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The next generation ultra-compact micro red dot sight optimized for every day carry on slimline pistol slides. No plastic body or polymer lens for us, only hard coated 7075 aluminum and multi-coated glass here. Sentinel offers very real advantages in defensive shooting situations.
If EDC is your lifestyle and you are looking for every edge you can get, step up your pistol’s sighting system with the state-of-the-freakin’-art Swampfox Sentinel.
You’ve done the work. You’ve taken the classes and run the drills. You don’t just shoot on the regular, you train hard when you do. You are the one they ask for help with figuring out the shot timer. Dry fire is your Zen meditation time, and every day carry is part of your lifestyle.
You are ready to step up your carry gun’s sighting system to the latest technology available. Swampfox Sentinel is ready for you.
Slide mounted red dot sights are taking the law enforcement and competition worlds by storm, and for good reason. The advantages of target-focused sighting, quicker sight tracking for faster follow up shots, and increased accuracy all apply just as much to concealed carry as they do to duty or competition use. It’s a real performance boost, day or night.
Two Sentinel models stand ready to meet the challenges of everyday carry. Sentinel-M is the manual press button version, and Sentinel-A features fully automatic brightness adjustment.
Sentinel-M features ten manually adjusted brightness settings accessed via digital push buttons. Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing illumination preserves battery life when Sentinel-M has been motionless for about 4 minutes. As soon as motion resumes, Sentinel-M resumes its previous brightness level. Manually shut off Sentinel-M by pressing the brightness DOWN button for 3 seconds.
Sentinel-A truly never sleeps. A photosensitive sensor on the left side of the scope body provides a bright dot relative to ambient light in all conditions, day or night. There are no manual controls at all, no Shake ‘N Wake– no way for Sentinel-A to be accidentally shut off, ever. Install the CR2032 battery underneath Sentinel-A and you’re good to go for two years straight– there’s nothing to fiddle with. 
Like Liberty and Justice, Sentinel uses a high efficiency emitter projecting a 3 MOA red dot. Sentinel’s highest setting is brighter than any other current Swampfox red dot. 
There is no room for a robust and strong tray system with such a small footprint, so replacing Sentinel’s battery means removing the optic and potentially re-zeroing.
The good news is, deleting the tray system creates space to use a larger CR2032 battery, effectively doubling battery life. Whether you choose Sentinel-M or Sentinel-A, expect two years of real-world battery life, even carrying your pistol all day everyday.
Other companies are producing slimline pistol dots with plastic bodies and clear polymer lenses.
No thanks. That’s not our style.
Sentinel is crafted from CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum, hard coated in matte black, and features multicoated glass of the same excellent quality used in our long-range precision rifle scopes.
Sentinel is really small. About an inch tall, an inch wide, and 1.6 inches long. Shoehorned into this tiny scope is a 16mm x 16mm window, big enough for fast acquisition and sight tracking, small enough that it doesn’t affect concealability even a little.
Sentinel will fit the Sig P365XL, Springfield Hellcat OSP, Canik Elite SC, S&W Shield 2.0 Optics Ready, Walther PPS M2 Optics Ready– any slimline slide with an RMSc footprint incorporated, either factory or gunsmith cut.
A concealed carry optic must be ultra dependable, because you are literally betting your life that it will be ready when called upon. Some pistols, like the P365XL shown opposite, have no way to co-witness iron sights once a dot is installed. If your dot goes down there are no other sights.
Sentinel is “dunk it” waterproof when installed using the included flexible seal that fits between the optic and footprint. It is shock rated to an incredible 1500 G.
Fortune favors the prepared, right? So get out there and train hard. As the round count climbs, as you earn the holster wear on that pistol, as you replace recoil springs and mag springs, and yes batteries too, Sentinel won’t give up, and neither will we.
If shit happens and your Sentinel does stop performing within 50,000 rounds of live fire, Swampfox will repair or replace it promptly. That’s our code. That’s our word.
Dot Size 3 MOA
Magnification 1x
Lens Diameter 16mm
Sentinel-M: Up/Down Digital Press
Sentinel-A: Photosensitive sensor
Shockproof G Forces 1500Gs
Waterproof 1 Meter/ IPX7
Battery Type CR 2032
Max Battery Life Approx 2 years real world
Dimensions 1.61”(length) * 0.91” (width) * 0.94”(height)
Weight 0.62 oz
Lens Multi-Coated Ruby Red
Specialty Coatings Anti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch
Parallax Parallax free @100 yards
Eye Relief Unlimited
Mount Type RMSc footprint
Chassis 7075 Aircraft grade aluminum
Windage/Elevation Movement Range +/- 35 MOA/ Total 70 MOA Range

