Rockey Precision Enhanced Glock Slide Parts Kit


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Complete parts kit for your Gen 1-3 Glock Slide. Includes all parts to complete your slide except the barrel.

Rockey Precision slide completion kit featuring Made in the USA upgraded parts to fit Glock pistols. Complete and upgrade your slide components with these high-quality gun parts, perfect for a Glock upgrade or for completing your Polymer80 build.

Compatible with Glock Gen 1-3 slides including: G19, G17, G34, G26, G20, G21

Rockey Slide Completion Kit includes:

  • Machined Steel firing pin
  • Standard OEM specification extractor
  • Firing Pin Spring
  • Firing Pin Spacer Sleeve
  • 2 Spring Cups
  • Slide Cover Plate
  • Machined steel extractor depressor plunger assembly
  • Machined Steel firing pin safety
  • Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • Channel Liner
  • Guide Rod and Recoil Spring (Factory weight spring)

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127 reviews for Rockey Precision Enhanced Glock Slide Parts Kit

  1. John

    Got the kit for a Glock 21 build. The fireing pin plunger was to small. Pain in the butt to get the non captured recoil spring in. Had to order a new plunger and captive spring assy.

  2. Derek

    Trigger doesn’t reset properly. I have new factory g20 trigger on backorder to see if that fix the trigger reset issue. Maybe it’s the slides fault. As of right now I believe the issue is from an out of spec trigger

  3. Christopher Bell

    Great parts kit. Everything fit fine. The surface finish of the striker needs addressed. There are tooling marks on the radiused edges that will contact the channel liner and you can feel the resistance when installing. I chucked it up in my drill and knocked down the high spots but obviously sacrificed the TiN coating to do so. My other gripe is the RSA is not captured so its a bit tricky persuading it into the slide. I would have gladly paid extra for a stainless captured guide rod!

  4. MH

    Awesome product from a awesome company. I will continue shopping with RockeyBrass. Thanks RockeyBrass!!!!You’re awesome.

  5. Thomas Veitenheimer

    The firing pin does not work. I put 2 other firing pins in one was a friend’s and the other was mine from another gun and everything worked great as soon as I put this pin in it won’t click

  6. leonrauska rauska

    great quilty it fits thank you

  7. Jay Funk

    Bought for G21 build, all parts went into slide nicely and fit well, Striker seems to be good quality, may upgrade to billet extractor later on but all works well.

  8. Bryan Broadbent

    I’ve built 5 Polymer80’s and always check RB for my needs first. Quality parts, great prices, and lightning-fast shipping.

  9. Kenny McCray

    Great service and parts as always. Thanks


    Extractor Depressor is bent and will not fit

  11. flashotter

    Good kit but the firing pin spring keepers are notched and not smooth. Sanded them down a little. Also would have been nice to include sleeve installation tool with kit.

  12. Tim Adkins

    Works great. Good company to deal with. Fast shipping.

  13. Boyd Sutton

    The kit fit perfect for my build I will be purchasing more for my next builds awesome quality parts that function correctly. Can be happier with the purchase if ur in the market for frame kit buy this one.


    Nothing about this kit was enhanced. Recoil spring broke after 10 rounds. Would not recommend.

  15. Jay Vernelson

    For like a glove and works like a charm! Only reason not 5 stars is that the ziploc bag had busted and parts had fallen out. Were in the box but scared me.


    After months of issues with my original slide parts, I upgraded my 2nd Glock to the precision kit and could not be happier. Everything is so much better.

  17. The Silent One

    Parts were high quality and are working fine. Overall, very happy with Rocky Brass products and service.

  18. Federico Cabarle

    Everything I needed to complete my build fits perfect

  19. Don Bales

    Product is as advertised, in good packaging, quickly delivered. Well done over all.

  20. Joe Flores

    I REALY didn’t know what to expect but after putting kit in Great product fits well with no issues

  21. Roberto

    One of the best slide kits for its price very easy to put together

  22. vlad

    The parts are what you’d expect but they plunger and the firing pin are not titanium nitride coated as it appears in the pictures.

  23. Dwayne Livingston

    Great kit at a nice price

  24. Arnold

    Bought this since Rockeybrass seems like the only online retailer that have Glock slide part kit in stock with out the outrages prices. Installed on Polymer80 G17 slide and fit perfectly.

