Polymer 80 Glock 19 PF940C 80% Compact Pistol Frame Kit


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The Polymer 80 Compact Pistol Frame PF940C kit is designed to replace the frame of a compact size Glock pistol such as the Glock 19 or 23. It can be built for either 9mm luger or 40 S&W caliber with only a few parts difference. The kit is easy to complete with the jig and bits included. The only required tools are a drill and files. However, this process is made easier with the use of a few extra tools: dremel, end snips and C-Clamps. Works with Generations 1-3 Glock Compatible Parts.


Product Overview:

  • Enhanced Ergonomics and Features
  • High-Strength Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Aggressive Grip Texture
  • Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail
  • Blank Serialization Plate
  • Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS™)
  • Stainless Steel Rear Rail Module (RRM™)
  • Hardened Pins for LBRS ™ and RRM™
  • Complete Finishing Jig and Drill bits Included
  • Compatible with Glock® 19/23 Gen3 Components


Optional Frame Parts Kit:

Optional frame parts kit includes the trigger, trigger housing, and other internal components for a Glock or Glock compatible frame including:

  • Connector
  • Extended Slide Stop Lever with Spring
  • Locking Block Pin
  • Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Release Spring
  • Slide Lock
  • Slide Lock Spring
  • Trigger Housing with Ejector
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger with Trigger Bar


“GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H.

DISCLAIMER: We do not provide legal advice or legal counsel. It is your responsibility to understand the respective State laws and Federal laws. This product is to be installed by a competent gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from installation or use of this product. These frames require milling and possibly fitment of the various parts included. We do not provide build and/or gunsmithing advice.

All issues and warranty for the Polymer 80 frames are handled by Polymer 80 directly.

Due to the legal nature of these kits, we do not accept returns or exchanges on these frame kits for any reason.

We cannot ship these to the state of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, or Maryland.

Washington state residents will need to provide a copy or photo of their Drivers License and Concealed Pistol License prior to shipping. Email them to us at

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527 reviews for Polymer 80 Glock 19 PF940C 80% Compact Pistol Frame Kit

  1. Mechanically Minded (verified owner)

    Pf940c Kit: Excellent! Perfect! Fast shipping! Very nice product, exceeded my expectations and loving the grey color. Satisfied customer, for the second time.

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    I’ve never heard of rocky brass but they had one of the better deals so I ordered and it was prompt delivery and the product is what I expected, no complaints, it’s hard to find a company that doesn’t jerk you around, even a little bit, highly recommended and I will do business in the future

  3. Mechanically Minded (verified owner)

    Pf940c paperweight, specifically Grey. From order placed, to the door, in under a week. Limited emails, one for confirmation, one for delivery. Shipped as a boxed item, in a sealed bag. Seems it could survive the elements, (as shipped) which was a concern for me. There can be long periods between mail runs for myself.
    Item is excellent, no unnecessary casting flaws, or slag. Stipple is similar to digital variations on other models. Complaints of stipple being too rough is not a problem for me, I rather enjoy the painless yet secure positive grip. Fresh out of the shower, or after hours in gloves, it may feel slightly rough, but the confidence is there even if wet! Frame is lighter and stiffer than I expected. Finish is smoother than any 3d printed products. Also color is slightly darker than I expected from the photos (grey), which I am stoked about. Close to new concrete block or grey dickies jacket. Pdf instructions avaliable… 100% Satisfied! I will now proceed with a severe thanking! Thank You, Poly 80 & Rocky Brass! A+

  4. donstisee

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  5. Keith

    This kit is absolutely perfect and easy but also very fun and educational

  6. Michael Parker

    I have built several with my son. Cool hobby. We have learned a lot about the working of the pistol and gunsmithing / improvements with each one. Marine Gun Builder is a great source of building advice and trouble shooting for new builders.

  7. Sadat Morris

    Great product! And Great customer service!! Went above and beyond the call of duty!!! Especially during these crazy times we’re living in. God Bless!!!

  8. Kenny Hicks

    Once again Polymer80 delivers!! The good folks at Rockey Brass got my order moving out the door quickly just like the always do. Top Brass!!

  9. Ruben Murray

    The Bom Com. Don’t miss out on Perfection!!!!!!

  10. B

    Shipped fast and seems like a solid product.

  11. Michael

    Awesome no issues at all fast shipping I would recommend business with rockeybrass to anyone looking for a polymer 80

  12. Joseph

    Shipping was fast, and the 80% lower was made in America. The texturing is great, and everything was easy to use! I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more of these so I can build multiple setups.

  13. Carlo A. Elia (verified owner)

    I want to thank RB for getting my order out in short order and as promised. JSD can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!! Thanx RB, you’re professional and on point!!

  14. Barry

    Fast to ship. Drilled holes in frame wouldn’t line up with hardware. Spent over 3 hours getting everything to line up. Haven’t been to range but seems to work correct right now!! Range will be real test!!

  15. Eric (verified owner)

    My order was shipped out same day, and arrived quickly. As advertised. Would use them again.

  16. john small

    After 12 hours of drilling, cutting, and praying to god, I got this to work. It was pretty simple to do and it was fun to build.

  17. Joe

    Arrived quickly (many thanks). Easy to work. Recommend using tape on the sides to keep the plastic jig from slightly opening and shifting. The keys to success are keeping everything square, taking your time and removing a little polymer at a time. A shop vac was very useful for keeping things clean and visible. Also, good lighting is a must. Again, go slow and it will work out fine.

  18. Alexander

    awesome product very well made, and super simple to complete at home with standard hand tools. I did have to do some extra trimming and polishing the rails that came with the frame kit, but nothing crazy. I have second frame on the way so I can practice stippling.

  19. Davy Dickinson

    Two days from ordering to my door better than scamazon perfect product perfect service will I shop elsewhere absolutely not

  20. Adam

    Best birthday present I’ve ever purchased for myself. Great quality and quick delivery. Will definitely be a return customer

  21. David kincaid

    There great , its my 4 th one i have ordered.. i bought my first from somewhere else and the back rail didn’t fit , i could not get the slide to rack at all I got it to work after a few days of modifying so I went to Rocky brass in bought my other three and I have not had a problem since and I’m not that far away from them so it only took a couple of days to get it , I’ll always buy my stuff from ROCKY BRASS .. I bought barrels ,triggers , slides parts and I’m continue to buy everything from ROCKY BRASS one stop shop and the prices are the best and the product it always right

  22. Cody Jones

    When I was ordering it I thought it was going to take 3 or so weeks but it was here within the week. The product quality too for a completely harmless random piece of plastic. Gotta be my favorite piece of plastic I own now too.

  23. Dan

    P80 frame itself is not bad. My complaint is that the holes never seem to quite line up with the internals and require some banging and redrilling to make sure the frame holes are open enough to allow the pins to fit without causing damage to frame or trigger housing metal.Kits no longer come with mill bits, so I use end nippers and angle cutter to remove the rail pieces and barrel block. Works faster than milling anyway.

  24. Freddy (verified owner)

    Wrong material received ordered the standard version and received a compact Besides that everything else was excellent if someone from management can help with this issue that would be great

  25. Walter M

    Jig was easy to use, dremel cut off wheel and sanding drum took care of the excess polymer rather quickly, that’s then the problem started. Front rail perfect, Rear Rail Module (pain in the rear) holes did not match up and sat high on the frame. Had to do a lot of grinding, sanding and polishig the RRM to get it to work as it should and maintain a level slide as well. For a first build, it was a steep learning curve. Will I do it again, probably if the price drops to justify the work you have to do.

  26. S H

    Item received within a week, not my first and won’t be my last time shopping here.

  27. Cedric

    This was myself first build and I love it so easy came with all tools and the handle is perfect I have a fully customize Glock 19 always get complaints on it and the little details work for the curve under the trigger if you have fat stubby fingers like me I definitely will be buying more can’t beat that price.

  28. Doug

    My frame came with a big piece broken off the wall that holds the trigger shoe.

  29. Joeseph Blowski

    One of the provided drill bits was out of round. Luckily I noticed it as I was preparing to drill the holes, otherwise the frame would have been ruined. Purchased two kits so I was able to use the drill bit from the second kit to drill the frame holes. CHECK THE BITS BY ROLLING THEM ON FLAT SURFACE TO ASCERTAIN THEY ARE STRAIGHT BEFORE USAGE!!!!!!! Also, both frames were troublesome in that the holes did not match up. Required an hour of filing to get the pins to go through. I can’t shake the feeling the kits were on sale because they were from a bad batch. Would not buy again.

  30. Jonathon

    Works as intended with a little wet sanding done to the rear rails. Great deals. Rockey Brass has been my go-to for p80 frames. Will continue doing business here as long as the deals keep on coming.

  31. Aidan

    Works flawlessly as a lower so far, drill bits made the pins fit a bit tighter than usual but that was likely error on my end. Would reccomend Rockybrass for anyone making a p80, price is the best I found and it shipped very quickly

  32. Thomas Elmore

    Really nice product and color. Super fast shipping

  33. Vic

    Had never ordered from tockey brass.. I was very pleasantly surprised. Their shipping and service were perfect. I received the item in just a few days.. even with the Christmas rush. I received prompt emails from rockey brass regulating shipping.

  34. Joshua Chaves

    Arrived quickly, was actually fairly simple with the proper tools and had it done in an hour. Dry fires fine now to just get to the range and test out the rest.

  35. elmer domingo

    Fast service and such a great piece to my collection. Thank you!!!!

  36. Edgar Gomez

    Everything lined up good and turned out great

  37. Danny

    Haven’t built it yet but looks good to go

  38. Randy

    Good frame.

  39. ryan reardon (verified owner)

    looks good with my 40 upper

  40. Chris Parrotta

    Well all in all the price was great and everything turned out ok. The one thing I’m not happy about is the lower parts kit. The ejector is a gen 3. So when the gun is ready to go u head out to the range and try it out only to get hit in the head repeatedly by brass. After searching the internet u find out u need a gen 4 ejector. So I’m not sure y they’d sell u a lower parts kit that’s known to have this problem. I should have done a little more research.

  41. Bill

    Ordered 2 PF940C frames on sale could not be happier great product fast delivery.

  42. Orlando Carter

    Fast shipping. Fair Price. The frame looks awesome in this blue titanium. I’ve placed 2 orders with Rockey brass and I’m already planning my next build with them. You guys are a win in my book!

  43. Donald G Sprague

    Great service,fast shipping,great price,l will order again

  44. Benjamin Dwane Taylor

    Great value great service

  45. Ken

    Poly80 for the win

  46. Robert Phillips

    Quality product at a reasonable also satisfying to build the firearm the way you want it.

  47. don strom

    I bought the P80 G19 kit and the completion kit with barrel, slide and all the parts. This for a Winter project so nothing has been done yet. I did do an inspection of all the parts and I will say that they all look good. I’m impressed.As well, Rocky Brass shipped it all out the same day I placed the order. That is amazing.When i get it all together I’ll come back and add to this review.Thanks Rocky Brass.don


    Fits My Hand well – But I did Order PINKY EXTENTIONS for the Magazines- Fits Mush Better now. As far as the Hand Work Involved – Was Easy to do – take your TIME! and when you get pretty close to the real part of the Frame > polish it BY HAND using Very Fine sand Paper( wet or dry type) I used 220- 400-800/ polished with Mothers Mag Polish on a 1200 grit sand paper = looks like FACTORY FINSH! – I will say +make sure where your Trigger bar hits in back – if it Touches any Plastic part of frame (remove little bits) till it No longer touches. Then if it is touching the RAIL INSERT – I dremeled it till there was space,, Also the rear RAIL INSERT you must Sand the RADIUS some – so it Fits ALL THE DOWN . I WILL FIRST SAY TO = WATCH SEVERAL VIDEOS OF THIS HAND WORK ON A 80% FRAME > FIRST< ( I watched 8 videos / over and over ) till I was well Informed !!!!

  49. Norman Williams

    Did not think I was going to like the blue but I ended up liking it very much. The frame moved slightly in The jig on my third drill but it didn’t affect assembly. And that is literally the only thing I could b**** about. What a f****** thing there are a few days behind with shipping because of the holidays but advertised such very clearly

  50. Doug

    Excellent customer service and fast shipping. Bought 2…1 black and 1 blue. Built one as a G19 and the other as a G23. My best advice….Treat it as you are building a race engine, take your time and watch different videos on builds. On both builds, the rails didn’t line up with the holes. I found that grinding the rails to fit got all the rails perfect to the holes and all rails are within .004″ of each other to frame. Maybe that’s over kill, but im anal in that way. I also took the extra time to polish the connector, trigger bar and any other part that needed it. My slides fit perfect with no binding.I took both guns out today and they performed flawlessly first time out. I own 6 Glocks and these shoot just as nice or better then those. I may do a G17 or 20 in the future. Get them now before they are Illegal.

