RB Glock 17 Barrel DLC 9mm


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This is a drop in replacement Glock 17 Barrel in 9mm. This barrel features standard rifling and quality craftsmanship, making it perfect for drop in replacement of your stock Glock barrel or for your Polymer 80 build. The barrel is made from 416R Stainless SteelĀ for excellent durability. These Barrels are manufactured in the US and are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

  • Made in the USA
  • Glock 17 Gen 1-3 compatible
  • 416R Stainless Steel
  • 1:10 Twist Conventional Rifling for compatibility with cast bullets
  • SAAMI Spec 9mm Chamber
  • Nitride Finish

23 reviews for RB Glock 17 Barrel DLC 9mm

  1. Sherry A Weiner

    RB Glock 17 barrel Nitride 9mm was just as advertised. Took out the factory barrel and popped in this one & 15 seconds later I was firing. Every great once in a while things go right. But when things go right with firearms it’s a beautiful thing, thank you guys much appreciated, Sherry

  2. Stacy Prigmore

    I have not been able to shoot the gun yet but the barrel looks great. It had a scratch on the top of the barrel or it would have been a 5 star rating. I will need to touch it up and it should be fine.

  3. Dakota Defense

    I often get asked about factory replacement barrels and sourcing them in today’s supply chain nightmare has been a challenge. This is the perfect replacement barrel for any glock pistol or it’s clones. This was a perfect drop in replacement. Great fit, finish and the price was right.

  4. Sean D Stenhouse

    I am building a p80 glock 17 and purchased all of the pieces from this website. this is the only piece that has given me trouble. it is shorter than my other p80 build barrel which i bought elsewhere, im not sure why, but it does not fit with my p80 glock 17. when i switched the barrels out it worked fine but this is the piece giving me problems. not sure if it is on my end, but as stated prior, i switched them out and it was fine.

  5. Joshua Fingerlos

    This barrel was a little out of spec. I had to put an very slight angle or bevel on the top of the square section in order for it to rack the slide otherwise it would stay locked up. Also after talking it to the range I had stove pipes . After comparing it to another barrel I believe it needs a slight bevel inside the feed ramp at the top most section when entering the chamber to facilitate smooth feeding

  6. Denny

    Seems like a fine drop in replacement, HOWEVER, there’s no mention in the description that it sits flush with the slide on a G17. Is this a problem for you? Maybe. Maybe not. But I wish I knew that prior to purchasing. My G19 barrel from RockeyBrass does not have this trait so it’s odd that they’re different.Haven’t shot it. Would like to update review after that but I doubt I can. In any case it went in fine and I’m going to guess solidly that it will shoot straight without issues.

  7. Bean

    This barrel has a good finish. It dropped into the slide and works perfectly. A good buy.

  8. Randy Jones

    Nice looking barrel. Seems to wear quite well, several hundred rounds and no real wear to the finish. It is also quite accurate.

  9. Bruce Hamovitz

    Installed in my PF940V2 build. Fits well. Great price. Ready for some range time.

  10. Ira

    Very nice barrel. Fit flawlessly. Great people to deal with at Rockey Brass.

  11. Robert Mares

    Nice barrel just wish the nitrite stayed on better

  12. Jason Malaivanh

    For 100.00 they are practically giving it away for free. I recently went to the range and at 15 yards I was able to keep 1.375 group with winchester white box 115 grain. My hand loads kept me right at .875 ish at 15 yards. Loaded 124 grain hp, 4.6 cfe pistol powder charge, small pistol primer, seated at 1.085. man this is a awesome steal and I’m very happy with it.

  13. mike carey

    This barrel was a perfect fit like that last puzzle piece. No sanding edges or anything like that if you have bought a cheap one before you know what I mean

  14. David Bilbro

    These barrels work fine with a little message which is expected (I am a master smith). You have a high quality barrel I am proud to use in my shop. Thank You!Highly recommended.

  15. Brian Kuzma

    Bought this barrel along with the enhanced slide kit to finish a Polymer 80 slide. The barrel has a nice finish and the fit was perfect in the Polymer 80 slide. I’ve bought other brand barrels in this price range and was disappointed. Not with this one!

  16. Earl Jeffries

    The shipping was fast the service had little to make the barrel fit. No rounds fire yet.

  17. Thomas C Anys

    very good quality , would recommend this on any Glock build. Works good last along time then ill be a return customer.

  18. Jeff

    Great kit! Has everything you need!

  19. Jacob Sprague

    Great quality, Haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet, but the finish, and fitment are flawless.

  20. Ron K.

    Nicely finished barrel, no tooling marks, and the black nitride coating is one of the best I have seen on a barrel. Great communications from the company and fast shipping!

  21. Finny

    Very happy with this product. Quality and finish are great, and delivery from RB was fast and seamless. Would purchase again from RB!

  22. AZMark

    Bought this with/for my PF940V2 kit and I’ve so far run more than 500 rounds through it (three trips to the range) without a single failure to feed or eject – this thing runs like a champ. I run this in IDPA and really do beat the heck out of it, and it’s withstood everything. I’m using factory and Magpul magazines (flawless) and have fed it factory ammo and 400+ rounds of reloads, both copper-plated and home-cast lead bullets. Zero issues – again I’m pleased as can be with this and can’t wait to do another one!

  23. Geoff

    Excellent kit sold by an excellent company. I discovered a mis-match in my order and emailed the problem at 9:30 pst on a Friday night By 6am pst Saturday morning there was a response to my email with a tracking number for the replacement part. By Monday I had what I needed with a postage paid return envelope for the erroneous part. I have NEVER experienced such professional, responsive service anywhere! They have a loyal customer in me.

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