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Polymer sights compatible with Glock slide sight cuts. Will fit rear dovetail and front sight cutout. Includes front and rear sight and front sight set screw.

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16 reviews for Polymer Glock Compatible Sights

  1. Nick

    not very good sights..cheapo very disappointed

  2. Dan

    Glock OEM sights just suck. Front sight takes a little twiddling to get it to accept screw properly.Rear sight metal pressure wedge did not stay with the rear sight, so it sticks out from under the sight a bit.I would go with a better after market sight since many of them seem to have a better fit without needing the shim. They will also be something better than just a black block.

  3. Layne Mecham

    The front sight it not tapped for a screw. Zero threads. Super soft polymer, very disappointed.

  4. Randy

    Junk. The rear sight went on without much trouble but the front sight wouldn’t take the screw. Upon further inspection I noticed the front sight wasn’t even tapped and I had to force the screw in to tap it. As soon as I started screwing it to the slide it started cracking and splitting before I even had it all the way tight. I would recommend removing these from your kit and save the 5 bucks.

  5. S Prigmore

    The set of sights came with the kit – they will be being replaced immediately as they are average to below average in quality – Front sight was not ideally made but I was able to make the misalignment work.

  6. Michael Dinnini

    Don’t be cheap and buy real sights. They work but when it comes to life or death it’s better to spend $50-$150 on real sights.

  7. Eri

    Though the sight was able to be forced into the rockey brass slide, I believe there was an alignment issue with the hole and the screw of the front sight itself. I was able to screw the sight but the screw was starting to interfere with the front part of the slide and not allow me to screw it all the way with the Glock tool. It worked a bit but the screw is still able to make some contact with the barrel.

  8. James S Keller

    Not worth the price or the time to install them. Spend a little more and get sights that are useful.

  9. Steven

    I have actually bought these twice. The first time the rear sight slightly deformed. The second time the rear sight was absolutely ruined by my sight pusher. I�d say get metal sights instead.

  10. Randy Jones

    These are a decent sight, but I will be swapping mine out for steel. Even though I lubed the sight and slot, my sight tool left a bit of damage on the polymer sight. These are the first polymer sights I have ever installed, so some of that could be my fault. But these are exactly what they say they are are and they still function just fine. If you are building a custom firearm, may as well upgrade the sights.

  11. John C Morrill

    For me this inexpensive sight serves my purposes quite well. Easy to install.

  12. Martin

    Just what I needed. Good price fast shipping and worked perfectly.

  13. george

    Sights fit perfect and easy to install. Great price too. Thanks

  14. Philip ragudo

    Fast shipping and item was easy to install and works great

  15. Vicki mentzel

    Very thing has been a great quality.

  16. Mark S. Davis

    Great sight for a low price.

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