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34 reviews for Swampfox Sentinel Micro Red Dot Sight

  1. Greg

    This sight is awesome seems well made and seems very tough. About 2 months ago I won a Canik TP9 SFX that is optic ready. I had never shot with a red dot but my eyes are getting older and the front sight isn’t as clear as it use to be. I bought a cheap red dot and mounted it just to see if I liked it and I absolutely did like the red dot concept. I then bought a Canik TP9 Elite SC. I decided to mount a Swampfox sentinel on it based on reviews and on the specs. All I can say is awesome. I love it. I have about a thousand rds using it. There is a bit of a learning curve but with some work both at home and on the range acquiring the dot becomes very easy and natural. . I can’t say enough about this little red dot. I can’t speak for other guns but on my Canik I can co-witness the iron sights. Swampfox makes mounting easy. All the screws are labeled. There is no guessing or trial an error. One final note. If you’ve experimented with a cheap red dot and didn’t like it a high quality sight like this one is much easier to acquire and the dot itself is much more crisp and with less distortion. Now if I could just find a justice in stock for my SFX

  2. KC

    Nice little rmr, tough, well-built, easy to install, easy to adjust, good looking, just as good as the others but for less cash. 450 rnds thru my SAR & it hasn’t had any hiccups. Still dead on accurate. Besides that, RockeyBrass was the only one I found who had it in stock & shipped it super fast. Great service, y’all! I will be buying another. Thanks much!

  3. Curt

    Took this to the range yesterday. It is very glass on the optic made picking 3 inch target easy. loved shoting my Canik before this is making love gun even more.

  4. Tim Gore

    Great price, great unit, mounted on a Canik SC. Will buy from them again.

  5. Warren

    Great optic for the price so far. Alloy housing, glass screen, water proof, night vision compatible. Great looking dot and screen. If it holds up to the test of time it will be a popular optic. If you get the steel housing for the Liberty, like I did, it will be almost UN-breakable , but the rubber cover won’t really fit, and remember to get screws with a couple extra threads in length. I mounted it on a 10mm pistol, and I haven’t had any problems yet. It feels well built. The only thing I can’t confirm is how it holds up long term.

  6. CDJ

    I compared this to other options and felt that if was the best choice regarding features and construction, especially at this price point. I mounted it on a Sig 365 XL. Mounting the optic on the pistol and zeroing it were easy. The mounting screws were included. As other have mentioned, there is a learning curve with red dot optics. By the end of my first range session, I was shooting combat drills with the optic nearly as fast as with the iron sights. I expect to improve with more practice with the optic. The one downside of mounting this optic on the 365 XL is that you lose the rear sight so you can’t co-witness. The Swampfox optic does not have a rear sight molded into the optic housing. This would not be an issue on the Canik TP9 Elite sc, Glock 43X MOS, etc because on those pistols the rear sight remains in place when the optic plate is removed.

  7. Jason

    Soon as I tried mounting it on my Hellcat I noticed the screws (ones the manual says for Hellcat) are to short. Contacted swampfox and they have longer screws now, and said the short screws are from old units. So thanks for selling me an old outdated unit rockeybrass.. second, the auto version completely shuts off in dark, walked to my car to see the auto feature and the dot went away.. wasn’t even totally dark out, what good is a dot that u can’t use..?? Would of went w manual one or not SF all together… now I don’t trust this thing and it’s back in the box! Figuring out what to do w my $250 paper weight now

  8. Richard Simonite

    The Swampfox Sentinel is a great product. It’s very well made has excellent optics and a bright sharp dot that is easy to see. I have installed it in both a Canik TP9 Elite SC and a Springfield Hellcat. A perfect fit on both and easy install. Thanks Rockey Brass for the excellent service.

