Rockey Brass Frame Parts Kit for Glock


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Parts Completion Kit for your Polymer 80 9mm Frame. All parts in this kit are made to OEM specifications. This parts kit includes all the parts need to complete the PF940V2, PF940C or PF940SC frames.

Parts Included in this kit:

  • Connector
  • Extended Slide Stop Lever with Spring
  • Locking Block Pin
  • Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Release Spring
  • Slide Lock
  • Slide Lock Spring (Not included in G26, spring not needed for subcompact P80 frame)
  • Trigger Housing with Ejector
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger with Trigger Bar

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255 reviews for Rockey Brass Frame Parts Kit for Glock

  1. William A Buterbaugh

    Trigger will not reset???

  2. Chris P

    Shipping was very fast and the product fits in a P80 well, but needs work to function. If it doesn’t work, we’ll make it! I installed and everything fit but would not function due to disconnect lever not bent properly. Easy fix, just wet sanded and smoothed everything out with 1000 then 1200 grit and finish by polishing. Then bend the disconnect properly so it’s not dragging on the slide and binding up. It now functions dry fire after all the extra work and ?? it runs good live fire. All in all they can be made to work.

  3. Robert B Hixson

    Even though mine came bag sealed. It was missing the locking block pin. The trigger pin and rear rail/ trigger housing pin were included. The parts kit seemed cheap with a poly trigger shoe and safety tab. It did come complete with most of the part I needed.

  4. Glenn (verified owner)

    The added lower parts kit came with a slide stop lever that is made for any 3 pin gen 3 glock, when the pf940sc glock 26 frame is a 2 pin, it doesn’t have a locking block pin,, and the slide stop has a spike limiter on the top.. Just because you can get the part to work in your lower doesn’t make it the correct part.. I would appreciate better customer service response

  5. Robert Albach

    This is not my first trigger kit, the quality of these are as good or better than OEM. A few minutes of polishing before going in and you have a custom trigger group. I love your products.

  6. Robert W Foster Jr

    I was very concerned about this kit not being oem and assuming it was going to be made in china or Taiwan. As it turns out it was but seemed to be excellent quality and fit perfect into my build. As of this review just over 1000 rounds through it and not an issue. Don’t hesitate to buy this you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Carlo Elia

    Thank you RB for getting me my stuff ON TIME. The pieces need polishing but the kit is as expected, average quality.

  8. Dale Haney

    Awsome parts kit works great in the polymer 80.

  9. Allen Orrison

    While it appears to be of decent quality, I was disappointed to see on the packaging that it’s made in Taiwan. I’d prefer to buy American!

  10. Denver McIntire

    Frame completion kit works perfect. Jose as nice as Glock factory parts. Thanks.

  11. john small

    for me, the mag buttion was a little too long for my Glock 19 compact but it works just fine

  12. John

    Fit nice works great

  13. D Ramirez

    I installed this on my Pf940sc and everything fit perfectly. I didn’t need to polish anything and all of the parts went together great. Will definitely order again.

  14. Vinco

    Something in the system yields an absolutely atrocious trigger. The kit includes all the parts you need to build the lower, but my FEG PA-63 has a lighter trigger pull than this thing! What the heck???

  15. anthony

    I got this kit for a g43. I used some of the parts and some I did not use because it was replacing ones I broke. I didnt have any issue with them. They came clean and polished which was nice. I have taken it upon myself to do first time quality and polish/clean any of these types of parts. The build just has less issues if you take that one extra step. good luck!

  16. Walter Donaldson

    I have had no problems assembling 3 Glock 19s using this item.

  17. fge1711

    Received item as described, ship fast, second order from Rocky brass no issue to report, the standard gen 3 ejector which comes with this kit is not great, do yourself a favor and pick up a Gen 4 ejector to put in, reduces brass-to-face issue

  18. Grady Donathan

    Purchased and received within 5d – very good service. Kit was received without any issues on any parts and dropped right in to my frame. I did spend some time polishing but this was by personal preference and not necessary for function. Would purchase this product again from Rockey Brass.

  19. S H

    Fast shipping, with very reasonable prices. Cheaper than competitors, but the price does not reflect the quality. All the various products I have bought on rockeybrass always exceeded expectations. Will continue to shop here and will highly recommend to others.

  20. Douglas Glidden

    Great quality everything fit as expected.

  21. S Andrus

    I purchased this kit with a full size frame. Kit went together super easy and fit great. I also got it at a great price since I bought it with a frame. I love it!!

  22. Patrick

    The lower outer side of the trigger housing has a bevel that does not fit my 80% frame…also the locking block is not included in the kit, simply disappointed.

  23. willie dean

    parts fit was perfect good quality to.


    This review is for a Glock 22. I ordered this LPK with the P80 frame thinking it would work for 40 S&W. The trigger with trigger bar & trigger housing with ejector did not work with my slide. The extended slide stop lever with spring & slide lock spring was garbage. I replaced all with OEM Glock parts and all is perfect now. I did order another frame and plan on building a 17 so I’m hoping the trigger will work better in the 17.

  25. Francis L Swartz

    Excellent kit, would purchase again.

  26. Jeff Johns

    This parts kit was just what I needed to complete a P80 lower. Thanks for the great service, great price and quick shipping!

  27. Rob

    Overall good kit second 1 i have purchased.First one had zero issues this one trigger bar seemed out of spec slide would creep as trigger was being pulled.I tried to file some material off and polish ended up taken too much off.Just gave in and purchased a Zev trigger bar and works like a charm

  28. Roberto Santiago

    Fit like a glove awesome product

  29. Sam

    Fits perfect, recieved it fast, and the price can’t be beat. Will buy again

  30. Radley Peters

    Everything fit great. Quality products


    Excellent Christmas gift. Will be purchasing my own soon

  32. Garry Wolfe

    After some gunsmithing the parts fit and function great. Just as an oem glock would. Thank you

  33. Randy

    Got this for my PF940C build. Great parts. They went into the frame nice and easy. The holes on the rear slide rail didn’t quite line up but apparently that’s a typical thing. Not hard at all to fix. I ran a 4mm drill bit through the holes and got the pin to go in. Still felt snug and secure.