  51. Dakota Anshaw

    Placed a order that arrived within 4 days, beyond satisfied with my order and will absolutely go through rockybrass again. Best prices ive been able to find and great shipping times. Awesome company, thanks again!

  52. Terrance Trone

    Rockeybrass is the best they ship fast great service keep you updated on your order no doubt about it they come through.

  53. Geraldo Parrilla

    Great product izi pizi to finish thanks for the awesome deal

  54. Ess Vee

    Love em. Besides my first few having the droop, simple fix tbh. Wish the damn strike 80 would restock tho!

  55. Ray

    Drilled holes using supplied jig and dremel, installed oeGlock lower parts kit with no problem, pins fit perfect, all seems to function fine, waiting on slide now. Oh and MGB videos invaluable to build confidence for first Glock clone build.

  56. Rene Castro-fuentes (verified owner)

    I just got my lower and color is different color they show in the web

  57. Patrick

    Awesome guts keep up the good work.

  58. charles Wells

    Well worth the price.

  59. WhiskeyPig

    Awesome product! Super impressed with fit and finish and ease of completion! Highly recommend and will buy again

  60. Simone Brown

    I love the Fast shipping and I love my frame I will be ordering again!!!

  61. Adam

    Fast and easy website good deals great product thanks rockey brass!

  62. Mac Urbach

    So far, so good. I have not had a chance to begin the build, but looking it over I was really surprised by the quality of the product!

  63. Jesse F Tiede

    I was ordering a “Half Off” 19 frame, listed in your advertisement for $79.XX, and wanted to add the Frame Parts Kit for $39.99. When I selected the color, and started to hit the buy button, when I noticed that what should have been $109,99, or so, was printing at $149.99. Sorry, That’s like 25% off, not HALF! Might be a simple thing to be corrected at the end, but, I’m not taking a chance on that! I been looking at these frames for months, and finally decided to go for it. Guess not, anymore…

  64. JR

    Super fast shipping, and parts are quality

  65. Cody Peach

    Fast shipping. Quality product. Overall a great and honest company. If you want a p80 you come here.

  66. Mark

    I have a gem 3 glock 19. I am very familiar with glock assembly. I have done alot. This did NOT work. Every 6 or 7 rounds there is a failure to eject or the slide curshes a round trying to get it in to battery. When I put the upper BACK on the stock lower no issues at all occurred. All the parts on the lower and the p80 was purchased on this sight.

  67. Allen

    This is my second build the first one is PF940SC has no problem all the way just the slide lock spring jump out can not found call custom service they sent out spare spring to me right away very good service the PF940C should has no problem to build, most importance is they stand behind they sale .The PF940C still waiting some parts so it not finish yet but should be no problem .

  68. Daniel

    Works great

  69. John Rodriquez

    Very happy with the frame, fast shipping, good quality lower parts kit you can add on for a few more dollars. I will be grabbing more sell out so fast

  70. Joey Caruana

    This frame doesn’t accept a factory fully loaded Glock mag with ease and it does not drop freely without me having to pull it out. The frame is not made yet so it is just an issue of quality control. Unfortunately Rockey Brass doesn’t accept refunds even on products they sell that don’t work. Very unfortunate and not good business practice.

  71. Brandon

    Super fast shipping, now I know why rockey brass is so beloved.

  72. MB

    I used a small drill press and it looks awesome. The grip feels better than my Glock 19.

  73. Jason

    these polymers are great and fun to build! shipping is always fast and if there’s any issue, customer service team replies and resolve problems quick! Keep the good work!

  74. D. Owens

    At first I was upset with this company. My first purchase and my item is lost. But, turns out my mom stopped by the house and grabbed it for me. I was so happy to open the box and see the titanium blue!!! It is almost impossible to get your hands on that color. The 940C or G19 kit from polymer 80 is great, I have built several, but this one is ready for parts already. Thanks to Rocky Brass for being professional and yes I would recommend them and this product. Also, apparently the item got here lightning fast shipping, but my mom screwed that up, lol, but yes….highly recommend!!!!

  75. Kent Fuller

    I’ve bought a few of these and I’m pleased at the quality of the product. The prompt shipping and follow up from Rockey Brass is above and beyond

  76. Steve Fox

    First time ordering from you folks. WOW is all I can say fast seamless ordering and ultra fast shipping even in these weird times. 80% exactly as described and the lower parts kit is the nicest I have seen over several builds. Keep up the good work Ill be ordering again!

  77. kirke p.

    worked beautiflly. no issues.. noticed slight differences in molding from the last one I built.

  78. Alejandro Rivera


  79. Sean Southard

    Excellent frame, exactly what it’s supposed to be.

  80. cody elkins

    This is my 3rd p80 and they never disappoint with quality of the frame itself highly recommend this

  81. Bernard Montanez

    Great product shipped fast ??

  82. Tony Fisher

    This was my first purchase with Rockeybrass and won’t be my last! Very fast shipping! Great communication through the whole process! Very good pricing! Very happy new customer!

  83. Wes

    Solid frame, cane with all the bits needed. It will be a fun little challenge for you, but the end result is a custom pistol. Get this and get to work

  84. Mark Maskiell

    Tried this out to get an idea of the difficulty of completing a lower- it took time but was not difficult to understand. Frame and Jig are set up for YOUR success. Highly recommend if interested in a rewarding science project!

  85. Eric

    Everyone knows you cant go wrong with purchasing a P80. ROCKEY CUTY BRASS was great with shipping and communication, will definitely order from them again for my next project.

  86. Greg

    This is my fifth P80 frame. Unlike the P80 AR15 lower, these always come out perfect. As long as they’re offered, I’ll keep buying them.

  87. BryanS.

    Couldn’t beat the price and free shipping.

  88. Mark Santos

    Great products very good quility

  89. Tarheel Guy

    I ordered a P80 G-19 frame,slide and part kit, i had a barrel shipped same day arrived 2 day later. Viewed several YT video and watched people make a Mess while drilling. i took care in my set up and drill location, the frame turned out Like Factory parts Worked Great, Pistol Runs GREAT. I can’t say Enough Good About ROCKY BRASS a Great place to Buy

  90. Exander D Casanova

    Everything came in as described. The only issue I had when it came to building was that the rear rail didn’t match up with the pin holes. I had to drill the holes on the rail out a little bit to get the pin in. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

  91. Jake from state farm

    Great optoin for a enthusiast’s collection. Not as easy as the 80% ar15 but with some patience and careful machine work is possible.

  92. Tyrese

    Product was delivered faster than expected and work well looking forward to doing business later on

  93. Tom

    I just wanted to say thankyou ROCKEY BRASS for good quality, fast shipping, and for protecting the 2nd amendment…. Thankyou….I hope to see the black nitrate barrel back in stock soon….

  94. Arnold L

    I purchased this kit because I had a good experience with RB with a G20 build kit. Just as before I am very happy. The Polymer frames are great. I also purchased the upper kit from RB and am happy. These builds are great.

  95. Potato

    These are great fun to build. You will have a custom Glock with a great frame. The frame sticks to your hand like glue and is very comfortable. This was my second build of a Glock 19 P80. To get the holes correct, first drill the holes in the jig by hand. Then tape the jig and use a drill press to get straight holes. The rear rails require fitting, you have to Dremel the curve and sides to get it to go down far enough for the holes to line up. Don’t wallow out the holes in the rear rail. A razor knife works great for the tabs and channel. Know the two center pins (locking block and trigger) are not included. The included pins will rust if exposed to sweat.

  96. Clint Taylor

    Super fast shipping, everything ordered was packaged very well. Thank you.First time buyer and builder, I use that term loosely.Frame came out great and feels great when shooting. I like how my hands are slightly higher on these frames compared to Glock frames.The only thing that didn’t work for me was the slide lock. After each shot the slide would stay back like the gun was empty. (Failure to feed next round) the slide lock would lift/wiggle just enough to engage.Put in a factory slide lock and it cleared 5 33rd mags like butter. Can’t wait to get more ammo an shoot again.I’m no expert and I didn’t make it perfect like some guys. This was a BLAST to build and a great learning experience. Highly recommend and now I want more.


    Product came within 2 days of my order. Im extremely happy with this service.

  98. William Green

    Easy to order with fast shipping. Product was easy to build. Will do business with these guys again.

  99. Henry Vaughan

    Quality plus manageable price equals real value. For a nice, reliable, solid build, you absolutely cannot go wrong here. One stop shop, where all of your glock, p80 and 3d builds can be met. Lifelong customer here. Spread the word, you’re just not gonna find a better value for the money.

  100. Jay

    Great product!

  101. Scott Harrold

    Love this!!! Fast delivery. Directions were easy to follow and had a great time putting it together. Great quality. Have been having a blast target shooting with it!

  102. Justin Miller

    Good product. Fast shipping

  103. Chu

    I never heard of the company but my colleague recommended, what I liked about this are their products and shipping

  104. jacob isebrands

    P80 Building is a right that stupid ass ATF seek to take away. you aint taking my self defense away you crony pieces of crap working for neo world control freaks. READ THE CONSTITUTION AND LOOK AT ALL THE LAWS ATF BREAKS EVERYDAY. By the way this PF940CV1 kit is awesome. Take your time and watch marine gun builder on youtube for valuable tips, fixes, etc..

  105. Gregory

    Order this 80% build kit great quality I like the grip better than my glock shipping was fast went to gather great very happy

  106. T. Tanner

    I have purchased a total so far of 3 kits one cobalt one blue and standard black, from this website, they’re the exact same as other websites of course but the benefit of choosing Rockey Brass is that you’ll purchase one for anywhere between 20 to 80 dollars less than anywhere else. Pleased with shipping, considering the holidays I’ve ordered around the delivery was timely and effective. I’ve recommended this site to 7 aquaintences of mine, all of which I’ve heard nothing but appreciative remarks for finding and sharing the cheapest price well spent on Polymer 80 frames. Thank y’all!

  107. Brandin Toliver

    Polymer 80 is quick and easy to put together. For my first time it was interesting

  108. Colson

    I’ve ordered six times from Rockey Brass and every time it has been a great experience. Rockey Brass processed and shipped my items within a day of ordering. I’ll continue to come back!

  109. Bailey Hamor

    I am very pleased with price and with the speed of shipping ! Customer service is excellent and went above and beyond expectations to correct an error ! The additional components all work to my satisfaction also ! Easy 5 stars

  110. Seth

    The frame is flawless even after running 100 rounds through. The delivery time was speedy and the price was lower than any other company. Going to purchase another one.

  111. Jason

    If I had known it was this easy I would’ve bought this way before now. I’m going to try to buy one a week from now on. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to try one of these

  112. Antonio Gonzalez

    It’s a very good product have no issues and delivery was very quick and fast I will definitely order more products thank you rockey brass

  113. StveF

    Rockey Brass ships their item fast! This item shipped for free, was in my hands in three days. As for the item, it was as described , with no problems whatsoever. Thank you RB!!

  114. Craig

    5 stars on quick delivery – frame/jig just rec’d, very quick, less than a week from order. Cheaper than others I’ve researched. I just taped the jig closed tightly with electrical tape, placed in a drill press vice and drilled the holes, by hand. I read the reviews, but ignored the warnings of drilling by hand. I’m a pretty skilled craftsman, and there’s a jig, so what is the issue? I guess I will find out as I progress. .

  115. William

    As always a good product from Polymer80 and easy doing busy with Rockey Brass.

  116. Mark T. Delk

    All Work Very Well. Yes, I would buy more if needed and refer to others the same.

  117. Kris Bennett

    This is the same kit you can get almost anywhere. Great price point here and prompt delivery. I couldn’t be happier

  118. Mr550

    Fast shipping product was exactly what wanted good purchase

  119. Mike Harker

    Great product and these guys were great to order from!

  120. Martin

    The item it’s self is good however it did not come with the drill bits as stated

  121. David

    Great price, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! Delivery was super fast. Love this company for quick fast delivery and prices!

  122. Nathan Riley

    Haven’t had a chance to build but kit is well made. You get what you see. I would purchase again.

  123. Damarion Kazee

    Fastest shipping I’ve ever had for a frame. Literally only took 2 days to get delivered

  124. Mr H

    Rockey Brass has the best price on Polymer 80 products! $20-$40 cheaper than everyone else! Fast shipping too! They seem to have more P80 kits in stock than anyone else -not as sold out as often as other sites!

