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The Crash Hat Eye Cup Adapter by Lion’s Gear Solutions is a replacement Eye Cup designed for the Sionyx Aurora line of Night Vision Cameras. The Crash Hat allows for installation of a US standard PVS-14/7 Eye Cup (Not included), is made of tough PETG resin, and enables the installation of an Eye Cup reduces the light signature from the camera screen at night. 


The Crash Hat is similar to the Top Hat but includes a Plexiglas screen protector integrated into the pice for increased durability. The amber colored Plexiglas also serves to reduce eye strain and fatigue under prolonged use.


  • PETG 3D printed construction
  • Easy Slide-On installation
  • Compatible with US Standard PVS 14/7 Eye Cup (Not included)
  • Amber Plexiglas option for decreased eye strain and fatigue

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15 reviews for Crash Hat Aurora Eye Cup Adapter

  1. Joren K Hess

    No. But i sure got it amazingly fast! The mount and aspis were just as described. Thank you Rockey Brass!

  2. Justin

    I purchased this mount from Rocky Brass for a dual Sionyx setup and am very happy with it. The individual adjustments for pupil distance make it easy to get just the right alignment. The mounting screws to the cameras have not loosened up on me AT ALL during use. The dovetail mount was a tight fit into the adapter. All around an excellent product.

  3. Austin

    I had a polymer mount before this that didn’t last 2 months of light use. This is very well built and works perfect for what I need. Highly recommend.

  4. Steven Hiers

    The FAST mount is well made and PD is easy to set. I appreciate the fact that you can then tighten the set screw to make sure it doesn’t wander.

  5. Cormac Quigley

    Item arrived swiftly. Pretty solid built. I plan to use if with an aurora camera with a g24 Wilcox mount on an Ops-Core bump helmet. Excellent for camping, airsoft or stargazing use.

  6. Mark Thompson-Kolar

    My thoughts are similar to Tony from Indiana’s review. The FAST mount is nicer than I expected it to be, so exceeded my hopes. I also bought a Rhino II Norotos mount from Venture Surplus and had to buy a dovetail adapter, but I’m pleased. If you’re looking to mount your Aurora on a helmet, you won’t go wrong with this FAST Mount. And, it’s a good learning opportunity (esp if you don’t have military background) to figure out how all the helmet/shroud/mount/adapter/FAST Mount all work together.

  7. Jordan D Winchester

    This bracket worked better than I thought. Fits perfectly and the quality is very good.

  8. Tony

    This mount is a nice option for mounting the sionyx. I had to buy an adapter kit for my Rhino mount to accept dovetail so maybe an option that would fit the original rhino and rhino II mints would be cool since they’re readily available at a fraction of the price a new style mount is. Otherwise the only thing I’d have wanted different is black coated mounting screws instead of stainless. Great product and definitely worth the money.

  9. Moe

    Thought I had the wrong part because I didn’t realize the original eyepiece came off. Once I removed it, this part will *almost* fit. Probably one-thousandth of an inch too big but it won’t fit. If I forced it, I would never get it back off. 3D printing is great but not working for me. Looks good but I can’t use it.

  10. M. Cunningham

    Perfect fit and function, next time will try the amber filter.

  11. David Cochrane

    Very fast service, great quality, fits like a glove! Holds the eye cup perfectly.Thanks guys!

  12. William Damaro

    I can tell it’s 3d printed but still feels solid and strong. I wouldn’t want to have the camera without it. Comes with only one cover, not 2 as shown in the picture. I’m sure that’s a marketing mistake but its misleading and should be addressed. I had to place a second order with shipping for the aspis g which is the front cover.

  13. Jeff Sizemore

    Because like the Aspis this little direct fit replacement part adds affordable insurance and protection to your investment. Simply unclip the factory eye piece and snap this one in place. Not only can you add an eye cup that’s fairly standard and commonly available but you’ve added a protective layer to your cameras weak point in case of accidental impacts or bumps or heaven forbid a free drop. Think of it as sacrificial. The clear plexi lens is crystal clear and durable and again adds sacrificial protection to your Sionyx camera system. I’d also like to thank Rockey Brass for caring Lions Gear products who are basically the go to for Aurora’s and nearly impossible you find here in the states, so thanks. As a side note the eye cup from a PVS is not necessary but the option is good to have and recommended. Just to be clear.

  14. Tony

    This feels well made, fits well, and being able to add an eye cup is awesome.

  15. Angel

    Product is as described and fits flush. I went ahead and installed an PVS-14 rubber eyecup and is a pefect match.

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