  25. Brian Kuzma

    Bought this kit to finish a Polymer 80 slide. Everything fit perfectly and the coating was nice and uniform. I have no issues with this kit or any piece of it, just a quality kit.

  26. Jorge Rodriguez

    Great upper parts kit, fast fast shipping and great product! Not one single issue, great service!!!! Will be ordering often from you guys!!!!

  27. R B

    Good parts kit. Fast service considering the Covid deal and the postal service slowing down delivery process.. not Rockybrass s fault . Very satisfied customer will purchase from them again

  28. Steven saldana

    Man… I have to say. I got a new slide for my g17 and looked around for internals everywhere. Friend told me about you guys. And installing was like butter and I’m more than pleased. Thank you.

  29. James Barbour

    Excellent quality parts for my Glock 19 build. Paid extra for the upgraded premium kit and well worth the money. All of my kits now will be from Rocky Brass. Fast shipping great packaging. Highly recommended for all your builds.

  30. Timmy

    Works as advertised, no problems. Would and probably will be buying again. Awesome product for the money.

  31. Eder Gonzalez

    High quality / durability slide parts Recommended for upgrading.


    I was impressed with the quality of my enhanced slide kit. The parts fit perfectly in my new slide. I also ordered a new 9 mm barrel.

  33. Michael Martorana

    Very happy have bought 2 of these kits and they work just as well as Glock OEM or Better!!!!

  34. Potter

    Great product, worked as expected!

  35. Fernando Gudino

    Just as expected. Great quality and everything I needed. Great quality! Very happy and satisfied with my purchase.

  36. Shelby

    I love this. I put it in my slide and it has been running perfectly!

  37. Ronald Kanna

    Shipping was extra fast just as I requested! Thanks!!Parts assembled easily, well and quickly! Parts seem to be good quality but I haven’t had a chance to use the pistol yet so I can’t say if there are any problems with the components?But I suspect everything will work great!

  38. Big C

    This parts kit fit perfectly in my aftermarket slide and functioned flawlessly at the range. Looking forward to my next build.

  39. Aaron Henderson

    This is a great product. All of the parts look to be made from quality steel. It fit in my custom slide with no problem whatsoever and runs flawlessly. Although I will say I am not 100% certain what makes this “Enhanced Precision” the website doesn’t do a good job of explaining that part of it.

  40. Adam Krueger

    The quality on the parts seemed fine unfortunately the slides I purchased elsewhere didn’t seem to be in spec so I need polishing on all the parts anyway??

  41. David Lin

    All parts of this kit came polished and worked great with my slide. The only exception is the striker; the tip broke off on my third round fired. However, Rockey Brass customer service quickly replaced it and the new one works fine!

  42. Richie rich

    Products are great. They do exactly what they are supposed too. No more no less. Just hope the prices start coming back down. Plan on buying more

  43. Asher

    RB-SLIDEKIT-G26 Rockey Precision Enhanced Glock Slide Parts KitChoose Model: G26 | PF940SC This part is a good brand and good quality.. it’s fit for my aftermarket slide in my Glock 26 P80 frame..

  44. joe Chan

    I ordered the regular upper kit at first but then decided to get the enhanced kit! . Fit right in extractor plunger is an awesome gold color looks nice compliments the black slide. Great fit already have 1000 rounds through and them not one malfunction! I’m ready to place my next order can’t wait until there is a lower parts kit in stock too!

  45. Bryan

    No issues with the fit on the rockey brass slide. Spring is kinda tight but that will work itself out. Thanks!

  46. Jacob

    Rockey Brass shipped me parts kit quickly & made my shopping experience a breeze. Parts kit was installed & has got my Glock working flawlessly. Definitely recommend Rockey Brass to any & all who need solid firearm parts & or accessories. Thank you very much Rockey Brass, your team is Awesome. Stay healthy & be well.

  47. Eric “Stevie” Stephenson

    Awesome product. Fast shipping, and no problems. What more could you ask for? Well done !!

  48. Cole

    Great kit, fits perfectly and great price

  49. Joshua Goad

    Installed in RTB slide with GGP barrel. Each part was well designed and had no issues. First P80 build and it was flawless at the range. Smooth and accurate.

  50. David Farnschlader

    Great kit just what I needed to complete my build.