  9. David Strizzi

    Fantastic micro reddot. Added this to my Glock 43X MOS and ran 1000 rounds without issue. Easy to pick up and solid build. I will be buying another.

  10. Cliff Clarkson

    Purchased for my Hellcat. I did not love the options and price points available for Hellcat micro red dots. Plastic lenses and housings seem to dominate this sector, which seems risky on something that is going to take a beating. I chose the manual adjust / shake awake option because my experience with auto adjust is that it can be finicky in certain lighting – standing in darker space and shooting into lighter space, for example. Maybe Swampfox is better – didn’t want to risk it.First, the good: It fits the hellcat perfectly. It is a very well-made sight and seems like it will stand up to the abuse, which includes occasional racking the slide with it. Dot is clear and the proper MOA for a micro. Only a couple hundred rds through and it is maintaining zero this far. Will update at 500 rds.The bad: There isn’t much – although I have not fully run it in yet. Waiting to see if the brightness adjusts when I am carrying in the small of my back and sitting on it. So far so good. Also, I understand that with a micro sight that options are limited, but I don’t like the idea of having to remove the sight to change the battery. Finally I wish it was a true co-witness with the Hellcat sights – you can barely see the tops of the sights. That is more of a Hellcat / irons issue than the Sentinel.

  11. Mathew Bobo

    150 rounds downrange. At this point im a fan of the swamp fox sentinel

  12. Gabriel Monroe

    Was looking for a quality RDS for my Glock43xmos. The Sentinel micro RDS was definitely the best option available. I can hit a chest size steel plate at 100yds. Dot torture has never been easier with a concealed carry sized pistol. Thanks Swamp Fox for a quality product.

  13. brian ihnken

    Good but could be better, beware Canik owners to mount this red dot I needed longer screws (14mm lenght) the ones that came with the red dot were to short. I call swamp fox and for 20.00 dollars i could get their screw kit, I was not happy so a trip to the local hardware store and picked up two screw for .50 cents I had to turn down the heads. I think they should inlcude longer screws and charge a dollar more for their red dot.

  14. Marcus Hughes

    I bought this optic for my Springfield Hell Cat. It fits great and works great. It was easy to zero and has held zero fine with about 100 rounds shot so far. I recommend this optic.

  15. Charles Adams

    Great product. Great price and fast great shipping. Very easy to install.

  16. Sean

    Purchased for my wife with eye dominance issues. Works perfectly even in bright sunlight. She loves it and now enjoys going to the range with me.

  17. Chris Walden

    What more can I say about the swamp fox sentinel? Rugged design and construction. Always on with auto brightness is the way to go. Always ready to rock when I need it and always the right brightness level. Even coming from concealment to full sun the brightness level adjusts almost instantly. Highly recommend!!

  18. Tony G.

    This is my first red dot, I got it for my Canik TP9 Elite SC -It is awesome! I’m pushing 60 and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, this makes shooting way more fun again. This is my first but not my last SwampFox

  19. Daniel Canham

    I ordered a sentinel red dot, arrived fast and in perfect condition at a good price, couldn’t ask for more!

  20. Mitch Robinson

    Read an independent review calling this the best of the best for compact pistol optic. Received the unit, instructions were perfect, installed it on my new Hellcat OSP and it looks like it grew there. I wander through the house doing target acquisition/sighting drills to help me find The dot faster and it has really helped. At this point I’ve only shot 50 rounds or so with it but I’m inclined to agree with the reviewer; I love it.

  21. Christian Rippe

    The package arrived in a timely manner. The scope appears of good quality. It mounted onto my Hellcat OSP easily. Sighted in within about 3-4 adjustments and then shot 5 shots in 1″ groupings. The red dot size and brightness was excellent.

  22. Bill

    Chose this sight for the Springfield Hellcat. The sight is well made fits perfectly. I chose the version that is always on so I can quickly and simply get on target. I�m happy with the performance it always works and it keeps its zero. The only thing I wish is that they�d include a little of the blue thread lock.I enthusiastically recommend this sight.

  23. Gilbert galvan

    Sight is very well made. Easy to install and make adjustments. Due to holidays have not fired the weapon but believe the sight will work very well. The always on option works excellent.

