Polymer 80 Glock 20/21 PF45 80% Standard Pistol Frame Kit


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PF45™ Full Size Pistol Frame Black


Product Overview:

  • The PF45 is compatible with Gen 3 components for 3-pin Glock 20 SF and Glock 21 SF.
  • Next Generation Ergonomics and Features
  • High-Strength Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail
  • Blank Serialization Plate
  • Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS™)
  • Stainless Steel Drop-In Rear Rail Module (RRM™)
  • Hardened Pins for LBRS™ and RRM™
  • Complete Finishing Jig and Drill bits Included


“GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. Rockeybrass.com is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H.

DISCLAIMER: We do not provide legal advice or legal counsel. It is your responsibility to understand the respective State laws and Federal laws. This product is to be installed by a competent gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from installation or use of this product. These frames require milling and possibly fitment of the various parts included. We do not provide build and/or gunsmithing advice.

All issues and warranty for the Polymer 80 frames are handled by Polymer 80 directly.

Due to the legal nature of these kits, we do not accept returns or exchanges on these frame kits for any reason.

We cannot ship these to the state of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, California, Washington or Maryland.

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114 reviews for Polymer 80 Glock 20/21 PF45 80% Standard Pistol Frame Kit

  1. Richard Roeder

    Great item, but I am having a terrible time locating the parts to move beyond the milling process. I am considering ordering the G17 P80 just to be able to source parts and complete.

  2. David Werner

    This was the second time l ordered this model. First one was a disaster. This one went together perfectlyy.

  3. Dave Thomas

    Great pistol frame. Great price as well.

  4. Jeff Hanke

    Order to shipping to door was great, quality was great, I am very happy with my order.

  5. john baki

    just as expected.works perfect. and Rockey Brass prompt service is great.I wish there wasn’t so many items out of stock to complete the build

  6. Bryce Hickman

    Very quick shipping on Rockeybrass’s part, can definitely recommend them. Also you can never go wrong with a polymer80, great company and product. Oh yeah and #abolishtheatf

  7. Mark

    Love the frame and the grip. Just need to know where I can find the parts kits at a reasonable price to complete the build.

  8. Timothy Casper

    Great product. Had fun building it. Fast delivery and great product to build.

  9. Dianna

    Great quality and very easy to work with. Excellent instructions, color was what I expected.

  10. David

    Now I can shoot 10mm in a Glock platform that actually fits my hand. Rockey Brass is amazing… fast shipping, good communication and excellent personal customer service. Could not be Happier!

  11. Charles A Stocker

    First kit I’ve had, material is very good, fairly decent to work with.

  12. Robert Roth

    First one got lost in the mail, Rocky Brass took care of it without hesitation.


    The Best Of Both Worlds. From 45 Acp To 10mm .This BabyGirl Is The One And Only Bipolar Noun I Could Ever Fall In Love With. Tough Rugged And Reliable. Best On The Market. So. If You’re Looking For A Lower That Built To Last Make Sure You Contact ROCKY BRASS.

  14. Giovanni Silva Lopez

    Have been wanting one for a while RockyBrass had the best price Very easy to order came with everything in the description was notified every step of the way till delivery can’t wait to complete it definitely will order again

  15. Enrique

    Delivered fast and good as expected

  16. David Lighthall

    Was not pleased. I was wanting a 9mm to build. I made a mistake and purchased 2 10mm/45 cal. instead. Is there any way to exchange these two for two 9mm?

  17. Tim Freeland

    Would definitely advise looking for slide and all parts before buying this polymer lower

  18. Mitchel Perkins

    Got this in record shipping time. This is my 7th P80 build. Went together smooth, rails were dead on straight.Put a Alpha Wolff slide on with OEM Glock internals and a Swenson barrel.Using my standard 200gr. IPSC load it shot great. Zero malfunctioning through 100+ rounds.

  19. Caleb Spall

    This was really to put together. Seems to be good quality.

  20. Larry

    Everything came as it should. Polymer 80 makes a great product and Rockey Brass is a great company to buy from. It will be a fun build. Definitely recommend!

  21. Larry

    Great price and quick delivery

  22. Tony Craig

    Bought this to build a longslide . I have a glock 20 and pack it with me . Hopefully use this build for hunting . Reason for only 4 stars is the jig is warped . I’ll have to make sure everything is clamped tight before drilling and grinding .

  23. Lance Jarzynka

    Very nice product at an outstanding price!

