Polymer80 RL556V3 AR-15 80% Lower Receiver


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The RL556v3™ features Polymer80’s proprietary polymer composite, a solid core design, flared magwell, and beefier mil-spec buffer tube housing. The pistol grip area features a unique threadless design specific to Polymer80 rifle lowers.


This Kit Includes:

  • 80% Polymer AR15 Lower Receiver (Mil-spec)
  • Polymer Jig
  • Trigger Hole Drill Guide
  • Drill Bits and End Mill


“GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. Rockeybrass.com is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H.

DISCLAIMER: We do not provide legal advice or legal counsel. It is your responsibility to understand the respective State laws and Federal laws. This product is to be installed by a competent gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from installation or use of this product. These frames require milling and possibly fitment of the various parts included. We do not provide build and/or gunsmithing advice.

All issues and warranty for the Polymer 80 frames are handled by Polymer 80 directly.

Due to the legal nature of these kits, we do not accept returns or exchanges on these frame kits for any reason.

We cannot ship these to the state of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, or Maryland.

Washington state residents will need to provide a copy or photo of their Drivers License and Concealed Pistol License prior to shipping. Email them to us at sales@rockeybrass.com.

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41 reviews for Polymer80 RL556V3 AR-15 80% Lower Receiver


    Their lower parts kits are cheap junk and consistently out of spec. Their lowers come blemished despite not being sold as such. The only thing I found positive about my experience with rocky brass is the fast shipping, credit for which is only half due to RB as they shipped it UPS. Their prices may seem good but believe me, parts that don’t function as intended aren’t worth a mouse fart. Never going to order so much as a slide lock from these people again and I suggest anyone reading this do the same.

  2. Forest G.

    I cannot wait to see what my adult kids make with these. Rocky Brass is the only company we use for a reason. Best customer service oh, and best products.

  3. William

    Thank you. This 80% lower is a good piece and works well for my needs, and it is at a good price as well. I will continue to do business with you guys.

  4. Gage Weinrich

    If your considering a 80% lower this is the best polymer lower you can purchase and very easy to mill I’ve built hundreds of these polymer80 receivers and they work great ! They also have a blank metal serialization plate if you wish to sell your completed receiver after serialization and filing ATF paperwork these lowers are extremely durable and I’ve ran them through the ringer with high pressure loads, suppressors , as well as full auto these suckers are very strong and the flared mag well and design is very appealing for the price you can’t beat it!

  5. James Gennaro

    Well made no problems fast shipping and cheaper than ordering directly from polymer80.com

  6. Rene Ramirez

    Every P80 lower I’ve tried milling has given me problems. Total waste of money and time

  7. Daniel

    With all that is going on this is a good way to have and keep a backup!

  8. Gary

    Note the term Yet. It looks to be a solid frame and should be a nice addition to my safe. Shipping was crazy fast!

  9. David

    Great Quality, the process is super simple. Only thing to not as someone else has said prior drill about a millimeter or 2 deeper than where it tells you to stop when drilling the trigger well. What i did was make a new mark on the bit to tell me to stop a bit after the original line other than that works perfect. Make sure to drill pin holes individually from each side don’t go straight thru you will ruin it.

  10. MAN

    This newer version seems much more substantial than the earlier “Phoenix” Poly80’s. Rockey Brass had a great price and free shipping! Shipping was prompt and I received it 2 days after order. Take your time milling, especially when plunge cutting over the safety and trigger pin holes! Also watch the video and make sure to lock down your cross slide vise and mill in the proper direction. Trust me paying attention to this helps avoid costly mistakes. The hardest part is actually drilling the safety and trigger pin holes from the side with a hand drill. Bit wants to grab and make crooked holes if you are not careful. Otherwise, it’s a great product and goes bang when you are done!

  11. Mike

    Due to the poor jig every alignment pin is off by several mm and don’t line up.

  12. Jerry Lawrence

    Really really really Quick shipping an great prices. Cant ask for more.