  24. Harold1950

    Sight fit my new Springfield like a glove. Mounted loose at first, I had the wrong screws but tightened down nicely after I got the correct ones. The sight works well, red dot is easy and fast to get on target. Red dot is a “sunburst” on close targets but rounds out nicely further out. But it works great.

  25. John

    This red dot is great.I received the Swampfox sentinel very quickly.Took me about 10 minutes to install on my Canik tp9 elite sc.Fit was perfect.I got the manual brightness adjustment and it is just what I wanted.I purchased the Swampfox based on reviews and recomendation from a friend that also has the Swampfox Sentiniel.Also came with all the screws and extra screws needed for installation on different model guns.

  26. Ryan loftus

    I ordered this sight a couple weeks ago and so far very disappointed. Shipping was very slow but that was not the sellers fault and I did freak out about it because it took way longer with no tracking for some reason. as far as the quality of the sight it seems to be pretty good and it came with all hardware needed to mount perfectly to the Hellcat but this red dot is huge! I compared it to my buddy’s Sig Romeo and it’s probably two or three times bigger than the sig red dot! I don’t understand how this is getting so many positive reviews, Maybe these guys aren’t comparing it to other red dots or they dont care to be 100% accurate but I want my bullet to go where the dot is.I want to say this is close to a 10 Moa! At 20 yards this covers the entire 10 inch Target I’m aiming at! That is absolutely unacceptable, I will be switching. An email from the manufacturer said if I purchased it directly from them there is a warranty, that is all they said! I really wish Vortex would make one of these built for the Hellcat. Swampfox the only way you’ll be able to compete with Vortex is match that warranty! Give me a refund! 50000 shots….. yeah right! Never again will I buy Swamp Fox. Excuse my typos I’m using voice text

  27. Harold Hoffman

    I had a Romeo Zero that was a PIA to turn on/off so I returned it. The Sentinel is just right. Clear lense, great fit. Seller shipped promptly.

  28. Josh

    Good budget dot. Rockey brass has fast shipping like always even though the pandemic is still going on.This fits perfect on a g43x MOS with NO adapter plate.

  29. Grant

    The Auto Brightness Adjustment optic is awful.There is a major design flaw with the Auto Adjusting Sentinel.In low light, or dark environments you can only see the dot if it is 2 inches away from your eyeball.It is pretty much invisible in low-light conditions.They say on their website under the FAQ that they designed it this way on purpose “to prevent unlawful shootings”? I know, what?!

  30. Joe Pientka

    Nice micro red dot. Mounted on my Glock 43 and it works well. Easy to mount and find the red dot. Zero was easy to achieve. Cost was $30+ cheaper than anywhere and shipping was quick. I will purchase again from this company,

  31. Cody

    Great optic. This is my first time dealing with rockeybrass, and I have to say, I’m very happy buying from them. Fast shipping, and everything came exactly as described. I set the red dot to cowitness with my irons on my hellcat, then took it out shooting, and there was no need for adjustment, it was already right on with the first shot. Holds zero perfectly. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is for two small issues. One being that I have the one with the manual brightness, and the button to increase. The brightness is on the left side, and it sticks out past the optic. When I have it holstered in my iwb holster, the button is easily pressed in with little movement from my body. This is irritating because it will eventually max out the brightness, and in a low light situation, it is just two much. My other issue is that the dot isnt crystal clear to me. Infact it’s more of a crooked oval dot to me, rather than a circle dot, and has a slight starburst affect. However, I have a little astigmatism, so that might be why. If you have read down this far, just buy it already! Price is great and well worth it. Way faster/easier to get on target, especially for follow up shots!

  32. Mark

    The Swampfox is a nice little red dot. It is a RMSc size, so I needed an adapter for my P80. Great fit and finish. Very reliable and sturdy. Fast shipping and great service (as always) from Rocky Brass!!

  33. Jessica venable

    Wasn’t sure about Rocket brass as I had never bought from them but I contacted Swampfox and they vouched for them so I placed my order at a great price,it shipped fast and the sight fits perfectly on my Springfield XDS osp Mod .2 9mm!Will shop with Rockey brass again and would definitely recommend them!

  34. alan

    I did plenty of research, and it paid off. The swampfox is everything it claims and works on my Hellcat perfectly. Thanks Rockeybrass for lightning fast service, great pricing and free shipping!! I’ll be shopping here again!

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