  125. Ryan

    The frame came with a crack down thenside. I sisnt notice until i took the jig off, and by then it was too late… Gotta wait and buy a new one.

  126. Chuck Henry

    I had a couple of issues and the guys here were very helpful and friendly too. It all works well now.

  127. Tom Rees

    This is my 3rd Poly80 frame and they have all been exceptional quality.

  128. Jeremie Koepke

    Great product, great price and really fast shipping. Received my order in just a couple days. Couldn’t be happier and will definitely purchase from again.

  129. Jason Fischer

    Before I placed my order, I decided to call to check product availability because I have 2 other frames on back order from a different retailer. So finding in stock p80 frames was pretty awesome. Then the lady told me that if I place my order by a certain time my package will be sent out that day!!!! booyah!! a couple days later I was pleased to find my well wrapped package ready to be assembled. I’m about to place my next order here very, very soon!

  130. Nathan McDermott

    Rocket brass has awesome products..with very timely deliveries. .THANK YOU

  131. Gerry Afflerbach

    The Polymer P80 frame kits are excellent quality and anyone with rudimentary mechanical knowledge can easily complete the required wirk to make the lower functional. I highly recommend this lit

  132. JB

    High quality product and easy to work with.

  133. Clair

    Love the polymer 80 quality

  134. Nathaniel

    Glock 19

  135. Andrew Jack Harty

    Awesome product and awesome service. Item arrived in a timely manner considering the political environment, covid, and shipping service. I was impressed at how quickly the item arrived. Looking forward to doing more business with rocky brass in the future.

  136. Ryan

    All my purchases from them have been smooth with zero problems my items arrive in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend

  137. James

    Great kit! Well made. High quality. Have not started build yet but hope to soon. Still researching components. Service was excellent and delivery was fast!

  138. David

    I have ordered several products from Rockey Brass and have recommended several friends buy from them as well. Like all my previous purchases, this one arrived very quickly, was exactly as described, is high quality and did exactly what I needed it to. I will go to Rockey Brass first for my needs in this category of products.

  139. Arthur Camp

    Well made and all the extras make this lower a good choice.

  140. Darren

    Very good make and easy to work with. Will be getting more.

  141. Gary

    Very good fit and finish on this lower.It has little things that I have always wanted in my other Glock frames.

  142. Snake215

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said, it’s an awesome product as usual, great quality, and with rockeybrass you get that fast shipping and insurance

  143. Pineapple of the North

    Couldn’t be more happy to say Why Not try and build your own. You’ll know every part that goes in and how to strip it bare if ever needed.Take your time, learn/teach, proper handling and muzzle awareness, protect your loved ones.

  144. Christian Rodriguez

    Perfect came right on time great customer service n fast shipping ????

  145. Danny Wells

    Great frame kit also great company to do business with A+++++++ highly

  146. Marvin Burt

    Can’t believe how easy it was to build the weapon. With this gig I didn’t have any problem. This was my first gun to build. When I can afford it I will build more.

  147. Miko

    Came faster than any other Company I’ve used perfect service this is my second time using RockyBrass this is my go to company for now on kudos guys pat yourself on the back thank you .

  148. Bernie D


  149. Dan

    Everything you expect when ordering a p80

  150. Jacob Grojean

    Good frame nice jig very staight froward fun build

  151. Levi Melton

    Shipping was fast, product feels great, and no complaints. Would buy from rockeybrass again.

  152. Jake

    The pf940c was a game changer when it was introduced. Rockey Brass keeps them in stock consistently and ships super fast. Ordered on a monday, had my frame by Friday. Will most definitely be sourcing my frames from Rockey from now on.

  153. Zane

    GREAT FRAME! Really easy to finish, took me about 30 minutes todo everything. I’ve put about over 75 rounds in it and haven’t jammed once! Definitely a 5 star. Cant wait for the 43 frame to come in stock

  154. Brandon Marcus

    Not much I can say other then the customer service was great and the product amazing can’t wait to finish it out and put some rounds down range

  155. Chris V

    Super fast delivery and the price was better than anywhere else, no hassle. Will definitely buy again

  156. Mark

    It was my fault for selecting the wrong Item however I contacted Rockey Brass within 60 minutes ( well before anything moved) asking to cancel it change the ordered item. They responded with questions which I answered but still went forward and shipped items I didn’t want… the items arrived and were fine just not what I wanted but can’t return. Not likely to do business again…

  157. William Canty

    I like it,good price and I plan on buying a few more.

  158. Levi Reynolds

    Great product and fun to build

  159. eyvind marker

    These kits are great. One hint watch at least 5 you tube videos on how to finish this frame before you attempt it. take your time and you should be pleasantly pleased.

  160. rob

    arrived super fast product looked great.

  161. Mark Eastwood

    I was unfamiliar with Rocky Brass but was impressed with the good shipping speed for my lower part. The item was exactly as expected and works well. I spent about an hour or maybe two on the completion. I’ve seen some of the work-jigs that screw together and like that better than the latch on this one. That said it worked fine. I’ve also seen slightly different lowers some of the finishing is the same, but some have a bit to finish at the barrel end and some, like this one, have you remove some material more “in the middle” that I found a little more challenging. One easy improvement would be a little card or something with easy links to videos. Some people will need extra help to see what needs to be done.

  162. Mike Gray

    This was my first try at this but this definitely won’t be my last! This was really simple and easy to finish out. Would definitely recommend.

  163. Stephen Harris

    All good thanks

  164. Don

    Smooth transaction-Fast delivery-Thx-A+++++

  165. Alexander Banks

    As always the polymer 80 frame kit build is a simple if tedious process. All you have to do is follow the instructions and dont overthink it. This is a fantastic deal and a great product at one of the best prices I have been able to find on the web.

  166. Jacob Boykin

    Love this frame and Rockey. Brass best spot to get it!

  167. Daniel Evans

    Love it and enjoyed finishing it ! The ergonomic grip is fantastic and the look as well I highly recommend this kit

  168. Bruce

    The frame was beautiful, i had a couple issues with the holes for the pins, but other than that beautiful frame

  169. Eric

    Fun and simpler process

  170. Scott

    Nice but it required some extra work to get it working smoothly. There are many YouTube videos that talk about all the fixes you might come across.

  171. Mearl Putnam

    I’ll start with a thank you. This turned out to be so easy to do. I recommend this product to all my gun buddies. I’ll definitely be doing another soon maybe the 17.

  172. Jason

    Good quality. Jigs nice. Easy to secure with some packing tape. Not sure if it was the parts kit or the actual jig but the pin holes are slightly off from the lower to the parts. Nothing majorly bad just a slight extra boring out. All in all im pretty happy.

  173. david

    rockey brass always comes through with good product perfectly priced and fast shipping this is my ohio fam thanks for the hard work

  174. Joseph R.

    Excellent service and shipping. Had in stock what I needed and prices as good as anyone. Glad there’s someone out there I can actually do business with without a headache.!

  175. Scott

    Great products lowest price I could find and when shipped ground I had it in 3 days everywhere else it doesn’t ship for at least a week or 2 this place is excellent

  176. Ed

    Frame and parts look to be first class. Like how it feels in my hand. Probably worth 5 stars but I haven’t had time yet to start the build.

  177. Joseph A. Walden, Jr.

    I have yet to obtain all the parts needed to complete this project so I’m not really in a position to give an honest assessment of the product. I’m still having difficulty locating everything I need to begin. This looks like a fairly easy completion and I’m sure everything is A-1 so I’m giving this a rating of 4 stars at this time.

  178. Dominic

    Product arrived in pristine condition and very fast shipping.

  179. David

    These 80% lowers are awesome projects. They can be finished in about 45 minutes. They are well made and the Gen 3 Slides and lower parts kits all fit well. If you want a chance to learn a lot about how a “Glock” works and goes together, this is a great opportunity. Get one of these awesome kits and build one yourself.

  180. Ed Ramos

    Rockey Brass is my go to for Polymer 80 frames. Their customer service is excellent and their shipping is accurate and fast

  181. Paul Guzman

    Secured this 80% frame at a super decent price. From point of sale through having received product, all was seamless, fast and to top it off, the product was superb ly packaged, intact and contained all the necessary pieces for a build. Recommend one research the How To Forums online before any attempt is made at moving forward with the frame. Also, parts are in high demand right now, so even more of a reason to take it slow, educate yourself and allow yourself to do it correctly. Will do business with again for sure.

  182. Ryan Lundquist

    Received two days after order was placed. Everything worked great, much cheaper price than other websites. Will order more from this website soon.

  183. True Believer

    Purchased four F/S frames & 2 compact frames at same time. All products ordered with LPK’s. Kits come with everything you need except the drill press, demel tool or files to make the frames easy to work.

  184. Rick

    The jig made modifying the frame a simple task. I was able to easily assemble a fully functional handgun in short order.

  185. Phillip Lively

    Great products! Products were at my door 2 days after ordering. Rockey Brass lower parts kit fit the P80 frame very well, better than OEM glock parts. 5 stars! Only one con; the mag release tab is extremely long. Sticks out quite far, but was simple to trim to my liking.

  186. Timothy Shively

    First of all the shipping was fast. Really love the polymer 80 g19 kit. drilling , cutting and sanding of the frame was quite easy. The lower parts kit fit right in and required no modifications. I put a Rock Slide complete slide on mine. I did have to clean, oil and work the slide to get it to function properly. After some failure to feeds I polished the feed ramp and now it runs 100%. I had a G19 earlier in life and I actually like the Polymer 80 better because of the grip angle and and aggressive texture of the grip. Great product. Highly recommend it as well as buying from Rocky Brass.

  187. Allen Raikes

    Piece just as expected, good price, and quick shipping.

  188. Duane Heda

    This setup makes it so easy to build your own gun. Plan on buying another one.

  189. Jaime Rivera

    I love rockey brass . They had these in stock and on sale . Very fast shipping . Glad I found them

  190. Lance Allan Andrewsen

    I have bought several and find the quality very good. Wish they would include better bits for the pin drilling, but it is an exceptional value and I highly recommend these frames and this company. The orders were shipped very timely.

  191. Shane a miller

    Great project this is my second frame bought from RockeyBrass and couldn’t be happier. Build went together fairly easy and noticed I didn’t receive a part and emailed Rockybrass and they sent the missing part out that same day and a few days after I happened to break something myself and they replaced the part aswell with no questions asked I will keep buying builds from RockyBrass because their build quality and customer service is 10/10

  192. James S.

    The rear rail mount holes do not line up with drill holes in the jig. I had this happen with both Poly80 G19 lowers I purchased. They are about 1/16th of an inch off. You either need to mark the hole and use a drill press without the jig, or you need to file the holes using a round file like I did. It’s fixable, but it takes some extra work.

  193. Christopher Ruzbasan

    There’s not a whole lot more you can say about them have superior ergos to the traditional Glock frame, remember to take your time, and the results will be great

  194. John Simeone

    Another great deal and super fast shipping! Figured I’d grab another while they still around.

  195. Chris

    I would highly recommend doing business with Rocky brass they’re shipping is phenomenal their product is as described

  196. Anthony Champagne

    The same polymer 80 you can expect elsewhere. But, these guys offer one of the best prices. And, their shipping is the best! I got it the next day!

  197. cristian R

    What great service from ROCKEY BRASS. Got shipped to me in no time. I’m most definitely going to continue to supporting them.

  198. Krys Martinez

    Received my polymer very fast loved that I received emails keeping me upto dated with where it was all the way till I got it in hand…. So me being a female it was sooooo ez I really enjoyed it im considering another one but how can I get a pink one plzzz thnx alot again u Guys Rock I’d recommend u to every1!!!!

  199. Shawn Parker

    Didn’t expect anything less from a great company with great prices no flaws on lower and parts went in flawlessly

  200. David Lopez

    So far the build is coming along highly recommend and I also recommend watching some YouTube videos to get the best results if it’s ur 1st time like me I will definitely be purchasing more in the future

  201. Michael Straughan

    Ordered frame to color match an upper of mine. Great match. Rocky brass has the fastest shipping available and great customer service. Thanks again guys. Will buy in future

  202. David Merriam

    Great shipping got here fast and as advertised

  203. Gene Osborn

    Order was shipped right away, which is saying something in the current environment, and was exactly as described. Finishing was quick, jig was perfect and parts kit fit exactly as it should. I don’t have a single negative thing to say. Great purchase.

  204. Juan Uribe

    Top notch. Excellent service. I would recommend RB to any hobbyist My son and I love this product. Great company to do business with. Thank You.