  34. Harry E

    Fast shipping and a great price for a real OEM g43 lpk.

  35. Bill Snyder

    While I would always prefer an OEM parts kit, they just are hard to find and piece together from multiple vendors. Very pleased with this parts kit.

  36. John

    Great frame kit drops right in and works great. Only thing I don’t like is how light the slide stop lever spring is, but it works as it should

  37. Benjamin Dwane Taylor

    Seems to be good , not fond of extended mag catch .

  38. S Prigmore

    Everything fit together perfectly. The trigger is just a bit stiffer than my stock Glock 17 but highly acceptable and smooth. Highly recommend the kit

  39. Mark

    Good lower parts kit, has everything you need and ships fast

  40. Paul Current

    I don’t know where all of these good reviews are coming from, but the kit that I received was awful. Both the trigger housing assembly and the slide stop release are horribly out of spec. The trigger housing caused the trigger to not reset. I had a spare trigger housing unit (P80 brand) in my parts bin and that solved my trigger reset issues, but the slide is still locking open on every cycle without an empty mag inserted. The slide stop release is misshapen, causing it to contact the frame, making it constantly push upwards. Now I need to buy another slide stop release. I will be shopping elsewhere for that. I did swap parts on different guns before writing this review to make sure that it is absolutely bad parts from Rockey Brass that are causing the issues.


    Everything Fit good And functions well !

  42. Thomas Salty

    Bag says made in Taiwan. Spring rod for mag release is bent. Buying another parts kit.

  43. Norman Williams

    As advertised and zero fitment issues.

  44. Geraldo Parrilla

    Rockey brass good quality and functions well will definitely return for more of my builds

  45. charles

    Great product for the price, fit is perfect and works well.

  46. Ricky Don Jolls

    The product was excellent and better than most I’ve dealt with. A great price I’ll start here the next time.

  47. Wallace Duncan

    Fits and functions well, even includes the extended slide lock. It would be nice even nicer if it was optioned with the .40 cal ejector instead of the one for the 9mm.

  48. Greg

    Love Rocky Brass. Always fast service and shipping, quality parts, perfect everytime. Not my first order and won’t be my last

  49. Rick S.

    Rockeybrass parts kits have always worked out for me. Although not needed, I polish them up, install and they function just fine and are a great value.

  50. Aldo Perez

    It’s cheap and it works what else could you ask for. Slide lock spring was a pain in the ass to get in right but eventually went in perfectly.

  51. Ty

    Awesome reliable on timr

  52. Daniel suarez

    Parts arrived sooner than I thought.

  53. Ryan

    The quality of these parts was a little disappointing. Some of the edges of the trigger bar were very rough and took more than just a polishing wheel and compound to clean up.

  54. Hussle

    Shipping was super fast. So far no issues with parts.

  55. Russell Panopio

    Rockey Brass Frame Parts Kit for Glock Is a perfect choice for anyone on a tight budget. The overall quality of the components of this kit is almost as good as OEMs, ALMOST! It would’ve been perfect in my opinion if only the slide stop lever functioned as it was designed for, it was pretty much unusable. The slide stop lever’s spring seems out of specification; the gauge rating felt a bit soft to almost no resistance when installed. Good thing I had a spare OEM slide stop lever to complete my project. Will I purchase Rockey Brass frame parts kit gain? Probably not. But I’m still a loyal supporter of Rockey Brass. If ever, I will spend that extra $$ and purchase the Glock lower frame parts kit that Rockey Brass also offers. I just hope this review finds you and maybe addresses the minor imperfection of your Rockey Brass Frame Parts Kit for Glock… Thanks again!

  56. Joseph Padilla-Madrigal

    They fit great and worked awesome everything works.

  57. Mcomp

    Chose for my first build based off reviews. All parts fit with no issues and function is solid. Will be buying more.

  58. Ian Townsend

    Kit is ok, the slide stop lever was kind of cheap and caused issues

  59. Jackson Pena

    They are very good quality parts. The only problem I had was the rear slide piece. I don’t know if it’s cut the wrong way or something but they don’t fit right in the rear of the pf940v2 frame. I had to grind down the metal a little bit to get it to sit flush and for the holes to line up correctly so I could get my pin in. Everything else was perfect. Overall great parts kit.

  60. Rene castro

    Easy to put together good fit.

  61. Brandon M

    Bruh. Not only was the shipping on point, but the value of what I got was AMAZING. an entire lower parts kit for my G17 build and it was all up to par with way more expensive aftermarket parts. Rockeybrass all the way

  62. Truthintesting

    The connector would not compress into the trigger housing as it is designed to. I suspect the connector is out of spec but since it’s not my respnsibility to diagnose problems I returned both kits. BTW, I had similar issues w/ LPK’s from a different distributor and returned them as well. Ended up w/ all original Glock parts for more money but zero fit issues. Naturally your milage may vary.

  63. Nathaniel

    Basic lower kit, works fine to OEM spec. SUPER FAST shipping had it in my hand in 4 days

  64. Doug

    Everything worked great. Rockey Brass got these to me fast. Much appreciated.

  65. Mark Maskiell

    Super kit with all parts needed to finish off the lower. Functions flawlessly. Love the simplicity of the entire lower frame build, once understood.

  66. roger

    so fare the mag release spring is toast. bad heattreating. they send me a new one so the service is good but we see how well that spring is.