  51. John R

    The parts ordered were premium for my glock 21 the service at Rocky Brass is the best even in this COVID times . Thanks Rocky Brass my new go to for and accessories.

  52. Jacob Higgins

    I bought this for a Glock 19 build. I have around 500 rounds and zero issues using this upper parts kit. Rocky Brass’s shipping was very fast too, which made it an enjoyable experience.

  53. Gary Capps

    Used in an alpha v4 slide perfect fit

  54. S

    First time using Rocky Brass, the parts all look well made and assembled easily on my custom slide. First mag test firing everything worked just as it should, going to order another ASAP

  55. Kolson

    The spring for the firing pin safety plunger didn’t fit at all. The recoil rod assembly kept getting bound up, causing my slide to get stuck. This all was fixed by purchasing actual OEM parts.

  56. Gary

    Parts arrived on time, installed as easy as OEM and have performed flawlessly. Nice job Rocket Brass.

  57. Dominick Ruthman

    I have not been able to put the kit in use, but after inspecting each piece of the kit… I know that it will last the test of time. The parts come semi polished and the parts that usually would take the most abuse are also reinforced. A smart purchase over OEM kits any day.

  58. Brian McArthur

    Just as good as OEM if not better. Works great. Will purchase again.

  59. Patrick Llanes

    The kit is very nice and complete. Comes with upgraded parts and installs easily. High quality and worth the money. Worked perfect on my Polymer80!

  60. Caleb

    Great parts kit. I have used these kits in a P80 G17 and G19 builds. No issues after 1000+ rounds. Would highly recommend and will be buying more for future builds. Always Fast Shipping From Rockey Brass as well. Great Products, Great Company.

  61. Calvin Manis

    Fast service and great quality parts. Have built 7 Polymer 80 guns so far,

  62. Darius

    This was an excellent kit. Everything fit exactly as designed. I had 2 other brand slide kits, this one was hands down the winner in fit and finish. I don’t have many rounds through it yet, but so far I couldn’t be happier with my results. I will only buy my future kits from Rockey Brass from now on.

  63. Andy

    Great quality product! Will buy again on future builds!

  64. Charles

    Fast Shipping All the upper parts are Excellent Fit and has a smooth Tigger pull the action is great. I will order again for my next build that will be very soon. 5-star

  65. Felix Rodriguez

    Its great

  66. Rick Mosteller

    Good price, fast shipping, solid metal recoil spring is really nice!

  67. Renen Barrett

    All parts worked as advertised and arrived in a timely manner

  68. Jay

    Love it, nice fit and works perfectly.

  69. Eloy Saldivar

    I received the parts kit and was beyond disappointed. This so called “precision parts kit” had rough tool marks all over the firing pin, safety plunger, and extractor rod assembly; not to mention the endplate was out of spec and in no way was going to install. I was expecting something above average at this price point

  70. Nicholas May

    Quality is outstanding! Have not had a single problem with fitment or functionality with any of their house made parts. Highly recommended

  71. Alex Lemoncito

    This kit plus the lower parts kit works great on my g34 build. First time out and no issues for 170 rounds.

  72. Robert Wells

    Very happy with the quality will order it again for my next projects.

  73. tyler ebeling

    Not sure if the back plate was out of spec or if the slide is out of spec, had to sand off some of the bottom of the back plate as it wasn’t flush with the bottom of the slide and was enough to not allow the slide to go on the frame. Everything else was great fit.

  74. Pat Garity

    Just what I needed to finish my build. The right stuff delivered on time.

  75. Blair

    Quality parts had no problems attaching parts to slide.

  76. Spencer Shinner

    Overall, I am not satisfied with this kit, first I would like to point out that the material that the striker channel liner is not up to par with a stock Glock channel liner. It is comprised of a weaker material, when I was installing the channel liner the top of it mushroomed out. I then had to order one from another company, which postponed my build even longer. Second I would like to point out that after installation of the guild rod, I noticed that the spring On the guide rod is not installed properly or I happened to get one that has a defect in which the spring is trying to come off the end with the screw. I have ordered parts from rockey brass before and have been satisfied in the past, but I regret to inform you that this slide completion kit I am highly disappointed and disgusted with this kit. Would not recommend

  77. Corey Puck

    Great kit. Rockey had it when no one else did. Got my build together nicely.