  205. Allen

    I bought 2 of the G19 lowers. Wanted an FDE and grabbed a Black one. Also bought the trigger groups.These things were a breeze to build. Just take your time, double check each step as you go. Both of mine function great. I used my G19 slide to check that. Will shoot them as soon as it warms up!

  206. D. R.

    Great company! Product was exactly as described and the shipping was very quick. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Rockey Brass!

  207. Matt

    Great product very easy to complete.

  208. Jesus Mendez Jr

    Fast shipping, exactly as described. Just finished the build

  209. Francisco Martinez

    Loved it. Love the color. Love the easy assembly.

  210. Camo-D

    Great product shipping was fast price was the best I could find will be buying this product again.

  211. Allan

    Came complete and in excellent condition with jig and drill bits, and rails. Will probably buy again. Fast shipping.

  212. Jeff Schultz

    Great product…super fast shipping

  213. Jesse

    Product arrived quickly and as expected. With minimal tools, had full gun together in under 3 hours for my first build! Can’t wait to get another

  214. Daniel

    Great service for great product shipping was faster than expected I will definitely order from Rocky brass again.

  215. Brandon Jacobs

    Very fast shipping, packaged well. Great price. The only problem I have is the locking block doesn’t fit. Other than that everything looks great. I will be reaching out to order a new one.

  216. Anthony Ward

    The P80 kit was as expected. Went together fine with some fret cutters and a dremel. The real 5 star here is how quickly Rockey Brass fills its orders at such good prices. Excellent customer service.

  217. Mckinney Proctor

    This is an outstanding 80% looks and feels great, great ergonomic grip and texturing. The gig makes the process so. Rockeybrass is an outstanding store very fast delivery.

  218. James Mcclintock

    very easy job well done thanks

  219. Gregory Hardesty

    Very pleased with this product. Plus a quick ship is always enjoyable.

  220. John Robinson

    Product was great quality. Was most impressed with shipping time frame. When they say in stock they mean it. I had order and shipping confirmation within the hour after ordering it and it arrived within 5 days from ordering it. That is amazing compared to many other companies selling similar products online. I have waited weeks before getting shipping notifications. Will be doing business with Rocky Brass soon again.


    Fast shipment, complete as advertised, would recommend.

  222. David Shields

    I’m pleased with the outcome. Easy to finish, shoots well. I could have done all the work with my pocket knife. My build works flawlessly.

  223. Anthony Gennaro Cipoletta

    Ordered PF940c Frame on Wednesday. Arrived the following Saturday. Called Customer Service before I made purchase to ensure it was in stock before ordering so there would be no mix-ups. There weren’t. I only wish I could complete my latest project with RockeyBrass but many parts are out of stock.

  224. Sam

    AWESOMENESS!! Absolutely blown away by this kit in every way. The materials are super easy to work with and took no time at all to get it ready for assembly. My only complaint is the rest of the build kit is out of stock so I am waiting for parts. Fast delivery great product would recommend to anyone, especially those with minimal “fix it” experience. Totally simple

  225. Joe Rochelle

    Great and easy to complete, now just waiting on the completion kit to become available.

  226. Scott

    Easy to complete, great price, and fast shipping!

  227. Chris

    Great product, exactly as described. Fast shipping.

  228. Martin Bridges

    This is my third purchase from Rocky and am very pleased with the product and especially the super fast shipping. Thanks guys

  229. Jade

    Good product, fast shipping, excited for this new build.

  230. Titus Manuel

    100% satisfied! Referred a few buddies to this site already.

  231. Raymond Haney

    Fast shipping. Really happy with this kit. Easy to complete. Bought a second one.


    I was originally looking for the Coyote color but settled with the Gray, I’m still very happy with it and looks great.

  233. Martin Bridges

    This was my first purchase from Rocky Brass but it won’t be my last. The Poly 80 frame was a Poly 80 frame is came out great! The shipping and customer service is where these guy’s stand out, it was quick and smooth. When I order an item I expect it to be sent promptly and they did not disappoint me. Thanks guy�s!

  234. Devin Maldonado

    I am definitely impressed with this company, shipping was very fast!! i was very skeptical to buy from them at first, but i would definitely buy from you guys again. Very satisfied customer ?

  235. Shane

    Love it. Great way to change up a Glock. Grip feels awesome and is very ergonomic and doesn’t have the finger groves which is great for people with fat fingers like me. And great transaction to with fast shipping. Thank you RockeyBrass.

  236. Troy

    I want to leave a review about Rockey Brass more than polymer 80. I made my purchase super easy online and my item was shipped within 24 hours. So many sites take days and even weeks to ship, not Rockey Brass. Use them if possible and their prices can’t be beat on many items. The polymer 80 glock 19 kit is excellent and if done right works really well.

  237. j

    super fast shipping , great product , found videos online ( marine gun builder ) and followed directions , came out really nice . would recommend , and would buy another from Rocky Brass

  238. Peter J. Bertini

    I’m writing this with a smile on my face. This thing is so easy that I only used the supplied jig for the three pin holes and that’s it. The rest was ordering the slide, slide parts, and lower trigger and lower assembly kit and assembling it. That’s it. Sure, there are guys on video that are EXTREMELY meticulous of EVERY part, and pre-measure, check specs, buff and polish each part before assembly due to minor imperfections that can cause Poly 80 kits some problems, but mine came virtually perfect. It was a piece of case. I’m just sorry I didn’t do this years ago and build up a non-discoverable collection. These things to most are, like it was to me, 99% fear and 1% confidence, but I can now confidentially say that this is without a doubt diametrically just the complete opposite. It was an absolute joy to finish off. And even though this is a gen 3 style Glock copy, I actually think some things like the slide rails in the chassis are better than my 19. Do it today. Get one or ten ’cause once numbnuts is in the house, these delights may go away never to return. Secure yourself with these kits from prying government eyes. Period.

  239. Damien Munoz

    Great shape! And fast shipping way faster then all other websites I’ve ordered from.

  240. Bukkk

    do u have to order the slide separate????

  241. Jim

    This review might be premature because I haven’t started my build yet. Still collecting the parts and the tools I need for my ‘1st time quality’ build. The frame was shipped very timely, I ordered it on a Saturday night, received notice it had shipped on Sunday (I realize it didn’t actually leave Rockey Brass until Monday), and received it Wednesday. It was packaged well, and appears to be new and exactly as advertised. The grey frame looks great and I can’t wait to get going on the build. Price is fair fulfillment and shipping was prompt, no complaints here. I will recommend Rockey Brass to anyone.

  242. Matt

    Shipped almost immediately package ordered on Thursday came on Monday no issues whatsoever. Great company to order from.

  243. LarKin Scott

    Excellent quality, exactly what I wanted. Rocky brass did a great job I ordered it and they shipped it fast, got it in 4 days. Would certainly do business with them again.

  244. Bryan

    Shipped in a day, arrived 2 days later. Simply amazing considering the time we are in. Got this in the Flat Dark Earth options. Haven’t completed but looks like a winner!

  245. Steve P

    In process of completing my second build. Had so much fun, going to plan a third. Just go slow and take your time. Make sure you have enough room for your recoil spring to freely move. Thought I was there on both builds, but had to go back and file some more. If you feel like you’re in a hurry, Stop, walk away, and come back a little later. RB has been great. Fast shipping and fast response to a couple tech questions I had.

  246. Sergio Betancourt

    Very good product received in 3 days, which was something I was worried about. Highly recommended!

  247. JF

    ODG looks awesome! Good product.

  248. glenn

    This was second order from Rocky, fast shipping, product as advertised, great prices, would highly recommend

  249. Robert Griggle

    If you have never built one of these .# Ignore the assclowns on YouTube. Following their directions will surely end up in a cob job. Put your frame in the jig . You will see the webbing on the jig . Drill holes and bolt together to hold the jig tight . 3 bolt points secure it together . Next do not i repeat do not drill your holes by hand . You will have serious walking resulting in miss matched over sized holes .USE A DRILL PRESS USE SILICON SPRAY LUBE ON THE DRILL BITS . DO NOT REMOVE THE FRAME FROM THE JIG AFTER YOU DRILL YOUR HOLES .Cut your extra pieces off finish the frame in the jig before you take it apart . Never touch the holes with the drill again . A quick cleaning of the excess polymer. DO NOT go crazy on the holes ! Fit your slide rails with a dremmel . DO NOT enlarge the slide holes. The YouTube jerks edit their videos to make themselves look good .

  250. Kaytone

    This is not my first polymer I have finished but I will say the shipping process was quick. Got my piece within a week time.


    The best thing since slice bread if you need a quick and you need fast make sure you get it from rocky brass

  252. Mike

    Unless this is your first build, you’ll already know the PF940C is a quality product. Rocky Brass is the real gem here though, fastest shipping and the most responsive and helpful CS in this industry. There isn’t a higher quality %80 frame than P80 products and there isn’t a better place to purchase it from than here at Rocky brass.

  253. Adrian Arriaga

    I’m so glad I was finally able to order and receive my p80(G19) frame. I’m 100% satisfied with it, now I can get to building.

  254. Audie

    I ordered the frame on a Sunday, it was at my door Wednesday and put together in less than 30 minutes. Definitely coming back for another build.

  255. Harry C

    I have received your 80% lower. Fast shipping, it arrived in a few days. It looks like it could be a strong foundation for a quality build. Unfortunately, mine is still untouched. It still remains a piece of plastic. I planned on completing the build at a much later time.

  256. Rinda men

    Its was great and easy to do just alot of patience. Would order again

  257. Bryan Broadbent

    This is a very simple kit to “machine”. This was my first build and I’m not finished. Next up is a SS 9mm then I’m building an AR. Great winter hobby.

  258. AB

    Excellent product, unbeatable price quality, fast shipping, I definitely recommend them

  259. KN

    Product was as-expected, shipped fast (1-day out the door), and most importantly, NO PRICE GOUGING!!

  260. Jose Jauregui

    Awesome experience with the perches, delivery and the build.

  261. Jonny

    This is a great kit. So easy to use and accurate. Love the available colors too.

  262. Jack

    Very happy with the quality of this product. Would highly recommend! 5 stars

  263. Bob the builder

    Haven’t really gotten around to it yet but I think it’s an excellent kit for beginners. Cant wait to start it up and get it rolling.

  264. Russell

    Very good products with great prices. Very fast shipping. Great customer service. Mahalo rocky brass. ????

  265. Mike

    Hats off to Rocky Brass for the service and quality of their products. Thanks for all that you do for my America. As for the PF940C. Everything was as described, and anyone with the proper tools can quickly mill this lower in very little time. I have one complaint about this product and it’s a considerable one. The rear rail module is out of spec, no question about it. After milling I noticed the trigger pin gave resistance when trying to set it. It took only a quick glance to notice that I could see metal on the lower portion of my trigger pin hole. I immediately thought that I must have been off when milling, even though I saw almost no red come away from the jig when drilling. I then removed the rear rail module and placed the trigger mechanism housing into place and viola the holes lined up. This makes me almost certain that it was not my milling but in fact the rear rail module that was off. Hopefully Polymer 80 will take more time to ensure they are putting forth a quality product which will be not just reliable but also safe.

  266. J.G.

    My order was placed and shipped same day, a few days later I received it in the mail with everything I needed to complete the frame. I didn�t find anything wrong or out of place and now I have a new baby to spend money on! Thank you!

  267. Bryan Malama

    Everything I expected, great product at a great price and expedient service. Rock on Rocky Brass

  268. Orlando Rivera

    So far this has been so awesome, i received my p80 pretty fast in the mail and when i open the box i was just like wow this is a good product. I already finished the lower fram and waiting for my slide to come and put them together and see how i did like i said this is my first build, i will up load pictures later on but when this one is done ya i will be ordering another form your company.

  269. Colin Patton

    I have built two other Glock clones using this kit. In both those kits I had to do some filing and grinding of the front and rear rail modules. The rear rail module that I got with my latest Polymer80 compact frame simply did not fit. It would not fit into the frame far enough. Actually it was about 3/32 inch too long. The pin could not be inserted and the front and rear slide rails did not line up as with the other frames that I built. I contacted Polymer80 and they are shipping to me new rail modules. Before I found that out I started modifying the old rear rail module. I am at the point where I have the bottom of the module almost completely ground away with another piece of steel epoxied in place for support. The rail module still needs at least another 15 thousandths ground away to make it fit. I decided to wait until the new parts to arrive before I do anything more. I am happy that Polymer80 responded to my problem very fast.