  24. John

    I’m sure your aware of the quality polymer 80 produces at this point, so this review is more of the seller rather then the product because I’ve never had any issues with any on my polymer 80 kits. This was however my first time ordering through Rockey Brass, and I will for sure order from them again. Insanely fast shipping, I placed my order and 2 days later it was at my door. Highly recommend, and am excited to try other products RB has to offer.

  25. Sheldon

    If you’re halfway handy this is one of the simplest projects you can do. I love 10mm and this makes an awesome gun. Ive build a glock 17 using a polymer 80 and both it and this have been flawless and my favorite guns.

  26. Roger Balcombe

    Was easier than expected. The nose was molded a little low but works perfectly

  27. Donald Thomas

    The kit was easy to complete using the included tools. the ODG is a dark green. good company and great customer service

  28. L. Keith

    I sent for a polymer model 21 and 17. Both were as advertised. Good quality and very speedy shipping. I really appreciated that Rockybrass respected my privacy and had great customer service and delivery time. I would definitely recommend this company and its 80 percent polymers!

  29. Jon Prescott

    Very easy to complete, this is a very nice frame.

  30. Rob

    What can I say? I have been a fan of the P80 frames since the original Specter. These big bore ones are hellacious. It went together easy and the Rock Slide(s) fit perfectly. I haven’t gotten a chance to fire it yet but there have been no issues with the rails as far as I can tell. P80 really knocked out of the park with this one!

  31. Arny

    Great condition and super fast delivery……like freaky fast…….can’t wait to order more things

  32. Charlie Carroll

    Upon opening it is easy to tell it is the same quality one has learned to expect from Polymer 80. So the item itself is not a problem. The problem is finding parts to go into this frame and just as bad, finding parts for a slide that will work with this frame. Slides are also few and far between but you can find them. But with no guts in the slide, it is worthless. Have been able to find a couple complete slides with barrels on a couple auction sights (eBay and Gunbroker) but the scalper prices make that a no option. On a couple waiting lists for parts and barrels so one day I may actually be able to build this thing! I have to rate with only three stars because major components to finish this thing are just hard if not impossible to find and anything close to a decent price!!!

  33. John

    First let me review Rocket Brass, these guys are awesome! Lighting fast shipping ! Great company all over! The P80 itself its as expected, great quality as always, easy to complete, super user friendly! I’ll be coming back for another in G17 mode!!

  34. Richard V. Williams

    Excellent Service! Product better than expected with very competitive pricing.

  35. Unique_assemblies_jd

    Super fast shipping! Great product, highly recommend. Will continue to make purchases!

  36. Adrian Arriaga

    Great start to my new polymer build, can’t wait to get started:)

  37. Teel

    The PF 45 is great. Rockey Brass shipping is lightning fast. A great company to deal with during these trying times.

  38. Dan

    This was a great price for the Polymer 80 frame. I’m a fan of Rocky Brass for the future purchase! The item itself was exactly as advertised and the process of finishing the frame was not difficult. Simply follow the video recommendations and the process takes a few hours. Great product and thanks Rocky Brass staff!

  39. Eric Terrel

    Just as described and fast shipping/service. Would definitely buy from them again.

  40. Steven Maslauskas

    Thanks so much this .45 is a gorilla and I couldn’t be happier

  41. Zach

    Frame seems good quality. Very easy to complete and arrived sooner than expected

  42. BT

    FDE. Ergo grip feels better, Finish is great quality. Just need to find frame when it becomes available. Will be mated with a 21L slide for a 45acp build with future 10mm conversion. Just waiting for parts to be available again. Seen all the videos on how to build and also seen the mods needed to make it work. Good price with free shipping

  43. Nathan G Russell

    I have put together my pf45 and have ran a 10mm set up on it. If you didnt know you can order a 50 cal to go on this thing. Guess who’s got 1 on order

  44. Harold

    Great product super fast delivery .very happy customer

  45. Steven Wentling

    Overall the frame is good. However, mine has a slight warp in the frame above the picatinny rail. Haven’t fired the gun yet, but I don’t think it will affect performance. I will update my review once I have test fired the completed gun.

  46. Michael Martorana

    Very happy is easier to handle this full size with a 45 acp round works great fast shipping!!!

  47. Robert

    Great product and company to buy from!!!

  48. David Hancock

    It’s great got the frame all done just waiting on a few parts…Rockeybrass rocks good prices & fast shipping!!

