Polymer80 Adaptive IWB Holster by Rockey Brass


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Our Adaptive Inside the Waistband Holster designed for maximum comfort and versatility.

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Introducing our new Rockey Brass Adaptive Polymer80 Holster. This holster is designed to work with all 9mm / 40 S&W size Polymer80 frames including the PF940V2, PF940C, PF940CL and PF940SC. These holsters are designed for comfort and maximum concealment, including hardware that allows them to be customized to the user’s needs. Using lightweight kydex allows for a compact and lightweight yet strong holster body. We utilize edge finishing and radius molded corners to allow for maximum comfort.

Due to our design and included hardware, our holsters can be utilized in both Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) and Hip Inside the Waistband (IWB) positions. Included RCS Claw allows for rotation of the firearm grip further into the body for added concealment. Both Overhooks and Snap Soft Loops are included for customizing the retention method of the holster. Our holsters use two belt attachment points for maximum retention of the holster and firearm under all conditions. 
All Holsters have a relief cut for compatibility with Red Dot Mounted Optics. 

All Holsters Include:

  • Kydex Holster Body molded for maximum comfort
  • Optic Relief Cut for Red Dot Compatibility
  • Compatible with Suppressor Height Sights
  • Fixed Retention
  • Tuckable Polymer Belt Overhooks with Adjustable Cant
  • IWB Soft Loops included
  • Removable RCS Belt Claw for increased concealment
  • Full Body Sweat Shield

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22 reviews for Polymer80 Adaptive IWB Holster by Rockey Brass

  1. Ben

    The holster fits the gun a bit snuggly like others have pointed out but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. If I need to draw my gun I will have adrenalin pumping and won’t notice the extra pounds of pressure it takes to get the gun out. The holster seems comfortable enough to wear all day in the 4 o clock position, I’ve never personally been able to comfortably appendix carry anything so I can’t speak to the effectiveness of that. The clips do a good job of hanging on to the belt, I haven’t drawn the holster with the gun yet even with the fit being tight. All and all I have no real complaints.

  2. Dan Jones

    I use this holster for appendix carry, perfect fit for my Glock 19, the wing keeps it tight against my body with minimal printing.

  3. Alan

    1st off – I like this holster. Mostly. It’s fairly comfortable. Buuut – heres what I don’t like about it:1 – it should have come with instructions. It didnt. 2 – there’s a large “Tab” on one sidea of the holster. What is it for? I don’t know – but it REALLY gets in the way of my belt. So, with no instructions, I removed this Tab, inverted it, and reinstalled. Now the holster fits and carries comfortably. Im sure when someone invented this “Tab” it had a purpose. Hmmm.3 – This holster “Squeaks” and makes other soft noises as I’m wearing it throughout the day. This is a Pet-Peave of mine. I like Silent holsters.4 – It came with 2 snap-straps – what are they for? How are they installed? – I’ve no idea. After spending an hour trying to figure it out, I gave up & threw them in the trash.Overall – I’d definitely buy it again. … but it has its shortcomings due to a failure of communication on the part of the manufacturer.

  4. Anon User

    Excellent kit for P80sc. Ideal retention – not too loose/tight. Modwing does its job. Clips are ez to put on and remove from a Kore Essentials 1.5” leather belt. Clip near slide can be adjusted for deeper concealment. Clip near/and modwing can be adjusted side to side. Haven’t tried the soft loops yet, but I’m glad they’re included just in case I need to use a wider belt. Holster accommodates Suppressor height front sights just in case you’re running reddot. Shipping was fast. Thanks for the excellent service!

  5. Brian P Markle

    Perfect fit for my 1 1\4″ belt. The only thing I can’t figure is how and where do the straps and snaps attach to the holster.

  6. Cj

    Holster works great. It’s nice and snug, holds my weapon with the swampfox liberty perfectly. Easy to draw from. Conceals nicely.

  7. Ki Soo

    First, it’s hard to find a p80 holster, fitment & retention is excellent and for the price very doable.

  8. Adrian Arriaga

    I’m a big fan of the polymer80 design, so this holster is perfect for C.C., it also lets me fit a slide with a red dot optic.