  270. Cody Hilliker

    This is a great product and better customer service. In August I was scammed out of a lower kit by a different company, being skeptical I sent Rocky Brass an email. They called me 10 minutes later to assure me they where legit, and sent my items same day. The product works perfectly I�m very happy with how it performs. I highly recommend this company 5 stars across board.

  271. Nick

    Was incredibly easy to get put together,very happy. shipping was surprisingly fast too.

  272. Patrick Rider

    Waiting for other parts but the quality feels awesome. Even the jig seems to be made at a high quality. Got here super quick. Cobalt color is amazing, it�s almost identical to the Ford Magnetic Grey color. It matches my truck perfectly lol

  273. Chris

    The only gripe I have is that the pin hole for the rear rail was a little off. I had to oblong the holes slightly to get the proper alignment but other than that it was a fairly fast build. It function tested great and so far after 50 rounds nothing seems to have loosened up with the rear pin.

  274. Ryan

    Product arrived within 3 days of placing order. Great quality, easy to finish. Purchased a lower parts kit the night this arrived and I milled it, 2 days later I have a complete P80 lower. Great service, great pricing!

  275. Jason

    I ordered a GST-9 in March, never received it. They can’t seem to produce. Canceled my order and purchased a P80. Finished it on my mill and was sending rounds down range less then 30 minutes after ups dropped off the package. I do not regret my decision one bit. Rocky Brass had my order to my front door in 2 days. Thank you!

  276. frank

    Super fast shipping. Great customer service.

  277. PJ

    Much improved over version 1, smooth and simple build, looks great, can’t wait to test it on the range! Fast delivery by Rockey Brass!

  278. David Smith

    The Frame came pretty fast, but when i got it, it was a totally different color, when i order black.

  279. Tobias Appel

    I purchased a polymer 80 lower from Rocky Brass and received it fast. I was able to finalize the build and get out this past weekend and shoot. Wow was I impressed, I loved the product and quick delivery so I ordered a second lower to finish. Keep up the great work Rocky Brass!

  280. Jeremy C Smith

    Excellent product. Will purchase again.

  281. Heidi DeSouza

    The frame was out of spec and the front locking block and rear rail modules were out of spec. It was a chore to get everything together. The front-rail locking-block piece’s rails were not straight when viewed from the side. The rear rails were not level with each other because the left one was higher than the right and it took a lot of grinding down and finessing to get it to finally sit properly in the frame. Once I managed to get everything in finally I was surprised that the slide went on pretty smoothly. I didn’t have to grind them down in any way. I guess being anal about the rail modules going into the frame properly took care of everything. I was surprised that everything was so wonky. I imagined that if someone is going to bother manufacturing something like this they would at least do it right. I just think everyone buying up all the guns and ammo this year led to increased demand and instead of investing in expanding manufacturing they just went ahead and sped up their machines which is causing many parts coming out to be all wrong. Polymer80 better hope nobody else sneaks up with a cheaper and more reliable product.

  282. Caleb Blackketter

    You can trust these dudes. So many other websites scamming people right now with the scamdemic shortages , these guys list what they have in stock and ship the next day .

  283. Stephen Everhart

    Very fast shipping. I actually bought 2 Polymer 80s 17 and 19. One will be for Granddaughters 21st birthday.Will shop Rockey brass again.

  284. John Thomas

    great lower frame easy to complete should work great!

  285. JDG II

    Excellent product from P80 and seamless order process from Rocky Brass with FAST shipping. Follow instructions and all will be well.

  286. Jonathan Cherry

    Was happy with the frame until I assembled it the parts did not fit well in the back and the polymer cracked in the back of the mag well.

  287. DP

    Competitive pricing, prompt delivery and quality!

  288. JF

    I assembled this last night with an upper kit. The only problem was the rear hole in the handle was slightly to low. I had to redrill after the metal rail was in. It doesn’t look bad at all. I haven’t fired it yet as I am waiting for 9mm to come back in stock. This looks and feels great. I will definitely buy another when the time comes.

  289. Eddie

    I must say, great product, good quality easier than I expected and also fast shipping im definitely ordering again soon

  290. Randy

    I have order multiple times. I get my order in 3 maybe 4 days, depending on the shipping co. GREAT service. Great products. HIGHLY recommend RockeyBrass!

  291. Colton

    So I’m not a Glock guy but I liked the idea of cheap accessories and magazines. I like the 1911 grip angle a lot so I gave the P80 a try and I’m hooked! Rockey brass had this in my hands 3 days after I ordered it!!!! I’m waiting on car parts I ordered two months ago because of COVID and Rockey Brass got my order to me like I was their only concern in the world, great company!

  292. Darryl Gray

    Rocky Brass was awesome fast shipping great customer service will definitely shop here again

  293. Kamu

    Ordered my cobalt frame on a Sunday and got it 3 days later. Awesome service from Rockey Brass. When they say it’s in stock they mean it. Not trying to just drag you in for the sale. They are now my first choice for parts that I need. Thanks Rockey Brass.

  294. John P

    Awesome Site! Rockey Brass had the kits I was looking for when all others were out of stock. Great price and fast shipping! Already planning my next build.

  295. Al M.

    The best P80 sellers on the net. Shipped item immediately, and the price was great. Excellent service by Rockey Brass. Working on my second P80.

  296. eric c rosengren

    product was just what I was looking for, and shipped to me sooner than they said. Great doing business with this company

  297. Wes

    Got exactly what I paid for here, quality polymer used and so easy to finish out.This being my first build I was expecting some hiccups but it was the quickest 40 minutes ever.All in all I would have given five stars but the tolerances are so tight the trigger connector was rubbing the frame causing the trigger to not reset.After putting the slightest bend in the trigger connector it seems much better but I still get a random fail to reset and I have a few parts coming to hopefully fix it.If you are thinking about doing a build, go for it.So simple but I wouldn’t trust it as a daily carry at this point, I’ll come back and change my review if I get all the little bugs worked out.

  298. saiyad khan

    I ordered 2 80% frames. Showed up quick and in perfect condition. Will refer to friends and family.

  299. Thomas

    Was exactly what i ordered, One of the only websites that actually had the P80 in stock!

  300. Lieutenant Dan

    Great product, great price. It shipped and arrived a lot quicker than I thought it would. You guys are awesome keep up the good fight

  301. Josh

    This is a great 80% build and it’s my nicest pistol. Good kit to start with. Superior quality!

  302. Clayborn Keith

    This polymer frame was so simple to finish had a lot of fun building it.

  303. Mike

    Great product at a fair price. All surfaces are color consistent, molded as required and ready for finishing. WiIl buy again.

  304. JC

    Great product, and thanks for the fast shipping. Product is as good as any other 80% frame out there

  305. Stephanie Lewis

    Delivery was surprisingly quick. So pleased with my purchase I ordered another ??

  306. Dennis Aguiar

    Great product. All the 80 lowers I’ve purchased have had no issues. Rockey Brass is probably one of the best places to buy from. Fast shipping. In stock accuracy. Not like some others during this crazy gun frenzy we’re dealing with. I’ll definitely be buy more from these guys.

  307. kyle fox

    5 stars across the board for p80 and rockeybrass….Man these lowers rock so much better than a factory glock with work done they are slimmer they have more grip. They have a double cut for a higher grip with the bore axis. I cant say enough good about these lowers I will replace every one of my glocks with these and prolly build a couple more….Thanks rockey brass for the stupid fast shipping considering bullsh@t covid is going on your shipping was fast!

  308. Andre Burns

    Product arrived early and in pristine condition. I hope to buy more from this company in the future when they have more stuff in stock

  309. Terry Office

    ordered this on 9/9/20 got the tracking number that day , said 9/13/20 got it 9/11/20

  310. Douglas

    Over all super easy to put together with a little bit of knowledge on machining. Rails are straight and fit an OEM Glock 23 gen 3 slide great! Only complaint is how flat the front of the grip is. That being said I think I will like it once I get used to it.

  311. Jacob S Finger

    get service! Will be buying from Rockeybrass again!

  312. KAMU

    Very nice and easy to build. Customer service was great in that my order got shipped the next day after making it. When I need new gear I’m definitely coming back here

  313. Nick

    This company is great. I’ve ordered 3 80% Glock lowers. 2 19’s and a 17. I’ve never assembled a 80% before and it was relatively easy. They ship next day. I ordered at 10PM for my last order and received an email at 8AM stating it shipped. Do not hesitate to buy this. Buy it now.

  314. Rik Danielsen

    I’m sorry, but my experience has been terrible. What a colossal waste of time and money. Milling the frame was pretty easy, but getting the rails/lock blocks to fit and work was horrible. Polymer 80 sent me new rails and locking block, but they didn’t work any better than the first ones. I will never buy one of their products again.

  315. Javon Gholston

    Bought this P80 from rockeybrass at a great price. It was easy to do and durable. This is a great brand. Rockeybrass customer service is amazing, check out was easy. Inventory is reliable most of all. Happy customer!

  316. jorge

    on time the color (odg) looks great just cant wait for other parts to finish build

  317. Kimberly

    Very fast shipping great results and I will definitely be returning every chance I get

  318. Keith Baker

    Purchased G19 in black I’m the evening a was shipped the next morning, that’s great service. Product is easy to work with especially if you have a Dremel or similar tool. Also a guitar fret cutter make the tab removal a breeze. Finally found a LPK but haven’t got it installing yet. Spending time making milling pretty per MarineGunBuilder suggestions. Would buy again and mostly likely will from RockeyBrass

  319. Jordan staley

    The kit was the cheapest i could find around and it was good quality with fast shipping.

  320. Richard O’Bier

    If you haven’t tried building your own firearm, this is one of the best ways to learn. Easy to assemble with the included tools and a great way to learn more about your firearm. For those that are experienced with building them, this is the best way to build a custom firearm without spending a great deal of money. Much better than buying a factory firearm and trying to customize it.

  321. Jamie Marcial

    I purchased this kit a couple of weeks ago and it is EXACTLY the quality you’d expect! What makes this product even better is the speed at which it arrived! 100% I will purchase from Rockey Brass again and would trust them enough to refer them to a friend!

  322. Jesse Martinez

    Not only do they have the best pricing but super fast shipping and free when you buy 2 or more.

  323. jose rosalez

    Love the product. Just here to review the business. This was my first purchase with rockeybrass I made the purchase without realizing it was out of stock. But it said it would be back in stock at a certain date and it was. Three days later I got my piece. Very happy with the service and product.

  324. Mitchel Perkins

    This is my 4th P80 kit. First in the compact line. The frame is very well made, and using the jig (correctly) getting perfect pin holes is easy. I use the fret cutter method to remove the rail protrusions, then sand in steps to 2000 to get a super clean finish. Cutting the recoil spring channel is the hardest part of the process but take your time and it will look factory done.I built the 19 model from this and it turned out spectacular.Time to put a few hundred through it to begin the break-in process.CUSTOMER SERVICE from Rocket Brass is first rate, and shipping is fast.If you ever wanted to build your own handgun, and have some basic tools and patience , these build a great, sevicable, and accurate firearm.

  325. Jeremy Baird

    Easy to make into a functioning pistol. Like other reviews say, go to Harbor freight and get some files and some snips. Really easy to cut and file down! Buy some clamps if you dont already have some to help hold the jig together so nothing moves around! Watch Machinegunbuilder on youtube for help!

  326. Daniel Scott

    Received in good condition, with fast shipping. Took me about 45 minutes to finish with just simple tools.

  327. Drew Mccurdy

    Awesome price as well as pretty quick shipping. They beat 2 other frames I’m still waiting on.

  328. Raymond Shaw

    Very quick delivery on my Polymer 80 Frame kit. Quality of the kit was excellent. The Build was completed in less than 3 days and a very well functioning Polymer 80PF940c. Will do the sub compact version next. Highly recommend this kit.

  329. Johnny Ferraro

    Was looking everywhere online for a new pf940c for my wife.. she’s getting Gucci Glock but all I could find were extremely over priced ones.. I understand that times are funky right now but like the title says.. rocky brass never disappoints. They had a few left in stock and best was the price and fast shipping.. orders on Saturday.. at my door on Wednesday! Customer for life!

  330. Hector Figueroa

    This is a very nice frame also I’m pleased with the color I picked. Thank you

  331. Ronnie Walker

    RockeyBrass is the go to place for a 80% frame! I oredered it and had it at my door in less than 5days. By far the cheapest i’ve been able to find. Will be buying more for sure. Thanks RockeyBrass

  332. Ryan Bales

    I’ve not gotten the rest of my order (from another supplier) to finish, however the shipping, communication and service was worth whatever i received. I will be ordering this and from here again.