  67. Jesus Rivera

    Guys I have to go back to you once I range my new Gun.I think I did a great came out gorgeous.

  68. Stephen Larner

    The lower frames parts kit was easy to install and works after a few tweaks flawlessly. The tweaks were necessary as it was mated to an Advantage Arms 22lr conversion slide. Although not recommended by AA, with a little help it now works like a charm and is a blast to shoot.

  69. Bradley Butler

    This a very high quality parts kit. None of the parts feel cheap or less than oem Glock quality. They functioned flawlessly in my P80 build. The mag release is an extended mag release and it does not mention that in the description. I would highly recommend this kit

  70. Sean

    Junk. The magazine release spring is way too stiff, the magazine release is out of spec and won’t release the mag (glock OEM mag!) without damaging the release cutout, the connector is out of spec and misshapen, and there’s still something wrong with the trigger and/or trigger housing that I haven’t figured out yet. ALSO, these parts are made in Taiwan which is not disclosed in the product description. It’s like they were made for some Airsoft replica, not a real firearm that is supposed to function.

  71. Mathis

    Better off going with oem glock parts. Don’t pinch pennies. These are made in Taiwan and clearly low quality. Money well wasted.

  72. J.L.

    Had a problem with the rear rail system. It fully sat into the frame but the pin holes on the rail didnt fully line up with the frame. I could see a silver “Cresent Moon” on the bottom left of each side. The holes in my frame were completely straight. After a quick youtube search I found that this has been a problem for a while with many others. I had to dremul the hole of the rail few times for the pin to fit. Now the pin goes in nice and snug. Not a major issue, but enough to write a review to inform others.

  73. T. Rees

    I don’t know the source of these parts, but I’ve not had a single problem with these kits from Rockey Brass fitting correctly. I’ve made a few builds and I know a friend who has used them as well with equal success. I’ve read questions from new builders on several forums about where to get a good parts kit since everything is so hard to get. Numerous responders have all pointed to these kits as a great source. I totally agree. If I build yet another kit, it’s going to include one of these parts sets.

  74. Walex

    The trigger kit was not functional at all

  75. Richard

    perfect, would buy again if needed

  76. Mike Keleher

    This is the only G43 lower parts kit on the market right now in the entire world…I know I have been searching for 6 months! Glad to get it.

  77. Patrick0525

    The plastic housing quality is very good with minor sanding needed. The new Timney Alpha trigger’s aluminum housing fits like a glove in the RockeyBrass trigger housing. A very tight but excellent fit. I was surprised but buy with confidence.

  78. Michael McLaughlin

    Got this as a package deal with the PF9SS. Finished the frame and installed the parts kit with no problems. Everything fit perfectly and all I need now is the slide and it will replace my M&P Shield as my carry. Due to its size, it is much easier to conceal.

  79. Ben

    This is a great kit and it shipped fast thanks again Rocky Brass!!

  80. Taylor Nerland

    Work flawlessly. Includes everything you need to finish your polymer 80 kit. Good quality parts. Would be from this website again

  81. Emmett

    Surprising quality, for the price. Good fitment. Only issue was the spring on the slide stop lever. It was a little chinsy, but was able to bend it a bit, and get it to work properly.

  82. Chad

    Received this kit, installed in a 80%arms. Slide stop engaging with every cycle without a mag/trigger fails to reset when the slide is cycled.

  83. L.N.

    Bought these for a stripped frame. These parts are “Made in Taiwan” per the packaging, not actual OEM Glock. Fair enough, the price is less, too. However, many parts were just ever so slightly oversized, needing some fit & finish, not just drop-in. For what it’s worth, I cannabalized my stock parts out of another gun, & they fit fine into the same frame. The trigger “shoe” didn’t fit without some persuasion, so I had to sand both sides until it no longer dragged on the frame. Couple of the pins needed some polish to fit at all. The slide stop/release lever (whatever you want to call it), stopped the slide rearward every time it was cycled, until I “adjusted” it by tweaking the spring to hold it down against the frame & beating the lever into the proper angle.So this kit, worth the price, since you’ll need some mojo to get it going perfectly.

  84. Gavin

    The parts seemed to work ok at first but the back of the trigger bar had bad engagement and would fail to reset, I had to order a new trigger bar and connector.

  85. john


  86. Gregory

    Used this on my build looks like same quality parts my original glock has fits great fast shipping very happy

  87. Logan

    fit like a glove. works nice. smooth trigger. overall nice little buy

  88. rudy

    This parts kit fit perfect and was very easy to install

  89. Peter lewis

    The last two kits I’ve bought have been great except the slide locks. They don’t seem to fit the frame properly and are loose. As in not a tight snug fit to the frame and also “jiggly” to the touch for a lack of a better term. I did a g19 kit very recently from here and it was jamming or failing to feed every other round. I was annoyed and ordered a quality slide release for it. I replaced it and the pistol shoots like a champ now. I thought maybe it was a one off part not big deal. But I just built my g17 with the same kit and the slide lock also doesnt feel right and I have more jams and double/failure feeds than I did clean shots. Just had to order ANOTHER slide lock release from a different company.I want to like this company and their kits but for as many as they make theres no way they don’t know that these parts are problematic. Unless they’re not actually shooting them and testing them. I don’t know. Or maybe I just got unlucky twice and got bad ones. Either way, I think I’ll purchase my next parts kit somewhere else. Do your research and see what else is out there.

  90. James

    I used this kit for a polymer 80 G17 build. everything fit great. the trigger seems to be pretty smooth when compared to my factory built glock 19. the only thing i dont care for is that it was made in taiwan. had i known, i would have searched elsewhere and found something made in the USA. i had an issue with the slide lock too. when i pulled the slide back, the slide lock would move into place and keep the slide pulled. even without a mag in. i had a spare glock slide lock laying around so i put it in and it functions perfectly.