  78. Michael S Holden

    This kit appears to be of higher quality than factory glock parts. With factory glock parts the firing pin and safety plunger usually have rough machining lines from being turned on factory lathes. This kits firing pin and safety plunger are polished smooth landing it to function butter smooth.

  79. Emmanuel Joseph

    The chanel liner broke during installation so I’m not sure if it’s the material not being sturdy enough or too much force were being used. In addition, I was having a hard time removing the slide off the frame when everything was put together. I didn’t like the fact it was of color white. Besides that, everything else was fine and shipment is always fast with Rocky Brass

  80. Joshua Gabriel

    Rockey Brass,I wanted to extend my appreciation and gratitude for the great service and prompt delivery. Your products are precise and made with quality. You went above and beyond. Good luck, and best wishes to all of you at Rockey Brass!

  81. Luis

    Parts worked great I cleaned them up with a bit of lube so they wouldn’t have any issues 200 rounds later still no issues took them out gave them another wipe down slapped them back in. I reccomend you guys to try these out!

  82. Bud

    Really great fit in perfectly i will use this in all my future builds!

  83. Ryan Ashbaugh

    First off, quick shipping. Ordered one night, the next day I got a shipping notification. Secondly, good products, easy to install. I didnt use the back plate so i cant speak on that (went with a custom one) but i would assume it’s just as good as the rest. All parts were in the bag, simple installation. 50 rounds in, first time shooting it and 0 flaws

  84. Mark

    Good quality kit for a reasonable price! I will definitely get another one of these for my next build. All parts fit very well, I can’t complain This store is definitely a store worth shopping at more than once, as I already have And will continue to do so! Good product and price the company and best of all fast shipping!

  85. J WALT

    Great parts, great fit, good price!

  86. LaRoy H.

    Ordered this Slide-parts kit for my new build, which shipped pretty quickly, given the projected delay from other companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once it arrived, I was eager to assemble it into my slide, which turned out perfectly. Thanks Rockey Brass, I’ll be sure to order from the site again.

  87. ryan whittington

    All parts fit in my slide and function great. Will definitely be getting this kit for my next build.

  88. Ted

    Hands down best price for the enhanced slide kit . Parts fitted as expected onto my big bore Lonewolf slide. Also purchased a frame parts kit for my P45 and received free shipping on both items. Very pleased

  89. Avery mitchell

    Awesome price quality product and fast shipping will be. Using for a third time!!! Awesome thanks again fellaz

  90. P80 builder

    Parts kit was well made all parts fit the slide perfectly with no issues. The kit functioned perfectly as well.

  91. Austin

    I would love to say these parts kits worked great for me but unfortunately they only seem to work in my OEM slide. In three of my aftermarket slides, all made by different companies, these parts kits cause a failure to reset on on the trigger. I have tested multiple trigers, OEM included, as well as multiple frames (P80940C, P80940CL, OEM, and Grey Ghost) all of which have issues ranging from a 50% failure rate to absolutely no reset. Unfortunately I bought two kits so now I’m stuck with a surplus of extra parts. I would recommend anyone who is looking to purchase this kit to try one and see if it works for you before stocking up.

  92. Douglas

    No problems with any of the parts. The striker was polished nice, the slide spring was tight but it worked in fine. Delivery was fast………….

  93. James

    Used these parts to build a slide for my 80% lower. Every part was well made and fit perfectly into the slide. Total build time was about 15 minutes. Racked the gun by hand and everything seems to work perfectly. Next stop is the local indoor range.

  94. Seth

    The extractor claw had a ding it it causing the case head to pushed slightly too far forward for the firing pin to reliably detonate primers. This also caused unreliable extraction when the primer was successfully detonated.

  95. Garrett

    the kit is priced well and fit right into my slide without any problems I like the back is smooth looks different.

  96. Funny Fin

    Very satisfied with this slide parts kit, and delivery was very prompt. Used it with a Swenson slide and everything fit perfectly. Range tested flawlessly through first 100 rounds. Would definitely recommend this kit – excellent value! Thanks!

  97. Joe Burris

    Ordered G17 parts kit a build I was working on. Every thing fit perfectly. Great price and fast service. I will be ordering again from rockybrass.

  98. Edgardo Roman

    Great price for the slide parts kit. It is well made with quality and the heat treatment gave it a brass / bronze look that match the barrel.