  333. Sam

    Went together as advertised. Limited amount of tools and experience needed..very nice piece! Would highly reccomend to anyone ..

  334. kimbely556

    Standard P80-940c frame. But R-B had a great price, fast shipping, had it available, and their site didn’t reject my order like other’s did. Have no idea why. On every Glock frame I’ve had to grind some off the underside of the front rails with a Dremel. Or the slide would bind up. I have a G26 frame on back order. Will order again 🙂 Free shipping and no tax 🙂

  335. Patrick Llanes

    This is the best price on the web for these Polymer 80’s. Shipping is fast and customer service is top notch. If your looking to build your own Glock this kit is for you. Easy to do and plenty of videos out there to walk you through. This is a great frame to even freshen up your old Glock Gen 3.

  336. Anthony

    Rockey Brass is the best in the business hands down! No one compares to these guys! Great quality in all the products they offer, fast delivery and always responsive. I can’t say enough good things about them. Even if another company has what I’m looking for I still wait for “RB” to get back in stock. You guys awards have my business,

  337. ralph smith

    This kit is simplicity itself to use. Truly enjoyable to finish.

  338. Nev70

    The front rail is the wrong size or wrong sized slide, i ordered the full kit and the slide will not fit, the front rails want to push it up to far, i also took it apart and reassembled it to make sure it wasn’t my mistake.

  339. Bill

    Overall, this frame kit is great. It finished nicely and only required minor fitting on the trigger housing. The only thing holding me back from giving it a 5 star rating is the grip feels a little “square” in my hand. I wonder if it could be rounded a little in future versions? I do like the grip angle, however. I am primarily a 1911 guy and maybe that’s why I like the angle. Overall, this a good buy and Rockey Brass was extremely fast in shipping and delivery. Thanks!

  340. Brandon M.

    This was super easy to complete. Great stippling and finger grooves. Would definitely buy again!

  341. Lance Martin

    I’m very happy with my order. Process was easy and everything went together great. The frame looks great and the grip texture is excellent. Just take your time and and you should do fine.

  342. Jason

    Enjoyed building a P80. Despite being backordered, the wait wasn’t that bad and they shipped it right away. Will definitely do business with them again

  343. Patrick

    Good prices, fast shipping, free sticker…. what’s not to like?

  344. Christian

    I ordered it had 5 days on back order but shipped in like 2-3 days after and the customer service was outstanding within a half hour to a hour of my message the would reply I greatly appreciate Rockey Brass and will be shopping with them again

  345. Cricker

    Very awesome lower. Going to be easier than I thought to build. If you want to build your own Glock, do it here!

  346. Leah

    perfect product, perfect company communication. Item was on back order and arrived 3 days ahead of the in-stock date. Will definitely complete my build from Rockey Brass!

  347. Jameskgti

    Received this kit fast after ordering. Very good quality polymer and I’m looking forward to building more. I highly recommend this product. Thanks RockeyBrass! Btw excellent customer service!!!!

  348. Timothy Quist

    Very fast shipping, exactly what I ordered. Only problem is it didnt have the end mill bit they typically include but I just used files and a dremel all good to go.

  349. Brian McArthur

    These guys shipped fast with the best prices around. I’m only buying from Rockey from here on out. My frame is perfect with no issues.

  350. Dominique Torres

    These 80% lowers are perfect. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to build there own home protection.

  351. James B

    First off, the deal and shipping were great. Best I found. The product itself is a treat to anyone with a passion for DIY, even with limited firearms experience. Its just fun. Now I just need hat perfect slide to compete my baby.I honestly would try out more P80 products too Thanks

  352. Tom

    But because of the craziness, cannot find parts kits,, so at this point cannot give a complete review.

  353. Michael Credi

    P80 G19 kit was extremely easy and there were many resources that aided preparation. Dremel with router and polishing bits made quick work of the lower and made it look like it came straight off the showroom floor. Rockey Brass has the best price and fastest shipping so it was a win, full circle.

  354. Sean Mazhar

    Staying at home during this China virus nightmare…Netflix got old. Why note build your own gun! Many YouTube videos on how to complete the job. Take your time, get the right Dremel parts to do it right. Get fit in the hand over stock Glock 19. Best price I could find online too. Shipped it out right away.

  355. Tom

    I have completed several firearm upgrades and decided to try building a Polymer80 pistol. I found the frame kit on Rockey Brass after searching multiple web sites. Found they had a competitive price for the model I wanted in stock. There are a lot of people who have created YouTube videos of their build process and I used those for examples of how to do it. The process of completing the frame is not difficult but does require patience. I am very happy with my frame and will definitely build another. It’s been great to have a project like this during COVID stay-at-home. Great product for the price.

  356. Tyler Webber

    These frames are great, Glock (gen 3) compatibility with all the Glock problems solved. Better grip angle, better stippling, undercut trigger guard, standard rail. And Rockey Brass has the best price on these hands down. I’ve bought several from here because they’re just such a good deal.

  357. Adison Bidwell

    One of the best deals I could find after lots of searching, free shipping, came fast, lots of color options and standard p80 kit, no problems or quality issues

  358. James Harris

    I’ve built several of these for myself and have overseen a couple of other builds (for safeties sake – completely hands-off, just supervised). A few of the builds are using strictly base model parts, the rest have a few upgraded parts – nothing high dollar. Everyone of the builds perform superbly – eats everything we feed them and are accurate. Everyone is very happy.

  359. Jeff

    I’m new to the polymer 80 world but I’ve had my best experience with this particular company they are very transparent the pricing was excellent and the product arrived quick , I’ve already placed my second order , very solid company

  360. AL Clements

    Great product. This is the 2nd one I have purchased, works and looks great.

  361. Kevin Asbury

    The p80 lower and parts kit I ordered were shipped promptly and since this wasn’t my first build, it went smoothly. This is a great company to order from because they are honest when it comes to shipping times. Will order from them again.

  362. Dingus

    This is about the smallest this frame can be while still having a practical full grip, which is made even better by the aggressive texture. Also, I doubt you’ll find this or any other frame in a better offer cost wise. Haven’t tried the uppers offered here, but rockslide won’t disappoint.

  363. Should be 5 star

    Frustrating review for knocking off a star. Shit drill bits. Small one did not cut (drill was not in reverse) and broke the bit pressing too hard. I ended up wallowing out the hole too large but gun ran fine. <5 stars otherwise. Feels great and love the grip texture. Bought in a complete kit. Had to file some tight spots in the rear slide rail. 1st time at the range, fist 2 rounds failed into battery, next 98 ran perfectly(115 and 147gr Fmj). Thank you for this build!

  364. Eli Cano

    I never received the product contacted the company and they told me hay they weren’t liable for any kind of theft of missing products I’m never ordering from here again customer service did nothing to help me out with the situation

  365. James

    I like this product. My only complaint was that the rear rail block did not line up with the hole. I drilled the holes while the frame was in the jig. Sadly the rear rail block did not line up properly. Apparently this happened to multiple people cuz i found a thread and post about it. Hoping to fix it or that i can get another rear rail block. Otherwise it was fun to do. I would build another in the future.

  366. David

    Amazing. Everything shipped fast. Even amid the covid-19 business. Everything came in perfect. If you haven’t pulled the trigger, you need to! I’m currently waiting on my next build to show up so I can get started on it!

  367. Jerry Hayes

    This kit Rocks! Shipping was fast and discreet! I appreciate you guys!

  368. Gerson

    I love polymer 80s, OD green is a beautiful color for a pistol. She works like a champ!

  369. John

    Fast fast shipping! Great product, easy to complete. Love my polymer 80, lots of fun finishing it up and not too much work. It took me about an hour to finish on my first go. Slide goes on smooth and fit is excellent. I’d never heard of rocky brass until I saw the name in a review. I’m very impressed! Best price and shipped faster than amazon has ever gotten me anything. Don’t hesitate! It’s a great project.

  370. Michael Russ

    Not as simple as it’s made out to be..the frame didnt line up in the jig correctly so my pinholes were all off just enough to screw everything up..I’m almost certain these things are produced in china..I wouldnt do it again..Just put your money towards a glock and modify’ll fare better in the wont be throwing parts away and you can sell the ones you switch out

  371. Luke

    Highly recommend these polymer80 kits, someone with very little or no machining experience can complete the frame pretty easily. If you don’t like very aggressive grip textures I’d opt for some rubberized talon grips, but if you like a grip with a lot of bite it’ll be perfect for you.

  372. Kirt hotchkiss

    The fact that is so difficult to get a price of an item on your site makes me think your business might be a little shady. I spent 15 minutes trying to get a price and finally gave up. Trying someplace else. Too bad. Really want to start a new daily.

  373. Hunter

    Super fast shipping product as described highly recommend Rockeybrass

  374. Chris

    I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet but the quality of the frame out of the box was much better than I had anticipated. The shipping was very fast and the over all experience was great.

  375. John D

    This is very easy to do. I did not use the endmill. I used a small drum sander and a dremel tool, and the drill bits.I have over 500 rounds through it and it is one of my favorite guns, I am now working on a G19.

  376. Steve

    P80 as described. The wife loves the od green color.

  377. Patrick Howard

    I like it… I love it.

  378. Joseph Lusch

    Awesome lower,,, shipped quickly and was everything i expected

  379. Kellan

    The product came with everything it said it did and so far has been working properly.

  380. Jace

    Awesome frame…easy to fit up and makes a great build….can’t beat the price either!

  381. Kevin

    Quick shipping, great price.

  382. charles

    great items fast shipping they had all I needed to complete my poly80 will be shopping here for all my needs .

  383. Sarek Chhanthoun

    Best costomer service and very very fast response in shipments. No issues with the product.

  384. Blair Cooper

    The product was exactly what I expected and showed up in great condition. Shipping was free. I ordered in a Friday, it shipped Saturday, and I received it on Tuesday. This was a great experience and I will be using rocky brass again!

  385. Brianna Badger

    Great quality for a great price. Loved the color selection. Very happy with my purchase.

  386. Gary

    Great kit if you like making things and enjoy building yourself had a great time and am planning on purchasing another take your time you will enjoy

  387. George

    This is a great deal I am a LEO and FirearmsInstructor I also have a G17 80% that I have a 22Lr slide on for training

  388. Peter

    Love it, the blue titanium is bada$$best price too

  389. Bradley Houser

    Absolutely love the grip it was easy to do got all the parts in. Haven’t had it at the range yet but as is looks great feels great can’t wait to try it just waiting on some night sights and a magazine and then I’m off to the range. If it performs great I will totally buy some more


    i bought this poly frame to see if i had the skills to build my own gun. I took my time to built my gun, it turn out good, fun and very addictive. I can wait to take my built to the range.

  391. Beau

    Awesome product!! I have bought 2 of these already and will be purchasing more! And the shipping was super! Fast.

  392. Michael White

    Awesome product, price and fast shipping! Thank you Rockey Brass!

  393. B K

    Recently bought a few P80s and they work great. Fast and free shipping plus as far as I know the best prices on the internet. Thanks

  394. Austen Wiedel

    Shipment was fast with no issues, product looks and feels great. Can’t wait to finish the build.

  395. Angel

    Good product at a good price. Put a Glock OEM slide on top and worked fine. Only issue is the holes drilled in the frame don�t exactly line up with the front and rear rails causing the pins to not go through. Had to redrill the holes with the rails installed to ream out the metal bit that was blocking the pin hole.

  396. Dave D

    Dont why I waited as long as I did. I really like the Brownells texturing. Rockeys shipping kicked butt and the close out price couldnt be beat. Great deal all the way around.

  397. Richard Dougherty

    Don’t waste your money and just buy a Glock frame. The rails on the p80 flex and are not made well. Glock tried this type rail system because it’s cheaper to make and it didn’t work for them because it’s not reliable. I finally just ordered a Glock frame because of the poor quality of the P80 frame and rail system.

  398. Nick

    Nice kit. The price was unbeatable, I shopped around for a week and couldn’t beat it. Shipping was free and quick. Would buy it again if I had to do it over.

  399. Daniel Williams

    Excellent service on a great quality product, incredible shipping speed, I have a new go to retailer for all my online needs. Thank you Gentlemen

  400. Derek Seifrit

    This is a great little project piece. The frame texture is great! The build was not nearly as difficult as expected, but easily the most surprising part, it was in my mailbox in two days!… Fantastic shipping and customer support!

  401. E

    Rockey Brass has the best prices you will find on Polymer 80 frames. Really fast shipping and great customer service, the provided jig and tools makes this a breeze to put together. Highly recommend!