  13. Bob Keeper

    Jig is junk and where the buffer tube threads in is pretttty tight. But the lower looks pretty nice and seems to be durable as I’ve dropped it a couple times already. I’d buy again. Don’t buy the jig.

  14. Shane Snyder

    Got it in on time but the receiver was warped/cracked

  15. Jerry

    Very fast service and great product would recommend this product is easy to work with

  16. Robert L Payne

    Have completed the milling and the pistol is finished. Waiting to go to the range and test the weapon.

  17. Concerned citizen

    Rocky brass is probably one of the best sites I order from the ship quick no BS straight to the point

  18. Raymond P.

    After completing multiple glock builds from P80 I decided to give this lower a shot. The lower had multiple air pockets in it that I could see while milling, and its scary to thing how many are hidden throughout the lower. The fact that this product appears to be unsafe to use makes it nothing more than an over priced paperweight, plastic at that. As far as the customer service goes… well lets just say I’m getting better service from the state unemployment office than these guys. the guys at p80 are nothing more than thieves, they know their product, enough said. Go buy a butter knife, you’ll be better protected!

  19. Brandon

    Sent me a bad product and jig, plus they review your review before it posts on polymer 80, so that’s why you never see a review or they’re always good reviews, so I’m sure it won’t get posted on poly80. Customer service is a joke.

  20. Brandon

    Don’t waste your money. Air pockets and bad jig. Caused me to blow one of the side walls out. Poly80 customer service is even worse. Didn’t want to hear it. I’ve done multiple poly80s, first one I’ve ever had problems with. Poly80 lost a customer. I’ve heard good things about their customer service, all lies. Clearly was not my fault and couldn’t replace it or take it in to look at it. Lol offered me a discount on a new one, $60 plus $9 shipping. Fucking joke. Don’t buy anything from them. They’re selling bad products and know it and don’t care about the customer. Thank god the problem happened milling it and I didn’t shoot it with it’s paper thin walls and kill myself.

  21. Lee

    Sent this back was defective although RB said it was Not there was a hole in the mag well area couldn’t miss it they only gave.me back part of my money won’t buy from them again

  22. Eric Long

    I purchased two of these for a father/daughter project and both had the same DEFECT. I engaged Polymer80 and explained my issue with the lower, I didn’t even provide them with photos of it because I was away at the time and funny thing, they knew EXACTLY what I was talking about and said it is present in ALL of the RL556V3’s and, get this, they said it was “normal” because it was part of their casting process. Folks, let me tell you something, I’m a retired Marine, I have used M16’s in combat, and I have built many AR15’s on aluminum lowers and NONE of them had this NORMAL defect that Polymer80 refused to do anything about. So, do yourself a favor, pass this one over in favor of a JMT, because they walk the walk, and do NOT have this NORMAL defect in the magazine well. Now that my rant is over, the defect I’m talking about is a void, quite large in fact, that essentially connects the magazine well (which is awesome at collecting dirt) to the magazine release button cavity. The size of the defect is large enough to allow debris to collect behind the magazine release button to the point of blocking its usage when attempting to clear a jam. Bottom line, this is just an ugly range princess that will likely never see the light of day. So, I wasted $150 on this garbage when I should have just purchased the JMT’s and been done with it. Too bad Polymer80 doesn’t stand behind its products. Instead they make excuses and act like you are stupid. Thanks Darrin, stellar work. “Hello Eric, Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. The hole in the magazine well is normal they all have them. It is a vent hole from the mold and will not effect the function of the rifle. Darrin Simons #SH00038202 Support Help This will be appended to all your emails.”