  99. Tyler

    10/10 got it fairly quick was missing a couple pieces shot them an email and in 2 days had the missing pieces. Can’t beat it.

  100. William Johnson

    Arrived missing parts, ( safety plunger spring and extractor rod spring) by luck I had a extra kit to rob from.

  101. R. B.

    I’m not a Glock expert, so I can’t give you the “why” as to why I was having problems with this slide kit, but I had to change out the entire firing pin assembly and the recoil spring with Glock OEM in order to get my Polymer80 project to work. So, I paid $80 for their kit, and then had to turn around and spend another $60 to get the proper parts. In the future I won’t buy this parts kit and I would recommend that anyone reading this seriously think about using Glock OEM instead.

  102. Ziyan

    I give it a five stars wish it had six I’ll be ordering more

  103. DM

    I was very impressed with the quality of this RB enhanced slide parts kit. The channel liner fitment was the easiest that I have encountered. This is also a great spare parts kit to have on hand.

  104. Glock Noob

    Solid kit for a slide build, dropped right in. Fast shipping, my go-to supplier for parts kits!

  105. K Bastin

    Quick shipping and excellent communication. This parts kit works perfect, this was exactly what I needed!

  106. Mikkel

    The kit has everything you need to complete a slide. Everything fit well. Add a barrel and a finished lower, and you are good to go.

  107. Eric Plummer

    First parts kit I’ve used where the channel liner slid easily into place, even Glock OEM ones required hammering when I used them. This one slid right in with just enough friction to retain it. Striker appears to be of better quality as well. Very happy with this kit!

  108. Fits perfect!

    Perfect fit of all parts. Gun ran 100% first time out.

  109. Scott

    I received the kit reasonably quickly which is good. But the kit was incomplete, it was missing the firing pin channel liner and the firing pin alignment sleeve. The two plastic part that go on the firing pin. I have contacted Rockeybrass via email but have not yet heard back.

  110. Tj

    Thank u…

  111. A.Canada

    Works flawlessly with my Polymer 80 build. Will purchase this kit again for my next build.

  112. Raul Huerta

    Works great.

  113. Jp

    Came faster than expected, good quality very happy

  114. Dale

    I liked everything except the MIM extractor. Brass to face and erratic ejection. Please replace this with a billet extractor, or at least offer billet as an option. I’ll gladly pay the extra.Overall, the parts worked great and everything fit and went together well.

  115. Christopher A Gillam

    Excellent product awesome customer service super fast delivery quality deals although my original package was missing the firing pin spring cups I got a hold of the guys there and they ship them out immediately no questions asked I got them next day superb customer service thank you guys and I will be ordering from them again

  116. Ronald SAMPLES

    This kit went together well and works great in my 19ls slide

  117. Ron Jackson

    Just built my G17 these parts work great no problems so far after 500 rds.

  118. john

    Everything fits well.. No issues with operation . As always, it was shipped quickly.

  119. Kristopher De Ryke

    Very fast shipping product just great

  120. JD

    Shipped fast every thing fit perfectly and works great

  121. Timothy Green

    Slide went together easily with these parts and all worked well at the range.

  122. Benjamin Sizemore

    I went withis lpk because its an oem kit with just a little color. The oem because its going to be in a defensive hand gun. Although…. The bronze ish color looks really cool on my FDE slide. It would also look even cooler in a black slide. It works great though. I dont have a ton of rounds through it yet but…. I have like 500. Smooth like an oem lpk. Good price too.

  123. Owens Tovar

    Awesome product, even better than OEM parts. Just want to thanks this company for the rapid service and higher quality products. Everything feels and look awesome. Nothing to sand or re shape, everything fits just perfect.

  124. Chad Wojahn

    This was an option upgrade on a full build kit, for only a couple dollars, you receive a top notch parts upgrade. Over 200 rounds and working perfectly. Love these guys!

  125. Adam Chavez

    Great quality and no issues! Didn’t mind paying a little extra for just a tad bit more better quality!

  126. Rebecca Rowland

    This product is top notch. Highly recommend as it is high quality and amazing price. Rockey Brass is my new honey hole for gun parts. Amazing service as well.

  127. Mark Hendrickson

    Have not installed parts yet but upon visual inspection they look okay.

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