without sending it for warranty. This is where the Apsis lens covers come in. The package comes with the 3D printed plastic housing that is lined with Velcro loop which acts as a friction surface to hold onto the clear and thick plexiglass lens, and it comes with two of them. I ended up using one and pushed them into the housing with my thumbs and cleaned it with a microfiber cloth, then the whole assembly just slides onto the front (with Velcro friction fit). I now don’t have to worry as much about knocking my sionyx aurora around.The thing I dislike about this product is the Velcro lining. It is adhesive Velcro which has the tendency to peel off after pulling the lens protector assembly off and on, but the bright side is that it can be replaced by the user if they have a roll of adhesive Velcro and scissors. Not a huge deal.Overall I am happy with the product and it is reasonably priced.

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