  91. Matt

    These parts are certainly a downgrade but if you can’t find a completion kit and want to just hit the range this will do. Certainly not upgrade parts though let me make that perfectly clear not OEM parts either.

  92. Pedro

    My son purchased the wrong 1 so now am shopping for what fits my lower

  93. Ronald Catoe

    LPK works great. Parts seem to be good quality. Will definitely purchase more parts from Rockey Brass. Shipping is always prompt.

  94. RP

    Everything came as described and fit together just fine. I have yet to go to the local range so I cannot attest to how well the parts work yet.

  95. Bailey Hamor

    These components are all sturdy and satisfactory! If you’re thinking about purchasing them, do it, you will not be disappointed !

  96. Salty

    Great lower kit! Everything fit just as it should and functions well. Mose importantly, you can’t beat the price!

  97. Andrew

    Lower kit fit perfectly great for the price will definitely buy more

  98. Hunter

    Good quality for the price, slight polishing and bit of sanding may be required like mine but overall fantastic

  99. Mark D Cox

    All parts fit and worked, however the Slide Stop Lever is thin and I had to bend it to fit the P80 Frame correctly.

  100. Denny

    I’m surprised this has so many good reviews. The trigger is absolutely horrible with a MASSIVE pull weight for me and the design of the center-safety tab causes it to stab you in the finger every time you pull the trigger.The rest of the parts seem sufficient.

  101. Dustin P

    Was easy to install.

  102. Alex

    I bought this kit for my first time Poly 80 build. I wanted to get something that was budget friendly. I planned on completing the build and learning as I go to see if I could actually do it and make a functioning firearm! After a few minor issues I completed my G19 clone and have had a great time at the range (well except for the fortune paid for ammo). I plan on building another firearm and will definitely use Rocky Brass items again!

  103. Zac Elliott

    Solid quality parts! Gotta love RB.

  104. Ben White

    Bought 2 of these to build P80 Glock clones. They were a little stiff at first. I polished the working surfaces and they work geat now. After polishing, they work as well as on my Glocks. But expect to spend a a little time on them.

  105. sy_tx

    Pretty good kit, the locking block/ front rails & fire control block fit nicely on the first try of a P80 compact build. There was a ‘Made in Taiwan’ sticker on the fire control group. That said the take up and break were better than other stock Gen 3 I have used before. The ejector was slightly pointer than another OEM Glock part when compared. Something to pay attention to when putting the slide on; it can poke the rear covering plate if not careful.

  106. Randy

    This is my second parts kit and everything worked and fit so well in the first kit that you know, I just could not resist. Great price, quality, and shipping is prompt. They really do customer service right too. Thanks Rockey Brass!

  107. Nate

    Awesome and easy to build

  108. Gary Stout

    Got my kit in just a few days and usef it in my GST9 frame i finally received. Perfect fit, not a problem of anykind. On another build i did i installed a YIKES from Glock store, to get rid of “the trigger wall” , dont think I need one for this, smooth and very little “wall”

  109. Mr Boston

    Very fast shipping and great price. I purchased the p80 frame as well as the lower completion kit. Locking block is perfect rear rail needed some fine tuning to fit overall very satisfied.

  110. Nathan W

    Got two parts kits for a couple of P80 builds at a really great price. Am not in the least disappointed at all with them. They both had OEM finish and easily installed, performance feels smoother than new OEM and take-up/break is crisp and a touch lighter than OEM. Great parts kit to finish your build.

  111. Steve

    Didn’t come with the proper slide lock spring

  112. Jeff

    Decent stuff only problem I had was a broken spring on the slide release lever. Super fast shipping

  113. Reuben Cabrera

    These parts fit perfectly and the price is low.

  114. perry hatfield

    Don’t see how this kit got any positive reviews, the slide stop was out of spec, and ejector was out of spec causing rounds to limp out of gun. I’m a Glock armorer I should have know better. Used the lower kit from a used Glock 17 of mine the poly80 shot flawlessly.

  115. Nic

    This LPK arrived within a couple of days after ordering so that was great. Packaging of the items was also well done, but when opening the LPK bag, I was greeted with a Made In Taiwan sticker. This is disappointing considering that I can’t find anywhere in the listing where it says it’s made in Taiwan. Of course, it doesn’t say where it’s made on the website so I suppose this is partially my fault for assuming.We’ll see how it functions once installed.

  116. Wilbur Hrivette

    Everything fit fine, haven’t tested for function yet

  117. Greg Likness

    This is a good quality set up! Fits great and the price is very reasonable.

  118. Derek Versch

    Very happy with my parts kit for my new build. Thank you for the quick turn around time.

  119. Michael

    I recently completed my first build with this kit. When I open the package I was pretty disappointed when i same the words “MADE IN TAIWAN” on a gold sticker on the bag the parts kit was inside of. I would have prefer not to have cheap parts. Now I know why this is the cheapest kit on the internet I could find. Everything seems to fit. However the slide release does not fit, and allows the slide to lock open when racking, even with no magazine. I contacted CS at Rocky, and they sent another slide release spring. While waiting for it, the trigger has now seems to bind up, and I had to de-install, and adjust the trigger connector. Now I wish I would have just paid a little more for OEM parts. I’ll install the replacement slide release spring they sent and test fire. See how it works. Only reason I gave 2 stars is because they sent a replacement. made in Taiwan?… really

  120. Joseph Giacopelli

    All worked well.

  121. michael

    You have a customer for life! The parts I ordered were correct, cleaned, very high quailty, price point was outstanding. Shipping was fast, absolutely no negatives regarding these parts , my order or Rocky Brass. I am going to order again without a doubt. Thanks!

