Jig for 80% P320 Compatible Insert


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The MUP1 Jig is required to complete your MUP1 Sig P320 compatible insert. The jig is made of high quality steel and is reusable for multiple MUP completions. 

Includes jig, jig screws, drill bits.
See video above for details on use of this product. 

9 reviews for Jig for 80% P320 Compatible Insert

  1. Me

    Excellent jig! Makes it easy to bend and drill the MUP. Just dump the drill bits that ship with the jig an use some quality cobalt bits and you’ll love the results. The extra cost of bits will be worth it. Also take your time with it, don’t rush.

  2. Don Hughes

    The jig itself is very good quality, however the drill bits supplied are not very good. As some others posted in their reviews, I suggest using high quality drill bits, especially the smaller ones. I had to get new #39 and #40 drill bits, since the ones sent with the jig wouldn’t cut at all. One of them actually broke in the part and took me quite a while to extract it out of both the jig and the part.

  3. Logan

    The jig is very easy to use, and accurate. I would recommend using very high quality drill bits for the MUP-1, as two of the set that shipped with the jig wouldn’t even bite into the metal – could be operator error, but it was much easier with my personal set. I would like to see an option for cutting the manual safety in future iterations of this jig.

  4. Kim Ness

    Hi. Some of the drill bits wore out and became unusable after one build. At only 720 RPM. With oil. So I bought a new jig set. Have to file down the bent rails to get the slide to run smoothly. But that’s OK. Better drill bits would get 5 stars.

  5. Steve

    The jig itself is a five but I deducted two stars because the drill bits that come with the kit are not the proper size. They were sharp enough but only the largest bit did I not have trouble with. I had a heck of a time getting the pins to install. All the other holes that were drilled I had trouble getting pins through and had to file each one. I first tried to tap the pin in with hammer but that just bent the MUP1. My advise. Buy another set of bits for your project.

  6. Peter J. Bertini

    Nice kit. Happy I made the purchase

  7. Alejandro Macari

    Excellent product, well made, easy to use, delivered on time, do not hesitate to buy it again

  8. Chris

    This is a must have tool for making your Sig P320 80%. I did a compact P320 in 9mm and .40 S&W. Built out of all factory Sig parts with the JSD 80% MUP-1. I put 200 rounds through both this weekend, flawless.

  9. Ken

    Just finished my build and this jig was amazing. Using a drill press it was simple and easy to use. Super high quality and will be using it for additional builds.Also a shout out to Rockey Brass, nothing but the best items and extremely quick shipping.

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