  23. BRIEN

    Not bad as far as shipping from Rockey Brass came quick, but had order for a AR- 15 ODG lower and received a FDE lower instead. thought well can live with the color just have to change some things, but after drilling holes in sides and finding that the holes on the left where off by .0625-.125 of an in. now have to be filed with epoxy and redrilled. All said the receiver looks well built but cant use till go back and redrill holes, did a measurement on the jig and it is off that much. So if it will help anyone out there take a measurement!! be for you drill holes in side. Will see how it works after it has been filed & drilled, will not get this product again

  24. Dave

    This is a nice lower, liked the flared mag well. Not to many casting lines (some are to be expected). This turned out great just follow the instructions and go SLOW. The polymer does grab the bits. End mill is marked for depth but the jig is plastic so don’t rely on it. Use a pair of calipers and go slow. All holes lined up as needed except for one hammer pin hole that was entirely my fault but correctable with a drop in trigger. Help from p 80 customer service was on par as well. Had a few questions and they walk me through them.

  25. Mark

    Quality appears to be better than I expected for the price I paid….look forward to the build! Rockey Brass was quick to ship, and quick to rectify an order issue…highly recommend them!

  26. Brad

    Great product. Easy to mill. The only problem I had was the safety switch holes didn’t line up exactly right. Still functions properly. Other than that its great and very robust.

  27. TBH

    Great product. Had a small issue with hammer pin hole alignment but was able to fill (Smooth-On Metalset Aluminum Filled Epoxy) and re-drill the holes and all is perfect. Be careful land follow the directions carefully. Take your time!

  28. David Arslan

    I’ve made probably 4 or 5 purchases now from these guys and everything’s prompt and how it should be! They do a damn good job of answering questions or problems quickly.. the product itself is awesome. Poly80556v3 awesome AF design…. Thanks again guys

  29. Christopher Locklear

    It is excellent as long as you have patience and are good at machining it out only issues I had are the drill bits with it were bent out the box kinda Ovaled the pin hole

  30. Lukas Slater

    This 80% lower is absolutely great. Fast shipping, very solid poly with no give in magwell. Very easy to drill and mill. This really can take a beating and keep going. I had no problems installing my upper and lower parts kit. The only con about this lower is it will not accept any type of battery assist lever. Would love to see an assist lever made to fit. Other than that I would highly recommend this product (and have already recommended) to anyone looking for a polymer lower.

  31. BOB

    Great service from RockeyBrass. Not so much from Polymer80. I contacted P80 and asked about instructions to complete the lower receivers. They responded that they do not provide any instructions or gun smithing information for their products. Luckily information on the process is readily available on the web. In short, Rocky Brass is great!! P80, not so much.

  32. Christopher Garner

    Really nice lower very well-built used it on my 6.8 SPC turned out wonderful

  33. Doug

    Item came quickly and looks great. Everything was included and I’m looking forward to finishing this receiver.

  34. Bryan

    Excellent product only second to Rocky Brass service and shipping. Will be ordering again for sure.

  35. Ben

    I have ordered a few of these and I’m very happy with them

  36. Alexzandria Carl

    Thanks the product arrived quickly and had every piece the only problem that I had was The Jig did not click together which would be a real easy fix also the buffer tube threads were a little bit tight and I would suggest anti walk pins but overall made a great product.

  37. Dylan Cook

    Great product, everything needed to finish it comes right in the box. Fast shipping

  38. Robert Stockham

    These lowers are durable ,reinforced and have a great design . They will definitely hold up to hard core activity ,great product at a great price thank you rocky brass

  39. R. M. Hathwhack

    I have attempted to complete two of these lowers. Milling the pocket will require going deeper than indicated on the tool. Be careful and set your depth stop carefully. Drilling the holes from the side is also difficult and holes are easily misplaced, even when following instructions. Both lowers I have received have had casting defects that I had to deal with. Good product but could use improvement.

  40. Jay

    Probably the reason why this kit is $15 cheaper is because some of the drill bits included were actually bent and unusable. Luckily enough looking up the bit sizes didn’t take too long and I just bought them from the nearest hardware store

  41. alex

    jig fire control pocket holes misaligned, contacted rocky brass and polymer80, their solution was to by another for a discount price of $60 plus shipping, most terrible quality and control and customer service I’ve ever experienced! I’m looking for other companies to spend my money with!

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