    I ordered two of the kits that were close outs, the price was the best i could find anywhere. Anything that is in stock was processed fast , packaged very well, and shipped very fast, I will order from this company again.

  403. Mark Haney

    The frame fit my glock 19 slide perfectly and was a blast to complete. I used a rotary tool(dremel) , an x-acto knife, and some fine finish sandpaper, along with a hand drill and some oil. My frame was 100% complete in less than an hour. I’ve had a. Problem with ejection of spent shells tho, anybody with any fix advice? Thanks Rockey Brass -Mark

  404. Skip

    Very easy to finish. A steady hand and a sharp knife made the tabs easy to remove. Wire wheel on Dremel made the finishing touches.

  405. Mickey Antos

    Excellent product. As expected

  406. Bob C.

    This is the first kit that I ordered from Rockey Brass. It arrived quickly and my order was complete. This is “Stupid Easy” to build. I purchased the Lower Parts Kit as well and both were shipped via FREE USPS Priority Shipping! I have since purchased two more lowers along with the parts kit to complete them. Josh is great to deal with and customer service is impeccable! Give Rockey Brass a try, you will NOT be disappointed!

  407. Tadd Howard

    Ordered a Brownell’s Exclusive PF940C Coyote Tan during the busiest season for all retailers. I was pleasantly surprised at the speedy delivery. I’ve used this company twice now, with great success. The product is exactly as described and the shipping in my experience has exceeded expectations. Very pleasant experience, would recommend over and over. 4.75*/5* (because nobody is perfect, right?)

  408. Tim Schmidt

    Great item at a super price. My first time with Rocky Brass and I’ll be coming back.

  409. Al

    Shipping was super fast and everything arrived in tact and ready. Thank you

  410. Matt Miller

    This is my 1st polymer 80, when they went on sale last month I couldn’t resist. I love the aggressive texture it has. Looking forward to the fun of building it. Thanks for the quick service.

  411. Dennis Rambeau

    I made a few orders in a number of days, and Rocket shipped them out so fast, I couldn’t believe it. These Polymer kits are great, exactly as expected.

  412. P Denton

    Althought not assembled yet — all the parts there and received very quickly. POreviousls purchases have also worked great!

  413. Matt Duke

    Everything went good so far. I’m gonna get my slide here in a few days and after I test it I will do a follow up review here.

  414. DJ

    Fast shipping, great service , will order again…

  415. Brent

    Couldn’t be happier with the lower i purchased and Rockybrass in general.Cant beat the price and shipping was free.This is the second time I’ve made a purchase with Rockybrass and will be my go to in the future.thanks again and merry x mas

  416. Jerrod Yellott

    This it the second polymer 80 kit that I have ordered, it’s a great product at a very reasonable price. Both kits have arrived in a respectable amount of time and were shipped within 2 days of ordering. If you are looking to build a polymer 80 is the way to go, I have not found a better price anywhere.

  417. Dave

    What can I say this has become a friggin hobby (an expensive one at that) wanted to try something different and with the amazing pricing on the Brownell’s aggressive texture models at Rockey Brass right now how could I not. I like the aggressive texture it’s actually comparable to skateboard grip tape except more permanent and definitely easier to grip than the standard.Rockey Brass delivered this one fast and having the parts kit add on was a great add on. Can’t wait for my other one (Brownell’s apparently delayed shipping to Rockey Brass so I can’t really speak to how that one is yet)

  418. Al

    R. Brass shipped so fast, it’s borderline lighting speed. Nice solid frame no BS. So no worry just buy from Rockeybrass. They will take care of you.

  419. Ivsan

    Just take your time…. everything fit…. well.. and like the straight grip

  420. Michael Culp

    Fast shipping and very easy to build! I had a friend that purchase one and he loved it, I bought one and he showed me what to do and I was surprised and delighted on how easy it was to finish. I had all the needed tools to get the job done, dremel tool, sand paper, drill and some jewelry files. I would buy this again and I will be telling my friends about this product.

  421. Matt

    Fantastic product!! I got the Cobalt color and love it. It’s basically a dark grey but looks great. It was my first P80 lower build and went flawless. Ordered the OEM trigger kit with it also and it all went together PERFECT!!! Did a lot of research of problem areas to watch for and it paid off. I fit my slide up and ZERO issues. Not a single hiccup. Immediately went outside and shot 100 rounds and it was perfect. Couldn’t be any happier. I actually ordered two more in different colors haha. My wife liked it so much she wants her own to build now. Rockey Brass is great they shipped it right away. Will order from them much more. Highly highly recommended.

  422. Tom K

    Ordered the wrong one. Josh made it good with right one. Good quality, not difficult at all…..

  423. B. Rasta

    Project went well. Quick and easy just like the other polymer80 builds I have done. Wasn’t sure about the cobalt color but figured I’d try it anyway. The color wasn’t at all what I had expected but I wasn’t really sure what color cobalt was so… But it’s not bad. I actually like it. It’s not the OD green that I love but it’s not without its charm either. Certainly better than FDE or plain old black. Bottom line is this, great product and Rocky Brass offered it at a great price. If your considering it enough to be reading reviews then I would say go for it.

  424. Andrew Poulson

    Great price, product shipped almost instantly it seemed like, got to me pretty fast, would order from these guys again.

  425. Nick Damis

    The shipping was fast and the site was easy to navigate. Used the 940c to build a glock 19. The product was great and the finished weapon is even better. Thanks so much for the great price and wonderful service. Will buy again.

  426. Dale

    Bought the OD frame. Easy to do. I recommend a Dremel with the wood router bit. Doesn’t melt the plastic and clog like the sanding drum. Cuts very aggressively, so go slow.As many of these as you sell, you ought to look into getting Polymer 80 to do a run of an exclusive color like they do for Brownells.

  427. James s.

    Perfectly built this. Its not my first one. Everytime they get better and better. I wanna try a rifle next time……

  428. Christopher J Guerra

    I bought the grey Polymer80 compact (G19). All other vendors were selling the same product for at least $20 more than what I paid here at Rockey Brass.They quickly got my order shipped out to me so I could start building. I was notified every step of the way and have full confidence in Rockey Brass’s customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from here again.

  429. Carson

    I recently picked up on of the OD PF940Cv1’s w/ the OEM Glock lower parts kit. Man is the quality of this stuff on point! I went the route of working the majority of my material with a dremel being that with these glock frames the work is so much easier, the material was very consistent all the way around! All the way from how the 20% came off down to the grip texturing and the contour and rigidity of the frame overall! Really the only difference that I notice from my oem frame is the finger ridges which really aren’t a functionality difference, I still shoot just as well, and honestly it gives it a sleeker cleaner look without, more of a gen 5 look! But it would be nice, being that part of the draw to these is the wide customization, if we had a bit more of a choice in the texturing and features/design of the frames aside from just the sizes and a handful of colors. Other than that, I give this thing a 10/10 on the visual! A 10/10 on ergonomics! And a 10/10 For durability! And a 10/10 for for a GREAT deal and very fast shipping!! I ordered just before a holiday right around noon, and I STILL got it before the weekend and before the holiday!! Thank you very much for that guys!!

  430. Michael Clayton

    I was impressed with how fast my order was processed and shipped the same day. The frame came out great and they had the best price on this color I could find. Do not hesitate to shop with these guys!

  431. Ronny Lew

    You guys have the best prices out there. And with free shipping, it’s like a cherry on top of the cake. Hope you don’t change anything. Thanks

  432. james coogler

    I’ve been wanting to try a polymer 80 frame for a while and Rocky brass made that easy. Good prices and awesome communication! This started out as a replacement frame for an old Glock 32 I had beat up during the time I owned it. It went from that to becoming a build all it’s own. These frames are great and well worth the money.

  433. David Saxon

    I received my order withing a couple days and am impressed by the quality. It was very easy to complete the frame with a cordless drill and some basic hand tools. I also used the Polymer 80 parts kit and installation was a breeze.

  434. Timothy D

    again another outstanding build and fast shipping.

  435. David

    Super fast shipping, great price! These do what Glock should have done!

  436. dave C

    nice item will be back for more

  437. Shawn M.

    I’m very pleased with this kit. It comes with all the bits you need to complete the project. I used a dremel router bit instead of the drill press and end mill bit. I almost wish they’d include a dremel router bit instead of the end mill bit as my drill press isn’t tall enough for the x/y table and turning the jig up on end.Overall I am very pleased and am planning another project.

  438. James

    Great frame. Super easy to do. Took 20 minutes tops to have a better working Glock than a Glock!

  439. John

    My first attempt at a 80% build. Went well after watching some youtube videos. Used some end snips, files, xacto knife, sandpaper and my trusty dremel. Just took my time and it came out great. Install of the oem glock lower parts kit went well, had to bore out the trigger pin holes. Used the drill bit by hand on the locking block after I took it out of the frame. It was a little tight, but after a few passes with the bit pin went through. Need to decide what color I want my next build to be.

  440. Mark Walker

    Great kit at a great price! Fast shipping!

  441. Joshua Lindsay

    This is the cheapest I’ve found it, yet the fastest delivery and great customer service! I’ve never heard of Rockey brass but I’ll definitely be buying from them again. ALSO they have Glock 19 barrels for $70!!!

  442. Waybe

    Order cake as described – shipped fast and great price! Thanks!! Looks great with blued or stainless slides!

  443. George Baumgart

    This was my first Poly 80 build. I have never been a fan of Glock The PF940c frame design is slightly different and provides a more user friendly grip angle. I would definitely recommend this product.

  444. Corey

    Great company and great product. I ordered on tuesday and got it friday! Thats fast……!-) I will order from Rockey Brass again, so should you.

  445. Barry Thatcher

    years ago, I ended up selling all my glocks because they did not fit my hand and shooting style. But these polymer80’s have a much better grip angle and grip design. I am moving back to glocks in a big way, all retro-fitted with polymer80 frames. I put this compact frame together for a 45 GAP (g38), following the instructions, and it has been flawless, easy to shoot, and I’m much more accurate. I’ve purchased three polymer80 frames from Rockeybrass, and all three arrived very quickly with no problems with the parts kits or frames. I would highly recommend.

  446. Ryan

    Great product! It’s had almost 200 rounds through it so far (not many but only had it a week) & it’s running great. Lots of tinkering when it comes to gunsmithing but loved the process.

  447. Abel

    I wish I had bought my first polymer 80 from this website. I paid practically full price for the PF45 frame on, and I liked that glock 20 build so much that I decided to build a glock 32 as well. This pf940c frame has a more rigid polymer than the pf45 frame which feels really good. I wear an XL size glove, but the compact size frame still feels really good in hand. Anyone on the fence about a P80 build should just go ahead and try one. I like my P80s more than my ruger SR1911

  448. Kristopher De Ryke

    Bought a little project a friends seen it and made a comment that here would like a little project himself. . So I gave it to him to mil homself.. now need another for myself..

  449. Kenneth Carrier

    great product wish I could post a pic, gray 19 with a SS black slide 17 mag with extension grip shipping was quick ,well pleased!

  450. Gary Grimes

    Easy frame to build love the color,thanks rockeybrass will buy from again.

  451. William Jackson

    Well i put this off and out it off. I was looking for a vise but decided even at 51 my hands are not that shaky. I finished this 80 with drill. File and Dremel tool no vise at all. The jig was a bit wacky as it did not close all the way, u used a few wood clamps to ensure the sides were closed. All in all i still give this a 5 star rating.

  452. Ron

    Fast shipping and great prices.

  453. Rey C

    P80 frame came with a very easy to follow jig. It was a breeze to knock it out! Will definitely be buying more to. Shipping was extremely fast!!!

  454. Chris

    This was my first build and I must say I was more then impressed with the turn out. I got everything for it I needed to get it completed and matched with a Brownell windowed upper and Ameriglo Night Sights. It was easier then anticipated but shoutout to Rockey Brass for the simplest and step by step instructions that sets you up not to fail. I had all the recommended tools on hand and trust and believe me it makes a world of difference. I’m working on a G26 build now and I’ll let you guys know how it turns out. Appreciate you guys keep the gems coming.

  455. John Villafana

    Absolutely pleased with my purchase. Definitely ordering again.Thank you very much, John

  456. Tia Williams

    Amazing prices, and it got to me in only 2 days! Can’t wait to buy more stuff from here

  457. Jshim

    Bought the poly 80 fde frame on a whim. Saw the advertised price, the lowest anywhere. Ordered it and within 2 days I had the merchandise. It was everything they promised. Honest merchant, will be on my go-to vendor list for parts and more. Also, i received free shipping and no bs like some of the other big stores. Really impressed with RockeyBrass. .