  122. Ben

    I ordered from. You before and know your products are made well and fit perfect! This kit will be my emergency kit. If anything needs replacing I will take from the kit. I have no problems before so I will depend on the quality to still be there with this kit

  123. Matthew

    Awesome, and quick shipping!!

  124. Eric Hill

    Top notch service and great quality product from Rockeybrass. Helpful in rounding up lost shipment, will buy from again and recommend to others thanks!!

  125. Chris Janquart

    Rockey Brass has always been good on shipping and showing if product is in or out of stock, so no ridiculous waiting like Optics Planet or The Glock Store.Only minor quibble was the “Made in Taiwan” label and the fact the kits weren’t labelled (bought a couple, G17 and G19) so new folks might get confused which is which unless they inspected the slide stop spring, but not enough to knock off a star.

  126. Derek

    All but trigger could be mistaken for OEM. Very nice to get extended slide stop and magazine release unlike most other aftermarket kits I’ve bought.

  127. Aaron

    Exceptional price and quality. Arrived as stated with zero issues during install and live fire testing. Thanks Rockey Brasss!

  128. Raandyce

    Great Product / Kit Does what it’s suppose at a very reasonable price! #RBteam are always on point ! shipping was fast Customer service always A+

  129. William

    Extremely fast shipping and all the parts fit without any problems.I will order from them again.

  130. Jay Tateishi

    This is the 3rd kit I have purchased from Rockey Brass. Parts in kit are good quality and I had no problems assembling my gun. The only parts I didn’t like and didn’t use were the magazine catch and ejector. The mag catch is oversized version and protrudes too much. You can actually eject the magazine when placing the pistol down on a hard, flat surface. I replaced it with a standard mag catch and like it much better. The ejector is the gen3 version and I have had problems with it in previous builds. It ejects brass into your face and has a lot of stovepipe jams. I replaced it with a gen4 ejector before even assembling my pistol and haven’t had ejection problems. The convenience of getting all the parts as a complete kit was worth the problem of replacing a couple small parts. Overall I’m quite happy with it.

  131. Daniel

    I had to do a little bit of work modifying,and polishing some metal to metal parts. Trigger pull doesn’t seem very smooth.Other than that seems to be in operating order.

  132. Michael

    Over all the parts seemed to work OK except for the trigger. I try to Polish it and it’s still very mushy. For some reason the trigger doesn’t let the slide lock back all the way sometimes it is out of spec for some reason. The pins are definitely out a of spec there are a little too thick but the do get the job done. The housing trigger seems to work just fine and ejection patterns are fair. I will have to order a glock OEM trigger to counter my current problem. Rocky brass trigger is not OEM specs.

  133. Kelson

    Dropped in and fit like it should, feels like it should. I can’t say anything bad about this product.

  134. Clair

    Works great

  135. Tim Robinson


  136. Eastwood

    G17 lower parts kit arrived on time, every thing fit perfectly in place as should. Will buy again

  137. William Murry

    Rockey Brass is great. The quality and quick shipping of their products are tops for my builds.

  138. Chad Smith

    Just as described works great on the p80

  139. Daniel Evans

    Works and fits like a glove

  140. Javi

    Just like the OEM lower-parts kit, will buy again!

  141. Kaitlyn

    I ordered the lower parts kit to finish my gucci glock build I recently started and it works as good or better than the OEM one i have in my other glock. The customer service is second to none, im alittle impatient when it comes to waiting on my items to ship but ROCKEY BRASS was always more than willing to answer any of the questions I had in reference to how long it would take, and why my order hadnt shipped yet even though I had a tracking number. All said and done, it only took 4 days to receive my order… LOL as I previously stated, I am impatient. Also the price of the LPK ( lower parts kit ) is more than fair considering the quality of the parts, customer service, fast shipping, and peace of mind knowing that i have found a good vendor for all my glock building needs. Thank you ROCKEYBRASS! You guys rock!

  142. Darren

    Nicely made and polished so there is no extra work to be done. Smooth action.

  143. Victor Au

    All the parts fit in with little difficulty. I didn’t polish any surfaces The slide lock spring seemed a bit tight going in, but it went in after a little pushing, and I had to lift it up to get the tension back. The trigger feels a lot like a normal Glock. It pulls at 5 lbs as measured at the tip of the smooth trigger. The reset feels good. I had a few failures to extract, feed and 2 stove pipes out of 330 shots (total of 4 failures), and only 1 out of the last 130 rounds. I figure some of this is my grip, but the ejector style is similar to the Glock 336 ejector, so I’m going to see how a Gen 4 ejector does next week. The mag release is extended, which seems a little long in a Polymer frame, but perfect in a Glock 19. I like the slide release: much easier to push than a stock Glock release. I like this kit. A good value for the money.

  144. Richard

    Picked up these parts for a P80 build. After a bit of polishing they went right in without any fitment issues. Time will tell if the quality is up to par standards as i only have a box or three through it at the time of this posting. Wouldnt hesitate to purchase again. 4 atars for now, after a couple thousand rounds if they are still performing well i would say 4.75 stars then.

  145. Randy Jones

    Does this look real simple? It is. After prepping the frame this drops into place quite easily. I had heard the Gen 3 had a couple of minor issues with ejection and extraction, but my P80 functions flawlessly. The trigger seemed a bit still to start with but seemed to ‘break-in’ fairly quickly and breaks at a bout 4.5 to 5 pounds.

  146. Sean

    So far, so good.

  147. John

    This is a really good kit all parts was as advertised everything went in with no real issues. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

  148. Mike Jones

    Didn’t have an issue with this LPK. Went on smooth like OJs glove.

  149. William Canty

    I will buy more.

  150. Alan

    Completely satisfied with this Glock LPK. It functions nicely. Well worth the price, for a basic build.