  49. James W Kleiner

    Shipping was quick. Item arrived and I went to work the next evening. Preparatory you tube views helped alot. All went well after some very minor fitting and smoothing and polishing with my 9$ harbor freight dremel tool, I achieved 1st time quality in about two hours.. :=)

  50. Lewis Thomas Drane III

    I got my frame kit very fast! I’m very pleased, Now off to building

  51. Qtro

    Everything fit just right…

  52. Nick

    This jig and lower receiver are great products from polymer 80 and rockeybrass was extremely quick with shipping and gave 0 trouble. Would purchase again and highly recommend.

  53. Robert Burford

    This is my 4th build and I didn’t have any problems with the first 3 until this PF45. This is the first build I’ve done in black. Maybe it’s just me but it was harder to drill this frame for some reason?? And so its a paper weight now hahaha. I’m sticking with the Grey. Rockey Brass sells and makes great products and their customer service is great. I guess I somehow I screwed this one up.

  54. Vincent Parbo

    Awesome frames! Nothing like building your own.

  55. Bob Smith

    Build: G20. These new PF45 kits have a shiny steel front locking block that simply drops in and fits the pin holes perfectly. Easiest build yet. I used a Lone Wolf G20 frame parts kit and trigger. LW trigger mechanism housing required a small bit of plastic shaved off to fit. I also used a Lone Wolf slide, barrel and slide parts kit. No build issues. Rockey Brass has a great price and fast shipping.

  56. Fred c

    This model is stout love how it feels like my 1911s

  57. Jose Prieto

    The PF45 frame is nice quality, the instructions and use of the jig are clear. Rockey Brass ships promptly when you place your order for an in stock item. Would definitely purchase from them in the future.

  58. Brandon Bunnell

    Awesome product, great and easy to do ypurself

  59. JR

    I waited a long time to find an OD green Polymer80 .45 frame in stock. My pistol is a 3rd Gen G21SF. I had previously replaced most of the internals, the barrel, and the sights, and it turns out that I (a 1911 guy) shoot this particular pistol like it was made for me. It is a real tack driver. (If you are looking for a barrel by the way, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AAC, I was very satisfied with the accuracy I got.) I still had one problem with my stock frame however, my trigger finger scraped the guard during firing due to the rather severe European grip angle. It was bad enough that I had to break my wrist over more than was comfortable, but that finger scraping was too much. I had previously purchased a 9mm P80 frame and found that the better (read: American) grip angle solved both problems for me, so I set out to replace the frame on my G21. I am glad I did. Completion and assembly are easy, there are plenty of videos online if you have any questions about it. Mine went together and worked great from the first shot, probably because my parts including the slide and barrel were already broke in (had to do some break in on my 9mm as it was all new parts), and it was shooting just as good and accurately as it was before I swapped for the P80 frame. The holsters I have are Kydex. I adjusted the retention screws and was able to use all the same holsters as before, even though the geometry of the trigger guard is different. And of course it now has a cool OD green and black two tone look that matches my Kriss Vector perfectly. Which is important because let’s face it, the most important factor tactically speaking is your coolness ratio. I highly recommend the P80 .45 frame, and I’ll likely be getting another one to build into a long slide 10mm in the future.

  60. Gene Titensky

    the frame is surprisingly much nicer than the 1st gen. grips are very comfortable, ergonomics have definitely been improved. The rear rail inserts needed to be drilled out a little more for the pin to fit through and the insert portion which sits in the grip is a bit flimsy so I am taking a star away for that. besides that great product!

  61. Mac

    These guys ship fast with the best prices. I’ve purchased multiple items from them. The P80 frame was exactly what I expected. Works great and easy to build. I’m definitely buying more.

  62. snicl1

    wanted a 10mm glock but the G20 was way too big. This frame seems to be just a little bit bigger than the P80 full size 9mm. still need some parts to complete but the PF45 is a win in my book.

  63. Chris R

    Great kit! Went together easy. Take your time and you can have a wonderfully finished product. Would definitely buy again especially from Rocky Brass. Rocky Brass had the best price and shipped fast.

  64. Bill

    Works great shipping was fast even in pandemic

  65. Joe

    Very fast shipping by seller. Polymer 80 was exactly what I’ve been looking for online. Price could not be beat.

  66. Jay

    Hard to find kit at the best price on the net – Thank you Rockey Brass

  67. Paul Howard Eggington

    Excellent quality and service! Very happy:)

  68. Perry

    The frame seems great so far. I had it all milled in under two hours and it doesn’t even look bad. So, I’m happy so far.Here’s the problem, try to find parts kits, slides, etc. for a 10mm build! No so easy. So, my project is sitting on the shelf, waiting for the rest of the components to materialize. Don’t be foolish like me, assemble all your components ahead of time.But, as state, the frame itself seems nice. I like the feel, and I don’t even like Glocks usually.