  9. Nakia Dube

    Holster works great. Fits well at appendix. Had to open up the trigger pocket a little. Way too tight to draw. Hair dryer and thin piece of cardboard with gun holstered. Now just right

  10. Thomas Bacher

    This is a great no frills kydex holster with good mounting hardware. Fits my faxon hellfire perfectly, good retention and draws nicely. Shipping was incredibly fast.

  11. Sean lee

    Solid build, great price , my g19 slide with swampfox justice fit with no problem I’m very satisfied with my purchase

  12. DaSavageButchR

    So the holster is nice I love it and I couldn’t be more satisfied, oh but wait I could be ?? as everyone will say the holster is VERY tight around the trigger guard it seems like it has to widen more than what the mold is set to (I used a spacer and just applied JB weld inside it to spread it (still tight, but definitely not as bad (have to yank it out slightly still ??) I feel like I want to replace it, but we’ll see (I’ll give it a shot for a month or two more)

  13. Dustin Moresco

    Didn’t like it the clip broke the second day. Periid

  14. Brian

    Sturdy holster and great for price point, as other reviews does allow gor rmr sights which is nice. I also tested it with one mine that has muzzle brake on it and works with that as well. I also am not happy with how tight it is like others have said. the loop straps are nice but very tight to snap, hopefully get better over time. You should have some knowledge on how IWB holster work as does not come with instructions on how to adjust or switch to the loops

  15. Ryan Bales

    I may amend this later after i receive the slide and finish the buildout, but so far the quality and fit for the P80 Lower is rock solid. I’m very impressed.

  16. Juan Delafuente

    This holster is great if you’re looking for a quality holster for your polymer 80 build. Their optic cut is great! I highly recommend them as I looked for other holsters from different companies and this one was the best looking and quality wise.

  17. Chris

    I’ve been looking for a holster to fit a G19 and I’m very pleased with this one, I read the other reviews before my purchases and used the hot water method to loosen up the retention, I did have to make a wedge because the muzzle end was digging a little, however could be because I’m a thin body frame and prefer AIWB carry. All in all very pleased with this jolts I would recommend this to anyone looking for an AIWB holster for the G19.

  18. Luke Sorenson

    Not too obtrusive, the two thin belt clips instead of one very think one allow for more positioning options around belt loops. Easy to put on, easy to take off, very comfortable. Open ended to support threaded barrels, low cut for RMRs. Quality holster

  19. Justin Nguyen

    I drew my Polymer 80 PF940SC Glock 26 out of the holster in the sitting position, 2 screws contacted to the slide and made 2 scratches. I think the problem was the jeans push 2 screws in contact with the slide when it was in the sitting position. That was the first time as well as the last time I inserted my Glock 26 into the holster because I do not want to make more scratches. I think Rockey Brass should put a tiny piece of rubber which can cover those 2 screws. My Glock 26 slide is from Brownells with very good quality steel and coating so it is not easy to scratch. Then I contacted customer service to return unuseful holster. Unfortunately, the holster cannot be returned. Now, I have to keep this $59.99 piece of trash in the garage. Other buyers should consider carefully this holster which can damage your slide.

  20. Tom

    The holster fits my Grey Ghost Precision framed G19 very well. It is comfortable, especially with the addition of a foam wedge. I do wish the ride height was adjustable and that the cant adjustment stayed locked in. Can’t is adjusted via two screws, one of which goes thru a slotted hole on the belt clip, it winds up sliding what ever direction the holster is pushed.

  21. Darren ray

    Holster very comfortable but I did have to heat up the kydex to get trigger guard to click in

  22. Walter Beard

    I’ve been using this holster for a few days now and have found it comfortable and secure since I wear my weapon at the 4 o’clock position normally I’ve had to adjust to almost 3 o’clock because of the limited adjustability of rake, I can see that it would be almost perfect for appendix carry and was received in that position. Also just for information there are no instructions included to show how to adjust the carry position, and one other thing the holster was very tight so I put it into hot water for a few minutes with something spreading the trigger guard area and I let it cool down like that, when I checked it out the draw was considerably lighter. All in all I was pleased with it after everything considering its one of the very few available for the Polymer 80 frame.

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