  151. eyvind marker

    I got this parts kit with my frame kit thinking it would just drop right in. That was not the case. I had to make small mods to the frame in order to get this kit to work right. I also had to polish most of the parts because the action was horrible right out of the box. I bought a cheap kit from ebay that worked perfect for another p80 frame i had done. zfor the price I paid for this kit I feel it should have been of better quaility.

  152. Reggie

    Not do to Rocky Brass but Maryland Mail.. I placed my order on March 9th, and it’s March 25th and I still haven’t received the kit yet.

  153. Mark

    Great product and fast shipping. Like the hard to find part unicorn has a urgent delivery service!

  154. Adam B.

    Parts kit contained all items as advertised and of very good quality. Installation requires a punch, mallet and hand fitting. Process took less than 30 minutes & the trigger pull is surprisingly light with little creep. I highly recommend this parts kit for home builders.

  155. Darryl Gray

    I was really impressed with this LPK works great no issues at all highly recommend

  156. Duane Heda

    Fit my Glock 19 perfectly. Shipping was fast

  157. Milt

    Excellent fit. Customer Service was great.

  158. Alexander

    The frame completion kit, assembled just fine, but it required significant lubrication and manual cycling to get the slide to move freely amd not stick. As I have built multiple P80 kit from rocky brass before and my slide was well worn in, have to assume that something in the frame kit was causing the problem. I want to make it clear that after I have “dry” racked the slide a couple hundred times and had cleaned and lubricated it s few time during, something finally worn in and the slide is moving smoothly now. I have fired it and it works great! As I have never experienced this particular problem before I am unsure if this problem was due to some error on my part or an issue with the parts provided.

  159. Whiskey Ridge

    Good fit, on time delivery and good price. Used it in a polymer 80.

  160. Alex

    works really good and feels almost as good as a glock factory trigger

  161. Nico

    I have Tryed other lower parts kit and this one is my top favorite and would recommend this before any other one

  162. geo

    Fast delivery, quality parts. Easy to install. Watch the videos for tips.

  163. Mearl

    Great part kit. As a first time builder. This kit is nice feels just like glock factory trigger. And all the springs and pins are well made.

  164. Jason

    Good quality. Fits nice easy to install

  165. Nick

    Worked great with my P80 build, easy install

  166. Bruce Hamovitz

    All parts fit perfectly and my finished PF940V2 functions flawlessly. Just needed a little lube. Great product and good price. Now ready for some range time.

  167. Steven Scott

    I bought this with my P80 lower and all worked fine.

  168. jorge (verified owner)

    Glock kit is great love it shipping was fast and for the price you can’t beat it installation was a breeze.

  169. Shelby Frost

    Pretty clunky and not the smoothest trigger pull.. probably wouldn’t get another one but when I ordered I couldn’t get one elsewhere so I took a chance

  170. EDWARD

    Decided to rebuild a 20 year old G22 and this kit worked perfect. I’m use to having to wait a month or more but RB delivered quick which was an added bonus.

  171. Chuck Short

    LPK’s are just lucky to find one. This one was OEM probably because it took no time for me to install. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VENDOR/company. Delivery was extremely quick.

  172. Ray

    Rockeybrass is a great example of professional customer service and great quality products and fast shipping thanks I’m another satisfied customer.

  173. Juan Uribe

    Top notch. Excellent service. I would recommend RB to any hobbyist Great company to do business with. Thank You.

  174. AWard

    I’ve put a few guns together and my experience with these kits is the mag catch, slide lock, and slide stop lever all need to be replaced with Glock OEM or equivalent. The mag catch and slide lock areas on a Polymer 80 are scalloped so there isn’t a need for these to be extended. In fact they become obtrusive to me with my large hands. The slide stop in these kits have been problematic for me. The stamped loop that retains the spring hits a ledge molded in the polymer80 frame and caused premature slide lock. I didn’t want to grind any plastic out of the frame so I replaced with OEM Glock and problem solved. The trigger mechanism works well and creates a decent trigger pull with a short, pronounced reset. Shipping was quick.

  175. Marty Dodge

    Bought this for my first Glock build and I am really happy with it.

  176. Mike

    Nice parts kit

  177. Dustin

    This is a quality frame parts kit, great deal as well. Comes with a 336 ejector (which you hear horror stories about) but for some reason, this thing is throwing my brass nicely in a rainbow, about 4 ft out and about 1 ft back roughly 2 ft up in the air, not in my face or arms like you’ll read when researching 336 ejectors. So look no further you will be satisfied with this purchase.

  178. Mckinney Proctor

    Great parts for a great price just what I ordered with very fast shipping. is an outstanding place to do business. I will be back to order more.

  179. Kevyn

    total shit trigger housing. Shipped fast, parts looked good but trigger housing is so far out of spec it’s worthless. I won’t be buying again.

  180. Eric

    Let’s see In stock, great price and showed up a day early. What not to like

  181. Jerry Wilber

    Good matching parts for a Poly 80 build. Get em before the Dems outlaw all of this.

  182. BuildJunkieMatt

    Like most folks, given the choice I’d rather have Factory Glock Parts opposed to aftermarket. With that said, and with Factory Parts being sometimes scarce and frequently pricey I rolled the dice on 3 Rockey Brass Kits. I’M VERY GLAD that I did! These parts are so close to Factory that I couldn’t tell the difference. In addition to being a perfect fit for my Polymer80 frames the Trigger Assembly drops directly into one of my Factory Glock 17’s, and is indistinguishable in terms of fit and function. I’ll keep preferring Factory Glock Parts, but as long as Rockey Brass has these Kits at this Price I won’t allow myself to be gouged (fleabay, anyone?) for Factory Parts. I’ve already recommended these Kits to two fellow build junkies and will continue to do so. Now get ’em back in stock, RB!!

  183. Ish

    Came in early from shipping, perfect fit, no issues. Awesome, highly recommend it

  184. Stanley

    Bought this for a Poymer80 build. Great price. Polished all items easily, fit and function was perfect.