  69. Gene Hickman

    This is my 3rd glock build and each one gets better. This was a great build, on a PF45,, with easy to follow instructions. I have always used a mill remove the majority of material. I then cleaned up with and exacto knife and fine sandpaper. It whole process can still be done in well under an hour, going slow and careful.. My next build I will try the trimmers or nippers to make the major cuts and not use the mill, which many folks may not be set up for anyway. Fit and finish was very good, so far, but I still have not received my lower parts kit (from another source), so I have not assembled anything except the rails. I am very impressed with Rocky Brass with its fast shipping and readiness to help or answer any questions.

  70. Jim Davis

    This company has the best prices and products. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy anything they offer. The polymer 80 is better than OEM, and can’t be easier to complete, even with limited experience.

  71. Randy Lee Coleman

    Took me maybe an hour to complete, looking almost factory finish, i got a little zealous on the files so it’s not aesthetically perfect but after one, it would be easy to do with a second. Definitely buying a 9mm version, possibly another large so i can have a 45 to follow my 10mm

  72. Ramiro Magallanez

    As usual, Polymer80 never fails. The only thing that didn’t work out for me was the LBRS. Was completely off on the forward most pin that is already factory drilled, so naturally the back pins did not line up. Polymer80 tech support hooked it up with a new LBRS.

  73. Larry Fawcett

    Quick and easy website to navigate, ordering, payment, processing, shipping/delivery and packaging of product. It was exactly as described and at a lower purchase point than ordering from the manufacturer, who was currently out of stock/back ordered. Product came complete with Box, plastic jig, milling bits, it also included the slide take down spring which is the one spring part that you need for a polymer80 build that is not the original slide take down spring in a standard glock lower parts kit and specific for a polymer80 of this gen. Also came with invoice to verify purchase and stickers for the kids, safe, or case. RockyBrass is a top notch outfit and completely what you should expect from a professional American owned and operated establishment. I would recommend this product and will be shopping RockyBrass again. Best regards,Larry F.San Diego/Lakeside Ca.

  74. Rick Enriquez

    This looks like a really great frame. I have not completed it yet, but it feels good in the hand. And Rockey Brass shipping was quick as well.

  75. Ricky

    First And foremost I would like to Shipping was fast 100% quality lower in love with the feel of the stippling on the grip feels beautiful I recommend all my family and friends ROCKY BRASS Thank You guys god bless

  76. Michael S Holden

    NOT FOR AN AMATEUR!!! The lower is of high quality and looks great but precision is definitely lacking. The forward pin hole drilled from the factory did not line up with the rail block included in the kit. I had to elongate the forward holes on the left and right side of the rail block so that I could get the forward pin in. If you are not a competent gunsmith I would highly recommend another kit.

  77. Darrell Touchet

    Really love this 10mm frame looks good and feels good in the hand

  78. Alex Sparks

    Received quickly and looks great! Can’t wait to get to work on it

  79. Robert Turner

    Great Product, fair price, prompt delivery, I would reccomend this to others!

  80. Luke Cutino-Lemert

    Lowest price anywhere, fast shipping, very professional, organized company. Will do business with in the future.

  81. Kevin

    This is a high quality frame. Completion is a breeze with a dremel. In under an hour you can transform the 80% frame. Great buy!

  82. Davina Lind

    I an very please with my purchase.. This website is fantastic..i will definitelty continue to be a loyal customer..

  83. Garrett

    Works great easy to build and looks good in od green it matches well.

  84. Ike

    I bought this thinking it would be a cool project, but they sent me one that was manufactured wrong. And the drill bits that were sent with the kit were completely warped. And when I contacted their customer services about there warranty that claims if there is something wrong with the kit they’ll send another kit. Not only did they not honor their warranty, they tried to sell me another one, which probably would have also been manufactured incorrectly. I wouldn’t buy this product or recomend it to a friend, because they just rip you off like they did me and that $150 dollars down the drain.

  85. brandon

    great product with good pricing and fast shipping

  86. Tim

    Great product, these guys ship fast!

  87. Corey Davin

    This was the 2nd poly frame I’ve ordered from Rockey Brass and both were packaged and shipped flawlessly with fast shipping……!-) Ready for #3

  88. Matt St.

    This was the lowest price 45/10mm frame I could find on the net, and was easy enough for a first timer to build with some patience and a steady hand. Have put 100 or so rounds through it so far with zero issues, and don’t forsee any problems forming at all.