  458. Rocky

    Super fast shipping. I ordered it on Wednesday and it was in my box on Friday. It works great and was easy to complete, not to mention this was by far the cheapest place I’ve found it.

  459. Scott

    The product was better than I expected. it arrived very fast and was extremely easy to complete with the drill press and the tooling provided. I would definitely purchase again and Rockey Brass is one of my new go to places for great prices and the parts I need.

  460. cory childress


  461. Andrew Price

    Very fast shipping. Will order again

  462. Tom

    Fairly basic to trim plastic parts with some side snips, a Dremel, harbor freight diamond files, and some 2000grit sandpaper. Over 5000 flawless rounds no issues. The trick is to use as many OEM parts as you can before throwing random Gucci parts onto the gun.

  463. Jeffrey R Andreas

    Rockey Brass is a joy to deal with! On the several occasions I’ve bought from them the shipping has always been unbelievably fast and their prices are fantastic. I recently had a small issue and it was dealt with immediately and professionally. Buy with confidence, these are great folks!

  464. Ed

    P80 makes a great product. Rockey Brass provides that product with competitive prices and amazing customer service. Can’t forget their shipping times, I ordered on a Friday and they had it shipped out on Saturday…not many places take care of their customers on the weekend.

  465. John S

    Great price , fast shipping, and another excellent polymer80 product. Great buy!!!

  466. Cole

    It was very simple to complete using just a dremel and a cordless drill. All the parts fit well and it seems to work flawlessly.

  467. John

    Great price slowly building new project looking at different slides

  468. Keith Oster

    Ordered on Tuesday afternoon, arrived Friday morning. And free shipping!! Had the color I wanted Titanium Blue) that very few other sites had, plus a better price than most. Very pleased with my purchase & Rockey Brass!!

  469. Bruce Garner

    This is my second purchase from your company and so far I have been very impressed with the service that i have received , you have the lowest prices I’ve seen so far for Polymer 80 frame kits, shipping was super fast too. In the future I will be definitely order from your company again.

  470. Jordan C

    I think there are plenty of reviews about the Polymer80 kits, so let me instead talk about how fast it was shipped to me. RockyBrass is on top of their game and it shows. I had an order placed and it was at my door as fast as Amazon! Great service, and I’ll be back for more gear.

  471. Matt

    High quality good price

  472. djricc

    Looks great. Came in on time. Will order again from RockeyBrass.

  473. Randy

    After a lot of sanding and filing, I finally had my lower near flawless. I thought it turned out great. Then came the assembly. The four 3mm holes I drilled(2 on each side) did not line up with the holes in the metal parts you have to install. I had to make my holes slightly egg shaped to get the pins installed. Once I finally got the lower assembled I tried to install my slide and it is so tight it will not go on. I need to try and grind some stuff down to loosen it up a bit and see if I can salvage a functioning firearm out of it. I have milled aluminum 80% AR lowers with zero issues. These things are a lot more difficult and temperamental. Also, do not buy aftermarket parts for these, a lot of them won’t work and your aftermarket slide will have too tight of tolerances to slide. You may get yours to work, you may not. Just use Glock OEM parts that have looser tolerances. Do some research, all these issues are very common.

  474. Tang

    This P80 is great, fit nicely. Very well made, had to get 2 more. Wish I can get my hand on the OD green one. 8)

  475. Tom

    Frame arrived I damaged and on time. During assembly the drill bit broke off and I pretty much out of luck. Fortunately it’s not too hard to find that size and was able to finish. But the drill bit broke on the first hole, kinda cheap on that part. Frame is done and no there is a scratch and large hole where the bit broke instead of a uniform drill hole.

  476. JB

    I picked this frame up when they had their last sale, It shipped promptly but arrived in a few days. With just a little. It off sanding and filing i had a very nice Glock frame ready to go.

  477. Brian

    Great fit, The angle of grip to bore centerline feels much more natural.

  478. Michael Greer

    Bought this knowing the product already was shipped faster than expected will do business again thanks

  479. Heath Webb

    Great service and quick delivery.

  480. Tom

    I ordered it as soon at it was back and stock and got it 3 days later!!! Can’t go wrong with P80!

  481. rtreefanatic

    literally had this frame finished in 7 minutes

  482. Randy Gilcrease

    I was amazed how quickly my item was shipped including processing time it was approx 3 days from the time I ordered until it arrived. Quality is what is to be expected from a polymer80 – it’s awesome!

  483. Matthew

    Price is great and shipping was fast. It was really easy to finish the frame and I was able to complete the process within an hour

  484. Daniel Ruiter

    Finished up this project in a couple of hours (after I had all the parts). Went together smooth. Had to do some machining and clean up, but it’s not difficult if you have the right tools and take your time. What I really like is the fit and design. It fits my had a lot better that a standard Gl**k frame. So now I have a “nice looking, well functioning, highly organized pile of gun parts.” Thank you – you can end up with a nice product here.

  485. LonDog

    product looks like good quality. Haven’t had time to complete the other 20%, but am real excited to build a gun from scratch. The shipping was Super Fast! I ordered in the morning and had gotten a shipping confirmation a few hours later. Product was at my door two days later. Almost like they offer Prime shipping. Thanks A Lot!!!

  486. Andrew Long

    Shipping so fast I had to buy another and great price to boot.

  487. Jonathan

    I have ordered twice now from Rockey Brass. On both occasions the shipping was super fast. Had my product both times within 3 days of oredring! Super pleased with the turnaround times and product. Thanks Rockey Brass! 5*.

  488. thomas ortlieb

    I’m very pleased with the products and fast shipping. Will continue ordering from this company. Prices are very good.

  489. Stephen Westbrook

    This is the best upgrade you can make! Rockybrass is a great seller with unbelievably fast shipping! You can’t go wrong with this!

  490. Carlos

    Oh!!! love the item nice peace of frame, will do business again. 5 stars

  491. Chad Kerik

    These guys are awesome. Shipped the very same day. And the frame was perfect. No issues what so ever.

  492. Josh Fields

    Product was as expected. I will say very fast shipping. I will use Rockey Brass in the future. Thanks from a happy customer.

  493. Alejandro Macari

    As always, excellent service, sent on time, impressive product, super easy to finish, I recommend it

  494. Wade

    Let me start off by saying WOW, what a great company to purchase from. I called and spoke with Josh to ask questions on shipping because I needed my new frame by Friday to have ready for the range on Saturday. Not only did he answer my questions but he was very informative and straight forward. Now for the Polymer 80 frame. After final assembly I have noticed the LBRS in the front is not level to the frame. The pistol with shoot fine but will then have a failure to “go to battery” but only for the last 3-4mm of travel of the barrel on the LBRS. I have contacted Polymer 80 for a resolution.

  495. Kevin Murtha

    This is the best price I’ve seen online and the kit arrived extremely fast and I had no problem finishing the lower. Plan on buying more

  496. Riley N.

    The p80 kit was shipped out the same day and arrived very quickly. I would definitely buy from here again!

  497. Tim M.

    Love my polymer 80, lots of fun finishing it up and not too much work. Head down to harbor freight, get a set of snips, a couple files, a dremel-ish tool, and some fine grit sand paper. Took me about an hour to finish on my first go. Slide goes on smooth and fit is excellent. I’d never heard of rocky brass until this order but I was dang impressed! Best price and shipped faster than amazon has ever gotten me anything. Don’t hesitate! It’s a great project.

  498. Wesley H.

    I got a great deal on this item and jog. The item came brand new in original packaging with everything it was supposed to. Shipping was very quick and I had no issues at all. I am still piecing together the firearm, but I have had no issues yet.

  499. Marshall E.

    Great service and fast! Thank you.

  500. Peter S.

    This company ships quickly and has a good price on there products. I shared with others whom are into this.

  501. Seamus W.

    Good price, expedient processing and shipping. Item came exactly as it should have, overall a great experience. Thanks Rocky Brass!

  502. Kris M.

    Item arrived within two shipping days. Just waiting on parts kit to arrive.

  503. Jethro A.

    Arrived super fast considering Im in CA. Much appreciated since we have new regulations in a few weeks.

  504. jon p.

    Shipped fast!! Thank you

  505. Jack R.

    Great prices and fast delivery.

  506. Gary R.

    Great Price Fast Shipping.

  507. Patrick C.

    I purchased this kit for a home project target gun. Instructions were clear and got all the work done within about an hour. Only complaint (and its my fault) is that the P80 have a very hard time working with the zev tech slides. It will require more milling and polishing word than a normal build. Other than that great product and great customer service

  508. Dwight R.

    Nothing more to say – I’m happy on all fronts. Polymer 80 lowers make a solid, reliable pistol.

  509. Ruben R.


  510. Angel R.

    Really good service and fast delivery.

  511. Reinaldo G.

    Awesome product, great service!

  512. Nick P.

    Attempted to order the compact and received an email that the compact in FDE wasn’t available. I responded to change the order to sub compact in FDE then and was very pleased with customer service and the free two day shipping! Thanks, will buy from here again!

  513. Mitchell C.

    Polymer 80 appears to be just as expected. Customer service went well beyond my expectations after ordering the wrong color they responded to my email to change color in the late evening and were able to change my order before it shipped and was very helpful!

  514. Jeremy W.

    Seems like a good product. Easy to use and p80 awnsered and questions I had. Would buy again.

  515. Brandon C.

    It was easy to put together and shoots just fine!

  516. LEE J.

    Worth the wait

  517. Timothy S.

    The PF940C is a complete and quality lower build kit. If this us your first build watch many videos on manufuturing this, there are a lot of tips you can learn from others to save you headaches and frustration. These kits are fun and can offer you a learning experience and satisfaction of creating your own firearm.

  518. Brent S.

    Thanks RockeyBrass. The kit arrived in 3 days from purchase, no problem assembling, will probably order another when this build is done. Excelsior!

  519. Christopher B.

    Out of an abundance of caution, it took about 1.5 hours to finish this bad boy and assemble it. I could probably do it in half an hour the second time around – I was surprised at how easy it was. Super happy with the product, and with the ordering experience from Rockey Brass.

  520. Randy C.

    Great Product very fast delivery

  521. Benjamin M.


  522. Harry G.

    I did not expect to receive my package as fast as I did. I ordered at 11:30 on a Friday night. The package showed up at my door on Monday morning. That is a level of customer service I have never seen! Thank you

  523. Marco A.

    Great item at a great price!!

  524. Don H.

    Excellent! Great deal, fast shipping.

  525. Benny G.

    This was so much fun easier than the 1st gen.

  526. Elliot F.

    Product was delivered quickly and as expected. The product itself is fantastic. Very pleased.

  527. Jayson Johnson

    Their P80 frames here are definitely competitively priced. The G19 P80 frame I purchased for my first build produced a good quality firearm; the included seer rail and locking block/rail assembly made the process so much more simple than my repeated failed attempts to purchase incompatible frames and other components separately and from different sites and manufacturers. I’m attempts to save some money.

    To help the nubes just getting into the hobby and looking to successfully building a reliable gun, with out having to go through trial and error as I had done; I recommend you buy the following.

    1x P80 frame
    1x Separately bundled kit that includes both the lower and upper internal completion kit (Note: pay attention and ensure both of the selected options match the frame you have chosen above above.)
    1x Slide designed/ compatible with the frame you have chosen ( if this is your first build a simple oem style works reliably and drastically keeps down your cost.
    1x Compatible Barrel
    1×Magazine ( make sure it’s compatible with your P80 frame Glock clone build and check you local laws regarding magazine capacity limits)
    Lastly if you don’t have one get a rotary tool kit. I purchased a $25 generic kit on Amazon that included cutoff wheels, sanding drums, and diamond drilling/etching bits.q

    Once you have gathered all the components listed above ; you have all the minimum component to make a functional firearm. The actual build took me less than 1.5hours to complete including the un-packaging and watching/following the myriad of step by step instructionL videos available on YouTube.

    During my post-build torture test which involved empting a 100rd double drum magazine as fast as I could while trying to keep the tightest grouping; my P80 G19 build never jammed and fired as reliably and as consistently as my genuine Glock G19 Gen3. I did disassemble and inspect the P80 G19 and did not find any damage. I’ve ran this torture test multiple times since then and my build remains structurally sound and continues to fire consitenly and reliability. Infact I’ve only seen and improvement it it’s functionality.. I personally have developed a greater sense of pride in my handmade build and prefer to use it over the Genuine Glock. Lastly my Genuine glock cost me around $600 not including the $350 high capacity magazine I purchased with it for testing purposes. My homebuilt P80 clone Glock on the other hand cost me $300-$350 at most.

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