  185. Ryan Bender

    I was able to directly install these parts with no modification directly to the frame. It was awesome. Great reliable parts.

  186. Will Farmer

    Perfect fit!!

  187. Josh B

    Ordered this for my P80 G17 and received within a week or so. Shipping was stupid quick considering the ungodly COVID shipping delays. Best part is everything fit like a glove and I had no issues. My only concern was that the slide lock spring was not needed for my P80 G17. I did use the spring that sits under the slide bar and that’s working fine with no issues. In short, great purchase and I recommend this product all around.

  188. Houston Honeycutt

    very well finished, polished up the contact points … great fit

  189. David Ganninger

    This was OK, except for the main trigger pin….it would not lock in place, and the trigger bar… would not reset the trigger no matter what……gen4, gen3 oem frames, or Poly80 frames.

  190. Albert salazar

    Bought this kit for a 19 and it all went together fine, but when trying to fire, the trigger just felt like a soggy sponge and wouldn’t even break until the trigger shoe touched the frame replaced with oem parts kit felt like new

  191. Abe A Salah

    Bought this for my latest G19 build and couldn’t be happier. Items are as described and install was smooth. Will be shopping Rockey Brass again.

  192. Jason Heim

    Product fits great.

  193. Mr pew pew pew!

    I’m thoroughly impressed with this trigger at first it doesn’t look like its going to be much but my friend and I compared it to his Zev trigger and we agree we like the rocket brass trigger better im definitely putting more in my future builds!

  194. Alex

    No issues, dropped in my frame very easily. Shout out to the keybase fam, can’t stop the signal.

  195. Yanni Phan

    Lpk for my p80 Glock. Very happy with my purchase, very good quality & it fits perfect.

  196. Cimeron

    Have not installed yet, everything thing looks great

  197. Kevin Wilson

    I have used a few types of aftermarket lower and upper parts kits for my builds and have come to the conclusion that Rockey Brass parts kits (either upper or lower) consistently works trouble free and would not be surprised if they were the OEM parts due to the fact they look, feel and work just like Glock OEM parts. I wish I would have found their products when I first started building my P80’s to avoid some frustrating time using other aftermarket products. Overall I have trusted these parts in most my guns and plan to replace my other builds with different aftermarket parts with Rockey Brass parts. I cannot say enough good things about their products, just don�t forget to stock up on their stuff since they are a popular place to obtain high quality stuff. Hope this review helps your decision making. Customer for life!!!

  198. Chris

    Lower Parts all work. No issues.

  199. Jeremy Chris

    The back of the cruciform had such an insane burr on the back of it.. it actually stripped the chrome coating off my striker lug face!Ruining my entire striker in my opinion…The. connector Also had a pretty good size burr as well..The disconnecter spring is complete garbage and needs to be replaced entirely (no big deal)My advice..INSPECT EACH PART BEFORE INSTALLING IT…Am I grateful R.B. had this in stock?.. absolutely..Am I’m thankful Rockey Brass always comes through when i need them most? Absolutely…I can’t say I was completely impressed with this LPK…But, i would still recommend buying this kit.. especially when you can’t find these parts any where else..But those are just some of the issues I ran into..Hopefully I just got the bad apple

  200. Guy

    Was scouring many places for G 17 parts to complete a build but all of my go to shops were completely out. Luckily, I found Rocky Brass. Order came on time, packaged well and everything fit as it should with no errors. RB will be my new go to from now on.

  201. Billy

    Buying process was good with minimal lead time in shipping. Shipping was Quik. Install on parts was simple with no ill fitment. Simply worked. Will look here in future.

  202. Anthony

    Good quality lower parts kit, trigger works great ! Found no issues with this lower parts kit.

  203. Andre

    I was very satisfied with these parts in my glock build.

  204. Stephen

    Lower completion kit G17 great quality for a budget build quickly shipped will buy here for my next build Thank you

  205. Bryan Malama

    Parts never disappoint, fitment and function perfect. My go to for all my needs.

  206. Ulises Vallejo

    Everything came just as expected! Having a lot of trust in this company. They true to their word and give exactly what you want in a short period of time.

  207. Cecil Burch

    this is my second time ordering from Rockey, and it has been as good an experience as the first. The parts I have ordered have been excellent, and the shipping time was incredibly fast. Rockey Brass will be my first stop when I buy Glock parts

  208. Gerry

    Been waiting months for this kit and this kit is awesome as far as quality!! Great shipping and easy check out! Will be ordering from Rockey again!!

  209. Mark

    Rocky Brass continue to roll up phenomenal products, excellent prices. Their quality of their parts, and their service in my opinion is one of the best in the industry. Rocky Brass is my go-to for any of my needs. I wish you guys sold relationship advice, or an instruction manual on my wife. She says spending money on my little toys is pointless. I think she may be defective from the factory.

  210. Bob

    Quality product at a reasonable price


    It fits and operates. Shipment was fast and the price is right. Even polished the trigger pull is long and mushy. That may be OEM Glock but I will have to upgrade the trigger to be happy with it. Other builds were not so mushy and long.

  212. eric c rosengren

    This kit is just what I needed to finish my build. everything works great

  213. Basil Jerger

    Perfect kit to finish my P80 lower. Dropped in without any hassle I will definitely be buying another soon!

  214. Ronald SAMPLES

    Installed this in my polymer 80 build works flawless no issues at all. Came very quickly after I ordered it. Very good to deal with.Would highly recommend

  215. John

    This parts kit is a gift and I have not yet used it , that said I have used them before and have had no problem with them I also keep one on hand as a spare parts kit . One thing I do is polish and lightly stone parts that need it to give a more smoother trigger . When I say lightly stone I mean exactly that .