  89. Thomas

    This kit is well made, great price, fast shipping, and a sense of kicking the anti gun politicians in the teeth . Each project gives me great satisfaction to embrace freedom from hypocrisy and lunatic socialist’s who want control over me and what I can own and build. Freedom to all my brothers and sisters in arms, long live the 2nd Amendment.

  90. Raheim R

    Best polyner80 I ever built and it can’t put nice

  91. Dan Say

    this is the second one I have done and as with the other, perfect, works fires and fast shipping

  92. Nick

    First one.. took my time… do not recommend using boring tool… it had rough edges… dremell tool fit the bill….. genuine glock slide slipped right on

  93. Nathaniel Richardson

    Fast shipping! Great prices!!!

  94. Gary Grimes

    I built the pf45 frame easy ,looks good everything works good. But haven’t had time to go to range and test it. Rockeybrass sells good items and fast shipping thanks guys .

  95. Wallace Duncan

    Third time purchasing this kit, best on price, variety, and delivery. Rockey brass doesn’t penalize the customer for p80 or glock factory items the way Midway and Glockstore does. I’d like to see them start offering items such as custom slide plate covers.

  96. Philip Anderson

    This my second P80 that I have bought thru Rockybrass. Never had any problems with the function of this kit. Almost 500 rounds so far.

  97. Kennard Walker

    I’m happy with the outcome and quality of this polymer 80. It did require a bit of hand fitting and there should be a not added to explain the new spring for the slide release. The feel is outstanding and looks superb.

  98. Rick

    My order shipped very fast and was right when it arrived. Definitely use Rockey Brass again.

  99. Adam Green

    I’m gonna give a quick rundown. The holes drilled were not in perfect alignment with rail sections. Fixed that problem. Slide was extremely tight upon its install. Fixed that problem. Everyone expects these frames to be quick & easy, which they are, just be prepared to put forth a little more effort. Runs like a champ now & 10mm is awesome!

  100. Justin walker

    Just completed the lower was easy love to get another type just waiting on my upoer

  101. Everett Van De Voort

    Excellent company to do business with.

  102. Kenneth Carrier

    Great feel not as fat as the old gen2- 21 used as donor the grip is great and the trigger cutout is appreciated! This is my second build and was easer than the first!Price is reasonable.

  103. Skip Boyer

    P80’s first attempt at a large frame Glock is a slam dunk in my book. Had an issue with the front rails and the slide not going on but, one call, a few emails to Polymer 80 and parts were sent immediately. 10 minutes after they arrived the gu was up and running. Rockeybrass was the best price out there for this new lower. Service from them: EXCEPTIONAL!Customer for life!

  104. Ivan Cruz

    the polymer80 is a great product. Makes you feel accomplished once it’s all said and done. The item was delivered on time as stated, and I’d mos definitely would buy from rockeybrass again. All thumbs up from me.

  105. Bob Goliash

    The polymer 80 products work great if you take your time , watch some Youtube videos and you will have a great product and a lot of fun DIY. Rockey Brass had my order at my door BEFORE i hit the pay button. FASTEST shipping i’ve ever received. THANK YOU ROCKEY BRASS !!!

  106. Stephen Westbrook

    The PF45 is a great large frame custom Glock build. Built mine in 10mm with long slide. Runs great! No better p!ace to purchase it than Rockybrass!

  107. Tazman

    Speedy order processing and delivery. 100% satisfaction.

  108. Tom

    Fast shipping, well packed. Great service and price.

  109. rodney ferguson

    great,solid built very happy

  110. T

    The order came quick and the price was the lowest I’ve seen so far. Definitely will order from here again.

  111. James

    Rockybrass is a top shelf company easy online interface and quick shipping……oh and the prices are great.

  112. Brian

    This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Ever since I read about polymer80 starting to design their first Glock lower. Why? Because it’s a 10mm!! And this model what’s just as simple to complete as their earlier offerings were. Haven’t gotten it out to the range yet but it function checks just fine and I have no doubts that when I do get it out to the range it will fire the same. Also, it is compatible with some of the longer slide options available for the G20. I did mine with the tactical length slide.

  113. Jon

    The kit was easy to complete using the included tools. A dremel tool did help in getting everything finished a bit more finely.Although the instructions say you can only use Glock 20SF and 21SF parts kits, I was able to make a regular Glock 21 kit work by trimming a small amount of material from the plastic rear trigger assembly.

  114. Hank

    Have not completed the lower yet but it appears a quality product. Rockeybrass responded quickly to inquires, had good pricing and exemplary processing and shipping.

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