  216. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that these are not OEM Glock parts, fit and finish are extremely high quality parts, they hit on the head, I actually prefer them to the oem parts, the quality seems to be step above the Glock Parts!,?yes they are that good !

  217. Jonathan Jaimes

    Fast and quick delivery but just always out of stock.

  218. JC

    Great stock parts. Wouldnt have expected anything else. Thanks guys

  219. Brian Marrero

    Great product. Quality is very nice. Fit couldn’t have been better. Would recommend and would definitely purchase again

  220. Antonio Williams

    Parts came super fast fit the G19 frame like a glove soon as more color frame become available I’ll be making another one

  221. frank

    My order arrived quickly. The parts look clean and well made. I look forward to adding them to my build.

  222. James Hunter

    Great product and unlike others, Rockey brass is not a price gouger during shortages. Of course, Supply & Demand rules always apply with added cost during shortages, but RB is always fair!

  223. Dave

    LOVE this product, but its always SOLD OUT. PLEASE limit 2 per customer…at Least!

  224. Scott Berbrich

    I am always impressed with the speed and quality from Rockey Brass.

  225. scott gafkjen

    parts kit worked great and shipped fast

  226. Dave

    I mean what’s not to like the kit is perfect has extended controls and does it’s job. It’s a good lpk, I purchase a couple every time they go back in stock, aside from that Rockey Brass has always shipped fast and only lists in stock items on the site which is a plus in my book. Between the kit quality and Josh team this is a home run all day long.

  227. Jorge Rodriguez

    Great product, fast shipping and works as it should!!!!

  228. Jose A Villegas

    very GOOD QUALITY!!

  229. Tracy

    Love ordering from this company fast shipping on all things ordered and I live in Hawaii awesome

  230. Joshua Morris

    slide lock/release rides bottom of slide and catches slide every times the slide comes back or is racked.Every single time. Was installed properly the way it is supposed to.

  231. Chris

    These G19 parts fit perfectly in a P80build. Shipping was very fast . Couldn’t be more pleased especially considering the current environment. Thank y’all for doing a great job !

  232. Rich

    The whole assembly drops in, fits like a glove, and works reliably. Honestly not much to say except that you can definitely expect this, and pretty much anything else you buy from here to work as intended.

  233. Daniel

    After waiting for 2 weeks from lancaster tactical supply, I decided to cancel my order and get a parts kit from rockey brass. I called up the company on Tuesday morning and ordered the kit for a pf940c. I had the kit and my lower together by midnight friday night. I had work all day. Good customer service and even better shipping. Thanks Rickey brass. I am going to leave a five star review on Google as well for you guys.

  234. SHAUN

    Everything fit perfect. I didn’t want to make this review until I actually tested these parts at the range. After 200 rounds I have had no issues . This is a high quality kit and shipping was amazing. It was at my front door three days after placing the order.

  235. Jeremy

    Order the parts and then they shipped the next day. Parts fit wonderfully and functioned as they should. Only bought two sets but will be buying more when they become available!!!

  236. Jordan Bailey

    got here fast and looks great. Love it comes with extended mag release.

  237. Zach

    Great product and incredibly fast shipping. I also want to thank them for not gouging $50 is a third of what they are going for on the auction sites right now. Thank you!

  238. Brett Beard

    This was my first Rocky Brass product, and I’m more than pleased with the quality of all the pieces! Didn’t realize the magazine release, slide stop, and takedown bar were extended, but that was a welcome surprise! The trigger feels very similar to my OEM Glock 26 trigger. Great option over the OEM Glock lower parts kit, and would buy again!

  239. John

    Parts all fit into a P80 frame without issue

  240. Calvin

    good kit ! All parts worked well making good kit !!

  241. Scott

    These parts kits are extremely hard to find now, best price around and ready to ship! Great service, will be shopping here again soon!

  242. Tyler

    Absolutely amazing! Definitely surpassed my expectations! Solid quality parts!

  243. Aubrey

    I recently purchased two Glock lower parts kits from Rockey Brass. I must say, that I am happy with my first purchase. The items are quality. I am most happy with the price point. Also, the shipping was fast! Thanks Rockey Brass!

  244. Timothy Woodard

    Fast shipping, parts were good.

  245. G

    Parts seem equivalent to OEM, good quality, fitment was good. No issues.

  246. Patrick Llanes

    This kit is complete and perfect for the Polymer 80. It’s Greta that I comes with the extended parts too.

  247. AM

    It’s amazing, just as good or better then OEM

  248. Mr Ramos

    I recently got a G26 lower parts kit and realized it was missing the Mag release, so i went to the contact us tab on the website and sent them a picture of what i received and notified them about the missing piece. Within a day the rockey brass team emailed me back and told me i was indeed missing the mag release and sent me one free of shipping Charge ! definitely gonna continue ordering from them shout out to the team at rockey brass for taking Care of its customers !

  249. Jordan Walker

    I’m new to building, but Rockey Brass is on my list of go to vendors. Since this product arrived, I’ve already ordered another item because of the great quality of the product and fast shipping.

  250. Craig

    Overall great, but really disappointed that it is missing a frame pin. Puts a damper on the build.

  251. Elliot

    Fast shipping on high quality products…will order again and again!

  252. Shawn

    Bought this for a Poymer80 build and it worked just as well as an OEM Glock kit. Great price, especially considering these parts are currently tough to find.

  253. Ben

    Bought this kit to finish off my Polymer 80% PF940v2 frame. Fit and function is just like OEM Glock and everything fit the polymer frame perfectly. Good job Rockey Brass fast shipping and great support. Thanks for helping with my project!

  254. Herb

    Fits perfect no issues what’s so ever

  255. Nicholas May

    Quality is outstanding! Have not had a single problem with fitment or functionality with any of their house made parts. Highly recommended

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